Bodybuilding motivation – SHOULDERS EXPLOSION

here we are we're going to be jealous being the fact that I'm not structurally tall and like you know super super wide and stuff you know the good thing is that I've been able to create you know an illusion you know real tiny ways but then like real round folders shoulders that's how you build good clear shoulders by taking some lighter weight and just concentrating and be able to do each set and contracting the Mustang the top I look like we're going faster than the outer ears and get into good speed on the top definitely it's one of my favorite workouts to do that so no matter if you're having a good day or a bad day the numbers on the way are the same even when you're having a bad day the smallest we can seem heavy the goal is to make sure that you no more bad things I say that you're dieting and hurtin want to give out but whatever you make those days your best workout find something any of that step off it all depends on how you move if you feel that day what's giving you the best pump I think that's what makes us professional by understanding to learn that's what's gonna make the muscle grow so Oh everybody wants it back have a train for six months talking about old look like you doing this shit for 20 fucking years I don't have any secrets that you motherfuckers don't have it's been a long time this kind of work every day don't matter if it's a weekend don't matter if it's Sunday don't matter with a fucking party no matter what the fuckin vacation every day how to finish telling that kind of finish strong every workout


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  3. I like it

  4. good job on this video 💪

  5. Name song plis!!

  6. you KNOW you have to do something with the footage when this ronnie movie comes out

  7. song: colossal trailer music- equilibrium

  8. The music was on bigramy show at the arnold classic

  9. Great

  10. Just finished in the gym, now I wanna go back and kill my shoulders! Love this shit! Who's with me?

  11. 👍go get them boulder shoulders

  12. "I've been working out for 6 months how come I don't look like you" "Because I've been working out for 20 years!!"

  13. Nice one.

  14. Im so arm dominant, its hard to feel my shoulders when training but im trying.

  15. awesome video!! great motivation

  16. That speech in the beggining… i wanna work in my shoulders now

  17. Te pasaste viejo. Que motivación. Oohhh dios. Que gloria me hace sentir estos videos. Aunque no sea como esos tipos, pero como me siento. Saludos

  18. Just in time to do shoulders today fuck yeab

  19. Hell yeah I'm the first view

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