1. Light weight baby😎💪💪

  2. Best hardcore motivation,, if u hear this you can do extra reps

  3. Too bad that Ronnie is in such a bad leg state now

  4. legends screaming ! Now that's the most authentic Motivation video.

  5. Respect.

  6. Light weight babyyyy

  7. These are the REAL Avengers

  8. Mahnn there will never be an other Ronnie Coleman 🔥

  9. ronni coleman never grew a big pile of hair, too bad but this is the main reason why im disliking this video

  10. Do you know something, this video has an excellent pumping emotion that will keep our spirits so high.. From the beginning to the end… Damnnn… Fight the pain… Wow

  11. Pre-workout ? This video is insane !!!

  12. Ultimate vedio, had goosebumps, every bodybuilder has his own talent, amazing motivational vedio, keep rocking…..
    BTW which is that background music,

  13. Week

  14. The best one yet

  15. 2:01 when u r loosing your virginity.. 😂😂😂

  16. Wwwooww Amazing bro

  17. This video work as a hardcore preworkout💪

  18. 4:03 this is worm up hahahaah

  19. Tom MOTHERFUCKING Platz!!!

  20. I just finished my leg workout but after seeing this video I think that I miss my leg day😂

  21. everybody wants to be a bodybuilder – nobody wants to lift heavy ass weights..theres the secret right from the start..FEAR and overcoming "mind" ..Sounds funny but to me "its just pain" in the gym – it never killed me in the gym and the further you go in fighting the mind/pain barrier – the further you go in knowing yourself and creating a "peace of mind" that so many other people look to you and say " why are you always happy/positive" because i overcame the negative & can see it for what it really is "an illusion" to stop me progressing…but watch what happens when you go beyond pain in the gym…doors open to progress,fears disappear and you can "see" the other side or what i believe is your true potential/realty of who you really are thats kept from the public as they look for comforts and a stress free,easy life …..NOBODY WANTS TO LIFT HEAVY ASS WEIGHTS is bang on !! its FEAR that stops people dead in their tracks- ooh yeh they want the muscles/women/money but to do the hard work or the REALLY HARD WORK where you really STRESS the body and make your life UNCOMFORTABLE ON PURPOSE you start seperating the wanna be's and the people who eventually get what they want.

  22. to all those who disliked are the ones who didnt understood the pain in real life and couldnt compare in this video

  23. بذل الجهد الزايد أساس ظهور العظلات

  24. HÉ HORA DO SHOW 💪💪💪💪

  25. So..much pain…so much gain…..💪💪💪

  26. Roni is real beauty ,the motivation

  27. Workout + Doctor Who

  28. Gym is not for erryone……..

  29. Meanwhile I am eating 3 différents pizza and touching my belly lol 😂

  30. Awesome incredible hulk motivation – Insane weight standing presses! Love Big Lou

  31. 😊👍👍

  32. anybody notice the music is I am the doctor 11th doctors theme.

  33. ronnie and arnold fans hit likes here

  34. Arnold the best

  35. This is all well and good also motivational. But it doesnt speak to reality. All these guys in the video are genetically gifted and also on gear…..the message put out here should be. Become the best you can be. Dont try to be like these guys or anyone else. We are all different. Do the best you can put forth your best effort. If you can do that then you are a winner….

  36. Slapped my self 5 times💣💣💣💥💥


  38. Our lows and high we all have them

  39. Madness then do one more

  40. My all time favourite motivational video.

  41. Great pre-workout

  42. Imagine if Ronnie don't have the bubble gut

  43. Wish this song was on Spotify

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