Bodybuilding Motivation – Until The Day I Die (Muscle Factory)

[Applause] what makes you itch how would you really enjoy spending your life where you say oh my god I want to do this when when it becomes something that you would be willing to do for free when it becomes something that you think about it when you wake up in the morning and it's on your mind when you go to sleep at night it keeps you up and it makes you excitement you when you're doing something else you just want to go back to doing but I see athletes like that when they're training how important for me music is very important because it says in my mind in a different place they don't think about the paint you know you think well you know I think about my weight I came over here with heavy pockets but poor means full of desires I want to be the body for agenda of the world they kept training and training hours every day anything and everything can be done if you can visualize it if you believe in yourself trust yourself get out there grip Macau stars it's something that I you know I started doing back when I was fifteen years old I started lifting weights and it's um hopefully I'll be denied until the day I die until the day I die [Applause]


  1. Goosebumps @1:31💪💪

  2. After watching this video I want to go back to gym again and lift heavy

  3. After watching this video I want to go back to gym again and lift heavy

  4. first song?

  5. Bad ass motivation

  6. bodybuilding… i like that sh*t dude i like feel lifting bar and pain on your hands on your muscle

  7. Each set brings you closer to your own personal heaven.

  8. what is the name of the first song?

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  10. learn the rules and then break them like hell

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  12. whats the title of the music? guys

  13. I love the video the music and the moment when Arnold say 'get out and work like hell'

  14. I love it !

  15. bodybuilding as a sport is so expensive :/

  16. this song makes me lift cows and trucks

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  19. THE PUMP!!!! HOLY FUKEN SHIET! Awesome video

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  21. lycris in the end pls 😀

  22. Kevin Levrone, my favourite bodybuilder and my hero

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  24. What's the name of the very first song ? D:

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  26. kevin levrone.. his shoulders are un believable! the man has the rocky mountains to the left and right of him

  27. ''how important is the music when you train?….'' for me music is very important because it sets my mind,in a different place, and you don't think about the pain, you know, you think about, you know….i think about.. the weight!!

  28. whats the name of the guy at 3:30?

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  34. trust yourself, get out and work like hell!

  35. nice one !!!!! i love that eating keeps me motivated !!!! BOOOMS 😀

  36. Jesus, what's with all these bullshit program spams?

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