1. Natty bodybuilding is the way 🙂 Great content!

  2. track is insane. how it is called

  3. hi guys i just made a youtube channel on motivational videos plz check it out.

  4. it looks so stupid, these people must be treaten like clowns in public

  5. Do you even lift bro?

  6. Bodybuilding saved my life. These men are superior.

  7. Great work your videos are super motavating.

  8. This song motivates me too much

  9. great vid thanks

  10. Bodybuilding is beautiful <3

  11. Song name ?

  12. At 0:44 why is that dude bleeding in the shower?

  13. If bodybuilding depends on anabolics, no bodey builder shall dare to say that he is a champ , anabolics are the champs. 

  14. 0:22 want to know whats in their secret sauce :D?

  15. Now I am motivated to take steroids thanks

  16. fuuuark

  17. not my size but song… Nice 😀

  18. Hideta Yamagashi ?

  19. como se llama la cancion

  20. 0:37–0:40 wtf really?! O.o Everyone knows that this is wrong and is like anabolics right!?

  21. fuck I wanted to fap but after I heard this went and had 2 sets of push ups. Then drank a shake lmao

  22. song plz??

  23. SICK VID!!!!! Def in my pre-workout prep

  24. They eat whole day. How much money did they pay for food?

  25. I was feeling lazy today, so I thought I would have a day off. But then I watched this, now I have to workout. 🙂

  26. Who is this man? 1:00

  27. Great video the most I liked was arnold and phil heath when people touch his arm

  28. Name of song please?

  29. wooooow

  30. 100% natural suplements and sauce….hehe

  31. SONG ?! PLEASE

  32. The quads at 4:27!!!! Gaaaad daamn! 😀

  33. I want to know what the secret sauce is

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