the pumps you get in the gym are unbelievable on a pump you know getting that blood on the muscle the muscle contracting filling up stretching the faucet tissue getting nutrients into the muscle and the muscle constantly pumping up getting bigger and bigger and holding that pump that helps the muscle grow the burn is pretty much you know you it's almost impossible to stand and that's where the statement no pain no gain is there they'll be able to go through that pain barrier and keep going and fight the pain and a lot of guys will squat five plates for six you know and they're proud of that and I've told people a million times put two plates on and squat 30 reps now if you can squat full reps all the way down for 30 reps non-stop not resting at the top don't say you're flexing your legs at the top bullshit you're resting non-stop boom boom boom boom that is where the pain said five plates for six doesn't mean big deal but not two plates of doing 30 reps that is what separates a champion because your legs are gonna burn so bad and the question is are you gonna make it to 30 or you gonna quit right and most of them fail they racked they could take and that's what separates a champion is going through that pain that's what will make it grow I wonder knees and you're gonna do hammer curls non-stop pumping just like this no rafts don't squeeze open I guarantee you're gonna have a burn and a pump like you've never fucking felt in your life yours are gonna be throbbing they're gonna be burning the things are gonna be busting through your skin then what I want you to do is I want you to go in the bathroom or wherever your fucking best air is in the house and I want you to fucking Polo's and I want you to look at how pumped your fucking arms are and be like holy shit look at my fucking arms look at those fucking veins your arms growing a beard in a good block that's what your minds thinking about so you're gonna sleep all night long with your mind thinking about growing when do you grow people when you're fucking sleeping


  1. Love the PUMP

  2. Here's some facts…squatting any weight you can do 30 times will only increase your endurance over the next few weeks. It won't do a damn thing for size because it won't cause any meaningful micro-tears from midrange load carrying like the 10-20 rep range will do. The 5-6 rep range will increase total strength, yes, so that person can then go heavier in that 10-20 rep range where micro-damage will occur.

  3. I love pain!! When you think about giving up, remember why you started💪

  4. I’m a female watching this and I am so fucking motivated, who says chicks can’t lift heavy? I’m gonna be the fittest I’ve ever been and that’s a promise!

  5. 1.29 what name ?

  6. I like how lee priest is in this

  7. For those who quit and are afraid of the pain here's the truth. Deal with the pain. Next time u workout it wont hurt as much. Next time after that wont hurt as much. You eventually will reach a level of fitness where traning doesnt make as tired or hurt as much.
    Eventually so much diet traning and exercise and sleep causes men and woman's testosterone to shoot up and its almost like eating clean working out safe and sleepin 9hrs a day for example its almost equal to takin steroids. U never have to take steroids. Some people actually need to take testosterone but its recommended to get it from a doctor or pharmacist not from some store that u dont know it can have chemicals etc and it can poison you. But you neva have to take steroids. And good thing is you can take as much protein you want as long as you dont take too much protein per meal. And you can take as much vitamins and minerals you want if it helps your diet.
    I once hear eating lots of eggs is like takin steroids but without the harmful effects. Teas herbs etc. Theirs diets with every day food from your regular store that with right timing and eating and training can get you more muscular than some fool takin steroids and not dieting and not training right. And you will be the one whos healthier

  8. All these muscles are as fake as Pamela Andersons tits.

  9. Big richhhhh

  10. i just joined gym …. and everyone is telling me to do 10-15 reps while increasing weight in each set….
    do we have to do 30 reps per set….. or is it just for pumping muscles….. ?… please guide.

  11. The pump ist the answer

  12. The pumps you get in the gym are unFUCKINGbelivable!!!

  13. Five plates for 6….DON’T MEAN SHIT!!!

  14. Fucking miss you Rich. Fuck we miss you bro

  15. Great words from Rich Rip


  17. I love hearing Rich speak his true words of wisdom and encouragement… peacefully


  19. Rip piana

  20. I love that they put Lee Preset in this video. Dude is fucking huge. And rip Rich Piana. Miss you brother! Still love hearing your voice.

  21. ROIDS!!!!!!!

  22. Rich narrated the fuck outta this video. He spoke true shit. Gotta push thru the pain. Dats how you grow

  23. Love that they used classic physiques in this video with the exception of Lee Priest. But Priest is a monster without a bubble gut so much respect

  24. RIP Rich Piana… Hurts to hear that amazing inspiring voice. Rest in paradise brutha

  25. listening to him is pumping me up right now and when I go to the gym this video will be in my mind,that's fucking great

  26. Extra thumbs up 👍 for Rich Piana. R I P.

  27. Incredible video, and very motivating!

  28. Rich you are the bestt 🤘🏻 miss u

  29. Rich was the most honest guy i knew.., Miss you Big guy.. :/

  30. Lee priest the most underrated bb ever.the giant killa

  31. God Fukin Damit

  32. Anavar Pumps are INSANE.

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