Bodybuilding Motivation – STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR VISION

I came here to remind you I went people laugh at your visions and ideas it's only because they don't have their own visions and ideas around what they're supposed to do with their life or their careers people that don't have any dreams for themselves they tend to be dream killers b-but I don't have their own visions they become vision killers they want nothing more than to talk you out of your own vision I have a habit of dreaming with my eyes open you have to be able to see what doesn't exist in order to be able to pull off or a change what in most people's mind seems to be impossible what is your vision what is your idea only those that can see be invisible can do what seems to be impossible I want to remind you to continue to dream and dream big John have to be relentless you have to never let off the gas never stop never quit never allow anyone to talk you out of the dream division and ideas one again this is the power of visions right here I want to win so bad my hunger and appetite for success is intimidating it scares me I come up with new visions and ideas every single day and people around me say slow down stop you're doing too much your appetite is too big and helpless I want to win come on pokeball


  1. ''Hold the vision. Drop the excuses. Remember your why. Fight through obstacles. TRUST THE PROCESS.''
    Song is Position Music – Immortality

  2. My favorite motivation video by far!

  3. One of best videos motivation tanks you make more

  4. Bodybuilding is the king of sport
    Muscle power !!!

  5. 💪🏋️👍👍👍👍

  6. On bad days my back would flare up along with my asthma, nevertheless I drag my carcass to the gym after work anyway. At least twice a week, some days I work really hard, other days I work harder. Can’t let anything or anyone stop me!!!
    Thanks for the motivation!

  7. man I'm loving this pain.
    I wanna win so bad my hunger for the gym is everyday. I cant help myself I wanna win.

  8. Great video

  9. 3.32 fucking legendary.

  10. As as I heard Tyrese muted it 💯

  11. Oh my god

  12. Without steroids can u do this much muscle growth ….. absolutely not ….but in my self I can do it and I will do it…

  13. Seth wins

  14. Stretch squeeze

  15. does any body have the lyrics for this video or were can i get tem

  16. Defensores da arte

  17. nice to see you use a lot of dallas mccarver i am sure he is happy about his legacy

  18. Great Video Nick.

  19. And Seth

  20. Fouad

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  23. This video is pre workout for me ❤️ Right from the day it was uploaded 👅 tysm Nickvision 😘

  24. Amazing background music

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