Bodybuilding Mix


  1. still going strong my man!!!!!! old school

  2. One of the best bb vids

  3. 2019?

  4. 2019 and it still gets me going

  5. I remember watching this video back in 2006 with no ads and no "premium YouTube". Good times…..

  6. Thank You!

  7. My first bodybuilding video on youtube that got me fired up for working out;)! Untill today i still workout;)

  8. 11 years later and still the best BB motivation video

  9. Who's the guy in the blue top at 1:40?

  10. O vídeo que me expirou a treinar! 👑

  11. Just viewed your channel mate, absolutely love the content. Subscribed straight away, We should connect!

  12. still best motivation video on 2017!

  13. 2017

  14. This music video never gets old

  15. this video is the orginal and still one of the best bodybuilding videos around.

  16. Best Video ever!!

  17. I remember the day this video was released.. I was quite young when I saw this and my goal became to bench 405. Now 10 years later I've finally achieved it natural. Such a long road filled with everything life can offer.

  18. Awesome! thanks for posting! Keep up the excellent work!

  19. #Mehedi Yasin Im 6 000 000 visitor . @drkstr7

  20. Solid video and great info and quality, respect!

  21. ever since I started bodybuilding I've always come back to this video at my lowest points of motivation, keep it up guys don't even think about giving up; just make it into the gym and you'll be stronger mentally and physically

  22. still best motivation video on 2016!

  23. still best motivation in 2016 !

  24. still best motivation video on 2015!

  25. Dude………………!!!!!!!

  26. still the best motivation video for me in 2014!

  27. Its switchfoot-meant to live and not switchback

  28. they lost themselves…. Summer of 69 was their best summer of life…

  29. Song is switchback meant to live 😉

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