Bodybuilding Protein Pancakes – High-Protein & Easy to Make

hey guys what's up is michael from lean body lifestyle and today i have a really simple bodybuilding pancake recipe that i came up with actually and it's really simple what you're going to want to do i have two cups of egg whites right here and you're going to need a blender oatmeal and your favorite protein powder so start out 2 cups of egg whites in the blender alright next you're going to need about 1/2 cup of oats and I'm just going to measure this by eye alright now after you have your egg whites and your oats in the blender you're going to take 2 scoops of your favorite protein I'm using vanilla today alright so I just put all the ingredients in the blender and now what you're going to want to do is blend it you'll notice that it makes a really thick consistency which is good for a pancake batter alright so I've got the ingredients all blended up in the blender and I've got the stove turned on at a nice medium heat now what I recommend doing is taking some nonstick cooking spray and going and sprang some of that in there so your pancake doesn't stick alright now you're going to want to take your batter and pour it into the pan and you can see right here how thick the batter is which makes really good pancakes just a little bit not too much and I say about a minute on each side and go ahead and put the lid on and in a minute you'll go ahead and flip it alright so the 1 minutes up and now it is time to flip the pancake basically really easy to flip it just like a normal pancake and probably about another minute for this side maybe one a bit less just keep an eye on it alright so this one is done ready to be taken off go ahead and put it on a plate there you go that's a pretty good-looking pancake they taste great so that's this video guys try this one out let me know what you think thanks for watching and have a good day


  1. Yo dummy pam smell like ass yo lol i will never use this thing again

  2. I believe I can make protein pancakes as good if not better

  3. He gave the egg white measurements but he said he eyeballed the oats, which doesent tell me anything and the protein scoops vary with different protein powders. I can't imagine his cookbook, and it's way too high. Good luck to those who buy it.

  4. Could you use whole eggs instead of using egg whites

  5. I wanna slap someone with that pancake

  6. hi, i would like to try to get them, can you write me the quantities for each ingredient ?

  7. No baking powder?

  8. You mean no butter or syrup ?… bummer

  9. Dude you don't need protein powder at all. Don't spend your money to nothing.

  10. Disgusting! I will continue eating my pancakes and eggs at Denny's, enjoy!

  11. Looked undercooked.

  12. Your protein power brand please? Which do you use?

  13. It can actually poison u don't try it

  14. In india they call this Oatmeal Muttai Dhosai

  15. Super video thanks

  16. Looks delicious! How many calories; per pancake?

  17. That's beautiful

  18. worst recipe of all time. comes out of the blender like water unless you use caseine

  19. Awesome!!!

  20. this taste like shit.. I would rather drink it

  21. How long do I keep it mixing on the blender? 30 sec 40-50????

  22. Anyone make these were they good?

  23. sounds so much like michael kory

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