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hi everybody I'm Kendall Hogan and welcome to the IndieGoGo boot camp calorie burn we hope you ready to burn some calories you're gonna bring it to you today I got my girls back here with me you ladies ready wow they sound ready but get ready for this warmup you got to warm you up get that body pumping for this great calorie burning workout my child a wider now ready to go I think they're ready on four four three two tap the shoulder let's go right there bend your knees working your quadriceps get that blood flowing it will sweat working on the body warm it up for more take four three two roll pentest shoulder back elbow pull back pull back four three two boats so two straight up again Hey nice six or more take four three step touch cross those arms let's go in and fit in those knees get low oh yeah listen up guys give me four more right here here we go four three two our two last one go back to that tap push through eight six plus four Oh three March it out right here keep the March nice easy get ready for some presses more three little quick squat press go eight oh yeah four more four three two make them slow down up just like that like this down up down give me two more last one back to temple for eight take eight seven six five four three two last time slow oh come on Ashley oh yeah – ah one more March it out all right here all right guys I'll pay attention we call this over one two three with taps at the end we'll come back and show you how to do it all right so four three two here's a one two three tap one two three tap tap you skip across here one two three tap tap just like that easy I'm going to pick up the intensity mix how we turn this little 1 2 3 – big old skill watch a skip here we go 1 2 3 yeah the next time that's answer me go armed we uppercut sit in here we go 1 2 3 hook hook punch skip tell me the movie got that's your arms and go that side here we go step touch go nice 4 4 1 4 3 press down squat here comb now look so good boy breathe March it out right here yo kid you're okay guess we're all okay take it Bart's out a little wider here come on Oh three take a deep breath inhale up exhale out whoa one more time up guys kids come down to your quadricep Nora get back down should we have nice and tight hips once your back is you lean over I roll up nice and slow here right through the vertebrae one at a time good take it down one more time nice city abs in tight I don't know when we'll find out come on up here just the money around here to your right put your sit back right just like that tail up your hamstring stretch right here back in this leg don't bounce hold the stretcher right here nice four more all right let the toes come down lift the body up now and lift that leg back mixed in I'll try to drop your heel down and push down into the floor and just sink it to the moon your chest up nice and easy just like that looking forward chest open hold it so important strip is about give me some series working out here right good lift up and come to Center now turn around the opposite way same thing sit back hamstring stretch on this side down hold it here slapping that knee don't bounce hold it right there ready Ashley oh yeah she's ready to drop and roll down lift the leg back I try to drop your heel far as you can don't bounce in that position hold it here chest up open your shoulders let us reach back when I expand that chest lift up nice just like that holding here for me oh yeah shoes one more guys lift up and turn forward and March it out right here whoa you're warmed up you ready to go now don't forget guys just about boot camp which is about choreo all right you wanna burn some calories here everything we teach you you can't forget it all keeps coming back from the top so don't think what you learned it like done with that I come back all right you're gonna start teaching you guys to recall a little stump March check it out do you come with us all right you got a regular mark we'll show you how to stomp it out listen up boy three to here's your right stomp stomp down stop there you go like a little squat get low one two three four five six now prepare for the left side guys ready left side down down down down right get up there you go you got two more here I think they look good back there they sound good oh yeah let me know good pulse is over squat oh yeah there we go four more three to get ready stop Whiteside let's go one two three four do it again first and for your right side your left side of me right here yeah one more time guys take it back to that quick little pulse quad right here and hold it that's good all right – March it out right here you guys okay I think they're okay all right we're gonna take this time three little squats and it hold it do is show you what we do with that hold all right listen up four three two three quick presses go one two hundred out back up yes back up here we go one two three last time come on hold it now March it out that's your first option you guys want to know the option right we give it to you we're what do we do a little explosion of power here watch this guys in the last one here we go one two three go ah one two three down set about the height you go whatever you can do here up down left on oh yeah March it out nice all right here we put that with it so what we doing guys well right away tux don't marcher stop marching side the three and a half in the middle all right one right one left there we go ready stop might right let's go get ready for the left get ready for those pulses let me see you one two we go whoa Julian I'm feeling good March it out right here nice all right all right let's go man all we gotta be right here that touch right here just step yeah four more four please March out mark right here oh that's our first level our next level boy three step hop here hop hop four more four three two March it out one more level guys one more level four three two let's get here nice 4 more 4 3 March the right foot gue ladies out right back there they got it guys we run up with no marches in between we doing the first level second level third level altogether 4 3 2 step touch go boy 3 step hop let's go hop hop hop with it good boy three to skate big movement working out is boot camp give me four more 4 3 2 March it out yeah that looks good guy on the top one more time oh please stop mic right let's go do it left alright get ready for the little pulses 3 get ready to hop ready step clap go up yeah four three two step up come on hello any makeup at four three two go back that's born for three two March it out right here I'll be doing it I think we do all the time you think can you do it all right one more time through oh boy oh please stop right let's hit go oh yeah give me left that left there you go let me see press press press explode go go again ready step tap oh yeah four more four three two hip-hop ha ha four more four three two this key skater boy three two March it out all right here go work guys whoo all right guys great work so far but don't even rest Jackie now we just taking up a whole nother level you guys ready I think they're ready so let's take it up that next level on Quora four three two let's get some rope here come on there you go balls of your feet heels listen up you pretend you got a clue that rope underneath your feet they got to come off the floor for eight seven six five four three March it out right here that's your recovery that's your first version the next one's gonna be a little ski jump rope all right oh boy listen up guys four three two right flip speed jump go eight six four more four three two March it out right here that's your second option of course we have a third for you Oh B now double up well that's me let's go we are use those arms big arms use the arms we elevate the heart we get a heart rate up come on let's burning calories there we go big legs legs legs right here four three two March it out all right no marches in between all three ropes just gather right they don't want those marches anyway they likes to go for it all right Oh dream to skip rope let's go eight seven six five four three tape six bar boy four three two double knot right here oh yeah that looks good 1 4 3 2 punch it out all right what's our accommodation yeah how do we can lift it up for three stops card right let's go one two three get ready for the left here oh yeah you know tree pressures in the job go spike right here pump explode go you ready back step tap ready steps out go step four more three the propulsion hop here go go there you go four more four three two escape ah there you go come boy three is coming down here – ready for that run skip some rope let's go Ashley goes right there four more four three let's race the ski jump let's go looking good four more 4 3 double it up right let's go they got it I know you got it home Oh breathe – punch it alright nice work let us head on guys we gotta have jumping jacks right in the bootcamp of course we do we'll give you loafers on for four breathe single leg use the low impact version hey Robbie as you can't jump this is your verse here for three jumping jacks right here let's go bend those knees in those knees ill down pull off poor breathe little power boom just like that March it out there right here all right everything goes for for these four jacks to power is all eight counts all right ready single let's go for there you go four attacks right here in front two big old powers activate count one two three four five six oh now just when you get that we're gonna change a little bit you keep your board Jack facing forward watch the shadow roll take the jacks around all right be ready they're ready all right on account of boy here we go breathe chubby Jack let's go one two three you're awesome they move with us please stay forward alright ready let's go for four boop boop boop watch out that's your option coming from the low winds turn them around to power tech single Oh ready give me one more breathe turn nice alright put it from the jump rope math attack combo good all the way from the top alright so here we go four three jump rope right here eight seven six five four three eight seven six five four three mm OH there you go guys four more four three two low-tech jumping jack let me go in power down your big power March it out marching dude oh yeah all right from the very top from the stove you remember right we'll see right now here we go guys oh boy brief stop bar just go right Oh left side get ready Christie press that explosion jump right here 1 2 3 go 1 2 step tap and clap go oh boy breathe let's hop in here there you go looking good boy breathe I think we should stay here they got it boy boy boy 3 you gotta jump some row there you go oh boy boy be eight oh six or more boy breathe – double it go boy three two hello jumping jack let's go four jacks would that be turn-turn to power haha March it out whoa ha ha how to do you hurried up a little bit right you need to have a little recovery March take it right here alright guys good work so far we gotta pick it up a little bit though really teach what we call our squat thrusts we're going to it's know first that we can do the option to take whatever you want to do you guys ready all right good teaching slope then we come back fast for you on four four three two here it is here we're going to go one two we mark it out yeah let's try to get this leg ready let's go one two three March it out all right let's try it one more time each side ready let's go one two three four five six March it out last time gonna love time baby let's go now back here March out now don't go anywhere we showed you the slow version we're gonna show you how really picks up you guys ready they're gonna make it happen on four bar three two let's squat thrusts one two right away go again down back up go we got two more come on fight it make it happen outside you get the mark you ready March it out got that right don't forget it that's too hard we gave you the single alternating leg do that first of course you give you another chance to do it right here you got four more squats run before we come from the top they can do it right take it you all right boss three – let me see let's go 1 2 3 4 my Seng buggy oh no back up Chee Hwa hang in there come on come up here last one Oh March it out right here we get all guys all the way from the top right you oh yeah you know it all Oh four more three to go part let's go oh yeah come on right here left side mostly that jump right here from here what three boy yeah here we go be ready guys stepped up go got sure he come right here oh yeah mother for three to make a big hop hop hop there you go yeah four more boy 3 to this cake come on right here one more four three let's jump to row oh yeah almost be a boy boy me to ski oh yeah my my boy three two double it eight seven six five boy you ready bro single legs out to the side deck here huh oh yeah boy Jack's turtle whoo whoo give me the power what – you're ready squat drops go Oh keep going up you got to go hey women to our last one guys come on fight it fight it March it out stay right here Wow how about that those squats Russ oh yeah that's we're talking about the boot camp calorie burn we're burning some calories during this boot cap but it ain't over yet oh no we got a little bit more to go nice please guys give me a little boxer shuffle just shuffle out there's no right or wrong in this it's gonna be your little recovery before we're about to do you want to go left right whatever those arms just loose just loose it up just loosen up I think you do what we call a little tire sprints all right she's gotta see if you got some sprint action in you I want you to come good position you like in a squat position your knees are soft Scout your glutes your hands are here we're gonna cheat you to give us a little tire sprints ready watch we go here we go here we go here you're going just like that your speed any faster or slower this your a call we ate more ladies let's go right here eight seven six five come on boy breathe to recover here ah now you got the idea goes on a little tire sprint we cover here doesn't get your heart rate up doing out sprint we give you a little recovery in between each one all right waiting for some more ready get position get in our position here we go you ready boy three two let's print go hey hey hey come on push-ups up come on boy three two shubho not bad now we're gonna add a little movement to that give us our regular eight little tire sprints then we'll show you how we're gonna move it a little bit for you all right let's get position boy breathe to spread for hey go hey six bye boom we watch this move here let's go for oh yeah 3:40 back to one more recover shop oh hey how'd I do I'm gonna come back down watch you on our next print make sure we're moving out oh boy Oh B to get in position boy three two let's go hey hey hey come on ba three to move it up before go boy Oh breathe come on now to last what become er go are your legs feel ha ha get that calorie burn March it out right here March it now you didn't forget everything we learn right we're coming all the way from the top run the very top you ready back there they're ready Oh for boy be stop right here go oh yeah get ready for the left side there you go get dream that explosion here three one two three go to get ready to set tap you love those recoveries I hear step enjoy it is that's going to cover enjoy boy breathe to go hop hop there you go boy boy boy breathe to escape oh nice boy please let's get some rope hey o6 hang in there boy three let me ski hey six come on bar b2 double it up oh oh yeah one more one B to C go out you go lose those for Jack let's see you Oh three power power power move that squat thrust here's the squat thrust let's go one two up three more one to beat let's see what – come on make one not one mom recoveries up all here bar be in your position ready ba let's go what the heck come on come on come on ba three to move oh boy 3 come on – last one recover how we do they know right I don't actually work it out March it out hot bad guys just we thought it safe one more thing going to try to really push you to the limit give it a mountain climbers you go oh yeah all you gotta do nicely let your heart rate come down a little bit now little recovery March we're taking down to the floor just take it to some climbers alright so come down and I get a push up position so you're down here for – here's your climbers here 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 and loaded nice come on up all right March it out see how easy that is keep your head up heart rates a little high keep your chin elevated we go down that push-up position for one more set of mountain climbers all right 4 3 2 go to push-up position abs in tight to put your back ready let's go 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 potin nice step on up March it on out recover recover okay now we're gonna give you those mount climbers give you that plank the tempo good time just sort of push up in there you're down with that these girls are never too much in it I can't do it all right ready go to your position now add the tight ready let's go hey seven six five four three two hold it ready what push up go come on up now you did that good and you guys get more pushup ah alright one more time oh boy boy three to go your position has been tight ready let's not go eight seven six five four three two oh it now to push up to go one two come on up ah out get in easy let me open the top you better cuz we're going putting the top from the top you ready Ashley your any windy catch your breath and get ready guys all you at home on bar boy free stuff right let's go whoa left side maybe get three you notice now three one two three explode again great a step tap recover here oh nice one more bo3 to step hop hop nice four more four three two mistake Hey six come on boy three let's get there road hey six five four three two steeds hey six oh yeah three two double it Hey seven six bye you're ready for freedom single engines outside go let me see four jacks right here three two big power maybe the squat thrusts squat thrusts go here here here up yes come on get two more here hit here last one recovery shuffle the shuttle oh yeah ready get it position guys ready let's go right here eight seven six five come on boy three two three two recovery we gotta get those non-climate ready gotta cover position ready let's go eight seven six oh the plank hi what's up four to go one more come on up March it out right Wow Wow good work guys March out wide we had hurry down look it's up there we Stephanie burn some calories here boot camp calorie burn guys boy three tap your shoulder let's go easy easy the hurry gradually come down eight six four three two good luck nice guys four three two next time hold the left side chip that way here right I want you to stick out your hip flip your foot off then that needed leaning good whoa that's good that's the work go jump your toes down flip it over to the right side toes up on the left all of you nice easy stretch for that hamstring I know it's tight now you want that hold it right here good jump in toe roll your back up one more time take it down hold it on and get at the top of that movement March it out right here whoa that's an eagle boot camp calorie burn you can't tell you to burn some calories today we'll see you next time good job Rach are you ready for a series of amazing calorie burning workouts now you can get them with the in viga calorie burn workout series with ten workouts to choose from and three top trainers to work out with you'll be burning those extra calories and get amazing workouts with amazing results if you're looking for a super cardio workout meet Kendall Cogan kendall has created five cardio workouts ranging from ten to thirty minutes Kendall knows how to structure workout so you get maximum calorie burning 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