Bodybuilding motivation – FOCUS IS THE ONLY WAY

you put so much time in the gym in the training and the workouts which you know could be anywhere from one hour to two hours in the gym you need to feel around the workouts really focus on the diet and you will succeed and you will continue to improve and that's the only way you're gonna do it all that combination together and just keep trying your training and you eat and you train you're eating you're sleeping it's it's it's really just robotic you know like body's a little bit eccentric they train really hard they eat really hard and they do everything hard I learned that as I've taken more as a ticket more into my life I have to bring order and structure – coughs – pressure and stress is order and structure if you are aware any kind of fight you gotta sometimes it doesn't matter whether they're bonus you gotta focus north-south [Applause] [Applause] the greatest resistance comes when you are near the greatest opportunity now in order to get the greatest opportunity you got to fight the greatest resistance what are you gonna fight it with you will fight it with the greatest focus I will arise I will sometimes ego won't let you let things go won't let people go there are some people that you does not help in everything you said everything you did everything it didn't work you fooling yourself you can't do nothing else


  1. Thank u❤️😘tomorrow is my first day ever having a personal trainer , he is a pro bodybuilder , he will help me preping for my first bikini contest… ( i wanna do it to feel what is it like ) 💪❤️

  2. Very nice motivational speech

  3. 2.19 who?

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  5. Love the Bishop Jake's part !!!!! I'm FIRED UP NOW, GAAAIIINNNZZZZ 💪🏼!!!

  6. Is this track on SoundCloud ???

  7. Who are the speakers in this video?

  8. Awesome Video <3

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  11. Oh my god such amazing monsters !

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  14. Them titties look like crumpled aluminium foil. I can see those pecs enclosing a ahi tuna steak, marinated and 275° for 6 minutes. Can you recommend a sauce and will you please specify the clear or the cream? I don't think a cream sauce is appropriate but I'm not completely clear on the recipe. Are the thighs well done and can they compress my meat well enough to be mouthworthy?

    I am serious in my inquiry will you tell me how to eat I don't know anything about your art

  15. şu amk ilaçlılarını görünce motivasyonum düşüyo aq

  16. Cricket helping me

  17. Yeah thought so Ricky pointing

  18. Holy crap

  19. I pay u for another year

  20. Big tommy boy Adam

  21. I am the king

  22. Thank you varyjer for this amazing videos 😘 this videos mack me enthusiastic for exercise❤️

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  25. Esteroides anabolizantes com fartura..

  26. Well, most of them are on steroids

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  28. tren hard anavar give up

  29. Guy at 0:16

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  31. Where do I get roids

  32. More like steroids is the only way

    Just show some natural peaple in motivation videos….thats the real motivation

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  34. I hate motivational speakers
    Especially when they talk about bodybuilding
    Who gave them the right to speak on something they will never be able to do

  35. Wow this video woke me up to quit being fucking lazy I remembered the reason I started an I'm not going to quit until I reach that point of success thank you

  36. We are team hardcore❤

  37. You lost me at false prophet TD Jakes 😏

  38. I love watching a lot of these guys train. It motivates me to train harder. But…I have a really hard time listening to their advice on gains because most of them take steroids. Nothing against them or steroids, but there is nothing I can do with training or nutrition that will do what steroids can do.

  39. TD well done, great touch 👊👍

  40. Focus …..🚨🚨

  41. NO PAIN, NO GAIN 🤜🤛💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  42. Awesome! This shit gave me goose bumps! 👌🏼

  43. JAY is very inspiring with his speeches <3

  44. Love the TD Jakes and damn good motivational vid. Keep it coming.

  45. Pls make videos for those who are losing interest and have stopped going to gym

  46. amazing video!!! thank u!!!!

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