2. Great motivation

  3. all of these guys are 5'2"

  4. R.I.P Rich Piana

  5. bular canavardi pol bogur

  6. I body build but taking steroids till you have a heartattack ain't worth it,be smart about how you build mass,take care of your body ,you only get one shot at this….bodybuild till ya die,or get rich TRYIN.

  7. alk like I built this town
    Steps so light, I barely touch the ground
    Everybody wants to know how,
    Brick by brick I put them in the ground

    Walk, walk like I built…
    W-w-walk like I built this
    I do it for my people, family business
    And everybody wants to know how
    Take a good look, you will now witness

    Wake up, wake up it's a brand new day
    I got a fresh breath and a full plate

    W-w-wake up, wake up up
    This is not a game
    I'll take my fresh breath and go my own way

    This is what I live for (live for)
    This is what I, this is what I live for (live for)
    This what I live for (live for), this is what I
    This is what I live for (live for)

    Measure my growth by the season
    Limits don't exist if you don't give them reason
    But everybody wants to know how
    I built this dream and never had a doubt

    Walk like I built this town,
    Steps so big I shook the fuckin' ground
    Everybody's coming at me now, now, now
    I-I-I'm never coming down

    This is what I live for (live for)
    This is what I, this is what I live for (live for)
    This what I live for (live for), this is what I
    This is what I live for

    Don't look back
    Don't look back at me
    And act like I didn't tell you
    Everything I'm about
    Woohoo oohoo
    I tell you what I live for,
    I tell you what I life for

    Wake up, wake up up
    This is what I, this is what I, this is what I live for
    W-w-wake up, wake up
    This is what I, this is what I, this is what I live for

  8. Rip king piana

  9. 1:52 when you show up at your bros house to tell him its time for cardio

  10. This is what he died for,,,,,,,,, 🙁

  11. Stupid video. Rich Piana had all those Nice cars and house because he was a major underground steroid distributor. Heath made his life as Mr. O and through dozens of sponsors. The people shown do not reflect reality of most bodybuilders at all.

  12. Just when i kinda feel down i see this…i feel this…i get the fk back up…this is what i live for..this is who i am..i wont back down…thanx guys for the unspoken motivation..tyme to lyft that shyt….✌

  13. Natty bodybuilding is the way 🙂 Great content!

  14. 1:34 Monster *2

  15. R.I.P Rich Piana

  16. Dnt get fooled they dnt earn all this from bb but they r established businessman

  17. R.I.P rich

  18. This was one of the first videos i watched when i started lifting …. 😈

  19. Song ???

  20. Hey @Makaveli this was the first video I saw that u made man still love it to this day you have gotten so much better with your work great job man going for my first show this year will post thanking you man

  21. amazing workout bro's

  22. once you become a pro and get sponsored you dont need to worry bout a single thing only training and winning the food gets delivered to you by youe sponsor every fk thing jaiksss exept the juice that you need to buy 4 yourself.

  23. What's it like not being able to touch your penis?

  24. Song?

  25. In Italy this luxury is not granted 😒

  26. yo yo

  27. they are very rich and ı am not, this does not make me motivate

  28. badass video

  29. Yeah youre channel practically motivates me to workout harder for my videos.

  30. the color on the Bentley Beautiful!

  31. who are those two girls in the beginning?

  32. Pretty awesome video. But confusing, people are going to think it's easy to get rich with bodybuilding, but sadly no, it's more likely gonna make you broke.

  33. lol 2:48 cmon man we all kno phil heaths big ass aint running hahahah great video too btw

  34. More like this

  35. 這才是生命 生活

  36. Misranle 0pl

  37. song name bro?

  38. Time to Bang!

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