motherfucker mind eatin this shit for it to taste good you're eating because you want the results that is gonna give on the way that you look that is the main purpose of dieting Cooper you're working 24 hours a day your food your diet your posing you know stayed up all night cooking and get up in the morning cooking and no for me it's all about you know enjoying what you do you know working out hard working out long enjoying your food you know enjoying everything the whole aspect of the sport there's no secrets it's hard fucking work cooking and eating six to ten times a day it's hard work there is easy way there's no easy way man I'm doing this cardio in the morning is it worth it man I'm doing these deadlifts today I feel tired is it one of you birthday man you know what I got to go to the gym and train today after I've had an entirely difficult workday man I've got these other challenges that are pulling on me furthermore my concentration you know what is this extra effort worth it you know you have to enjoy what you do and all aspects of life and you know when you enjoy something you put more into it you have in front it makes you want to be more when you're a bodyboard you're eating 80 grams of protein you know eight times a day you run out of your mind when it comes to food like you know it's like you become food obsessed you know that's what keeps us going you know when you become content then life's over you're gonna sit in a room and you know you're gonna get depressed and you know you're going to lose your lose your drive for life thoughts become things such become things truth is if you work hard you can achieve your better food is number one food is the secret real food is the best possible thing you can put in your body six meals a day not three meals and three shakes six meals foods better chicken steak rice potatoes oatmeal because you're too lazy to cook food or maybe you're too busy too busy it's not an excuse busy what do you mean busy you're too busy to build the best possible body you could possibly could have you're too busy fulfill your dreams are too busy to fulfill your goals there's no such thing as too busy or such as thing as I can't this is what you got to do


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