absolutely can over train your body you know when you go into the gym in order to get a response from your training you're looking to give you a body stress stress that it's not used to and then it's going to react right you know building bigger stronger muscles I liked to be a little bit over trained because to me I responded better and I got more definition yes you were tired yes I had to come back for the second worker that night but so what let's train for three hours just for the fuck of it let's throw in thirty minutes of cardio your work is always going to result in better results in everything we do in life the more you put into something the more you're going to get out and for some reason when it comes to bodybuilding there's this mentality that you can overdo it you need to not do so much don't do so much you're doing too much bullshit bull shit that's a weak mentality and those are excuses that lazy fucking people make and lazy fucking people follow you think about overtraining this year there is no overtraining the mindset yeah overtraining is a mindset I am like Queen / trainer usually in one shoulder workout i'll probably do eight to ten different exercises a lot of high-volume a lot of drop sets everything was always super sending super setting Super Saiyan and sweet pumped sets in four sets in a row five set zero push yourself all the time because remember the party doesn't really respond to the same thing or window but definitely it's very possible to over train in terms of training too often and training too long yeah why overtraining is an excuse in a lot of cases because people are just not willing to push them and give them a hunter and give it a hundred percent in order to succeed because if you think about this you come to the gym and you stress the body in the way it's not used to so if you're doing it all the time the same way and not challenging yourselves you're gonna get to the plateau you're going to stay there how do people just right away be like oh you're over training going through this onto that if you're not taking care of yourself you're not getting up rest if you're not eating enough food all those things will multiply and make you be overtraining taking a rest day and not overtraining quote unquote can be a good thing can be beneficial you I hear a lot of people on the internet talking about others well social overtraining you know you know no pain no gain okay fine it's great to train hard I'm an advocate that anyone that knows how I train knows that I train hard yes you can over train it's relative to how much you eat and how much you sleep if you're not sleeping enough if you're not eating well but you're training three hours of the gym going to lose volume you're just treading water my face doesn't really have much muscle strength in life and in the gym you need to take full stops take full stop sometimes and just relax you need time to rest in to recover to become the best version of yourself mentally physically you have to take time it's really really intense 45 minutes trust me if you train with me for 45 minutes you won't be asking to do anymore but it's 45 minutes a very concentrated very hard training is not going into the gym and Lolly on a bar and talking and stuff like that


  1. True saying

  2. I love over training my muscles and strength and everything on me, more then always and Everyday,

  3. You can overtrain im paying the price for it, I cant train for months

  4. Dosent think there's such a thing as over training wonder how that worked out for her

  5. 4:07 wow soooo motivational


  7. Overtrainining does not motherfuckin exist for champions

  8. 1:41 can anyone give me her name plz

  9. “Yes you are tired, yes I had to come back for the second workout at nighttime, but so what?”

  10. Your queen of over trainers because you are on drugs ! If you think you can do it without drugs your an idiot! I speak from experience and the body needs to recuperate, plus a good diet! This arrogance like the guy giving us the bird is an idiot! Theoretically proven that after 1 hour and thirty minutes you run on empty which is counterproductive to your training! I hate ego ridden, self absorbed women like the one in this video! It's quality over quantity folks, don't get caught up in the hype ! You can go full out in 45 minutes and be done, end of story . 3 hours of intense training ……..😂😂😂😂 Good luck with that .
    what the fuck are you doing for 3 hours that I can do in an hour of intense training ?

  11. Yes steroids you can train 6 days a week 2 hours a day, no problem… naturally train 4 days a week and 1 hour a day ,

  12. No such thing as over training. That's just an excuse not to put in hard work.

  13. Was ein bullshit, ja auf Steroiden kann man praktisch nicht zu viel trainieren aber als normaler Mensch kannste dir da viel kaputt machen und die Kinder die das sehen meinen auch das wär natürlich so wie die leut in dem video aussehen, absolut unverantwortlich hier so nen scheiß zu verbreiten. Es besteht ein unterschied drin alles zu geben oder nicht auf den Körper zu hören und 3 Stunden zu trainieren ist absolut bullshit selbst Ronnie Coleman hat nur ne Stunde am Tag trainiert…

  14. Man that’s some good gear

  15. My trainer once said “there is no over training. Only under recovering”

  16. Follow your way❤❤❤

  17. Omg u gotta be smart too u know u will never NEVER get results if u don't give ur body time to recover if ur not sore in an hour in the gym then u haven't trained at all DORIAN YATES PHILOSOPHY IS TRAIN LESS BUT TRAIN HARDER

  18. I automatically hate this video because gay ass Baldy Martin… GTFO!

  19. DLB killed my workout boner with that weak line.

  20. The longer and harder you begin to train the more you need to eat and sleep and the more you eat and sleep the longer and harder you can train – Stan Efferding “The worlds strongest professional bodybuilder”
    Dorian yates: stimulate the muscle, do something its not use to, go home, recover, over compensate and grow.

    I think i’ll take those 2 legends advice^^


  22. Doriyan overtrained. But real overtraining like him takes Real Overtraining.

  23. Whats The Name of that woman

  24. Lol you are not training hard enough if you think there is no over training. You get to the point when you do enough deadlifts that the next day you cant get out of bed because your lower back and hamstrings are locked youll know.

  25. Wtf ….download version is not available

  26. Have sugars while you train to reduce soreness so you can train more

  27. Yeah you can't overtrain when ur on roids 😀

  28. She is so fukkin hotttt

  29. Add me in a vid that'd be dope.

  30. Do something about Chul soon

  31. It’s all about how u take care the body. I see people ring that over training bell but that’s also the same people that live on protein shakes all day and stay out all nite

  32. You are doing a public service with these videos

  33. Guys talking about over training being bad for you are lazy ass ppl that don't REALLY want it. Put up or shut the fuck up.

  34. okay but not a single 1 in this video is natty . For a natty it takes time to recover come on bruh 🙁

  35. good

  36. pls make a calisthenics video broooo :))))))

  37. Whats the point if this video? Dorian says you can definetly overtrain and others say its not. Soooo, which is it? Do we listen to 6x Mr.O who trained 2days on, 1 day off for 45mins per session or do we listen to the roid chick?

  38. Overtraining is a mindset and pushing beyond the limit is a good thing as you are making your body to adapt to more stress that it has ever gone through but if you fail to eat and rest right your body won't recover that easily. One has to be serious about every decision he or she takes. All the best.

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