Bodybuilding Motivation – WORSHIP THE IRON (Muscle Factory)


  1. 2:00 🤣

  2. It is my way (work hard!)

  3. The name of the track is "Mervin Mathew – Take Your Stand Against "

  4. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 2:00

  5. Ek dam mast

  6. My gf said gym or her
    Sometimes I miss her

  7. Very nice video

  8. That’s an unforgettable quote: “friends and girlfriends come and go, but 200Ibs will always be 200Ibs”. 👏🙌

  9. 1:59 cracked me up.

  10. Name is music, pleaseeee!

  11. Song?

  12. Song??

  13. Nice video the edits were so good

  14. 2:01 😂😷☠👿 who dares to interrupt my motivation

  15. my body style

  16. my body style

  17. 1:06 is part of a short film?

  18. Who's the guy in red at 1:30 ?

  19. I have only the iron in my life fuk the normal life

  20. I remember when I got called a basterd walking down tha dock and using my hulking massive thighs to propell myself in the air and goomba stomp little dogs and nerds. I dont stack 9 hundrits for nothins, folks

  21. This is a masterpiece!

  22. When the fuck did I subscribe to this channel

  23. Does anybody know the name of the song from this video?

  24. serdar aktolga <3

  25. going to the club tonight chest day

  26. when i watch this video friend msg me i was like watafuck and i ignore him and contine watching Video xd

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