Bodybuilding Motivation – Pain is Temporary


  1. I will follow this I love this video

  2. I wanna be the best I can I can be..someone should watch my my Videos here.and subcribe

  3. Tyson made this video. I wanna eat your children. That's true training motivation folks

  4. Esos tipos deben de cagar como elefantes africanos y tener el culo mas dilatado que una medusa!!!! Con todo lo que comen …

  5. 1:41 To hell soldier…

  6. Still a masterpiece 2019

  7. kapusta

  8. Good, I like fitnes..

  9. Can we edit Kevin "I might have touched that boy but i can't remember" Spacey's bit out of this video? I feel the pain that he "allegedly" caused was far from temporary.

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  15. Orale

  16. 2019?

  17. pain IS temporary. Just like gains… natural or not.

  18. Mike Tysons speech motivates me more to do my martial arts to be honest, i´m not even a little bit interested in bodybuilding

  19. So fucking moto

  20. If I quit, however, I won't feel any more pain.

  21. 💪💪👍

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  23. Very true lines

  24. Still Look it, in 2018 💪🏽💪🏽

  25. Ironically the monster Kevin Spacey said something so good but yet disgusting since its him who's saying it.

  26. 2k lacy people doesn't like gym 😂

  27. 2018?

  28. all you need is money

  29. 4:51

    The Pain speech is the most motivational to me

  30. So are steroids

  31. Worste video ever on youtube

  32. great job

  33. Dont forget the steroids

  34. juice will be the only way I can ever gain any type of muscle

  35. I've always loved this video. I believe the original quote regarding talent and skill is attributed to Will Smith, but who is quoting him in the video? "Talent you have natural. Skill is only developed by hours and hours of beating on your craft."

  36. Any one knows the guy who's screaming at 1:41

  37. Se inscreva !

  38. Im off out for a burger

  39. i injured myself 2 times then i overcome and start do the same thing love doing this things.

  40. years after gona touch again dis fuckng iorn……the happiness is here yaaaaa

  41. The best video EVER for bodybuilding motivation!!!!
    Who is here in 2018 ???

  42. Flash forward to 2018 and kevin spacey is a molestor

  43. Mast h

  44. Who is the speaker @0:43

  45. 😅 I guess they forgot to put in the footage of where these guys are buying their hypodermic needles and steroids.

  46. watched it in 2012…its 2018…still best motivational video ever….

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  50. This guy has the best motivational speeches!

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