BODYBUILDING MOTIVATION – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


  1. I would marry all of them


  3. who is the guy at 1:20?

  4. Some random gay gonna fap at this video

  5. Lift heavy my frenz,eat as much as u can,sleep as much as u can.then eventually no one will be able to tell u apart. I'm not dissing peps that juice but to the people always crying bout it, fuckin work and not yo thumbs

  6. Voldemort – khan

  7. Lol that knucklehead at one minute 10 seconds… Your new veneers are a little big lol

  8. How do they all wash their backs, and also is it hard for them to wipe their asses?

  9. video is little slow , not electrifying music but still amazing, great giant's great physic full of motivation.

  10. baxio

  11. Go natural or go home

  12. none are natty tho…

  13. thanks creatine!

  14. Putas

  15. 0:10 – shut up its light wheight … already love this guy #nohomo

  16. who is the guy in 0:39?

  17. Straight to 1:57 if your thing is seeing men in pink underwear

  18. Straight to 0:26 for a nice tight little ass

  19. scared

  20. who is the guy in red nyc hat white shorts

  21. addicted to pain

  22. I see steroids

  23. of all the motivation video of this is the one I play the most I watch this everyday

  24. 2:08 Name?

  25. ur videos awesome .It's mske ma hope bak 2 me again

  26. thx

  27. مرحبا

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