sup everybody tell you why here salute you whatever you are modern bodybuilding is it more about training know-how or is it more about chemistry alchemy and some secret portions what you're looking at is a marvelous back vat of Lee Haney eight times mr. Olympia in a row they say it is number four when it comes with the best backs in the business let's go through these mr. Olympius not in order to tell you what's what right you guys know this guy right eighth time mr. whippy Oswald in a row namely one of the best backs probably the best back alongside that of Dorian Yates in the business in the history mr. Rooney Coleman admire the maps almost Quadra you can see him here next to another mr. Olympia Jay Cutler then he went five or six times I don't recall probably actually just four for about it confuse him with Dorian Yates anyway Dorian eat speak in the bottom the shadow most likely the most granite emo foe that have stepped foot on an IFBB and won mr. Olympia this is the hardest mr. Olympia ever nobody was more greeny and he rocks also the best back in the history of this business trust me he did lift this was in 1993 his condition was so big actually I did not want to frighten the judges so he had to trim another 11 pounds this was three weeks prior to the show he deemed he said maybe I'm too big so I he came a little bit smaller to not shocked as we were not used to this kind of crazy mass development bra let's proceed you can see him here same shot this was three weeks before and this was in the show itself there we go you can see him here with the greatest guy that stepped foot on stage this year 2014 namely branch Warren brush Warren was the hardest thing rainiest mofo this year and he placed number six if I'm not mistaken right now it is not his guru but totally if I'm not mistaken he gave him a or to and how to come in really hard and greenie it is successfully so trust me again mister the shadow gates you can see him here admire the maps probably the best basically four arms of any mr. Olympia go ahead and be my guest this dude here is called the lion of Lebanon mister samir bannout he is the guy who really gave the name of the Christmas tree if you wonder where the name the nickname Christmas tree comes from it comes from this Lebanese baby please guy this is a Christmas tree right here he only won one mr. Olympia in 1983 but in my opinion it was because of politics case there is a video on YouTube when he admitted using that vitamin s and it was not politically correct it was torrent to become illegal not good for business next thing you know he was switched to this guy right here mr. Lee Haney it was not bad as well one of the best backs in the business very aesthetic right again mr. Rooney Coleman the biggest mr. Olin to ever had and finally Roni I began Lee Haney Yates and so on why am i showing you these basically mr. Olympius and let's say Chris cor years a whole favor none of these guys none of these guys even though they want tons of mr. Olympius none of them is a current trainer / guru in the business you might ask yourself why I mean these guys want tons of Olympia so they have them know-how of training they should know a thing or two about that the thing is we could gurus are these ones right here I'll show them to you real quick mr. Dennis the Menace James is the trainer of big Graeme and the trainer of several other guys like the the French guy imma show it to you real quick this is another guru here any Ren bot needless to say he is the trainer of mr. Olympia Phil Heath he trains several other females as well he used to be a trainer of Jay Cutler as well this one is another trainer from Lebanon on mr. George Thera he is the trainer of Chi green right so he knows a thing or two about money but then you can see him next to him these guys have one common point none of them one mr. Olympia none of them is as a whole of favor right I mean George Frederick was a good bodybuilder but then again he had an injury somebody shot him in the gut so his gut was not good he was never able to to crack you know high level IFBB rankings because of that injury this is Lionel Becky from friends that I told you about it's pretty much like a flex wheeler with legs look at the feathers it is highly highly underrated this good this guy has some crazy bellies crazy aesthetic I hope he would purse next year he's being trained by Dennis James right let's move on big granny you know what's up again under the belt of Dennis James and this is Abbas poor actually is a Persian guy he is one of the best guys in the 212 category so guys why am I telling you about this the thing is right now more modern bodybuilding is not about technical know-how of training right it is about alchemy chemistry you know these gurus know what's up I mean they give these guys the proper amount of vitamin glutamine creatine glucosamine to reach that mean look if you know what I mean right so that's what's up these guys know how to dose them well how to prepare them so they take some premium genetic and add some special vitamin concussions and portions for them to reach that attain that crazy crazy look so this is what's up guy it's pretty much chemical warfare creatine on daily bro that's what's up again mr. Haney rambled alongside Steve Koch Lou arm of his trainer I don't think he is his trainer because trust me steve coock Lou if he has a trainer in any realm board he will definitely be top six mr. Olympia he was number ten this year if I'm not mistaken the thing is this guy has very good basically limbs which comes to the legs and the arms and a good but the center part of his physique I mean the central part is somehow always softer I don't know why right but if he comes under the belt of this do trust me he was definitely purse he has basically what it takes again mr. Dennis James he was one of the biggest guys in the early 2000s the thing is he could not win you know crazy shows for the for the fact that his genetics are not good one comes to the legs and he also has some high lats beside that the other limbs are absolutely stupendous look at him and the most muscular pose the crab pose probably the best one in the business ever I think is his legs are not after part his stomach was somewhere distorted and he has he had actually highlights the thing is these guys right now are entrepreneurs as you guys can see still making deals with big companies he's traveling right now if you follow him he was in Madrid right now they are in Dubai today and rumors say that had to the his team consumed the whole monthly supplies of protein of Dubai next thing you know the suit out of Dubai had to ask to purchase 100 Bisons from the US to replace the protein supply so this is what's up again mr. George Farah with DLP she placed second this year one of the best in the business so that's it guys these guys have the know-how if yourself has the genetic right and you think you can box in a top IFBB contest you better be under the belt of one of these guys because they're the best in the business you can see in her here next to his national friend mr. Ahmed Hyde are the best six-packs in the history of bodybuilding and as I said George Farah his stomach was problematic because somebody shot him in the gut right but he was walking some crazy guns the rest was very good look at it he was very big guy unfortunate his stomach had that injury so don't you have you are so don't forget bro it's all about alchemy it's not about know-how because if it was about no-hair trust me an ex mr. Olympia will be your guru right now they don't have what it takes these guys have the mental knowledge over them so muchi wherever you are guard as you are don't forget to like the video and tell me what you think about it


  1. Of course it's mainly chemistry and these idiot body builders are the test bunnies and the ones who will die early..

  2. it's pretty sad thinking about Abbaspour now…

  3. Chemical warfare haha

  4. i cant agree with you !!! for the forearms phil heath has it better !!!

  5. Holy Christmas Tree Batman!

  6. if steroids didnt exist i wonder if we would even know who these people are

  7. I got a tear in my ass gust watching the vid…

  8. Blood and Guts bb.

  9. "…trainer of mr olympia Phil heath, trained several other females as well"?

  10. How can you say. This guy is like flex wheeler with legs? God damnn ! No one is better than Flex when it comes to body shape

  11. Re: Dorian Yates: "Trust me, he did lift."  Haha, I laughed out loud at that one.  I know it was just force of habit, but Captain obvious flashed before my eyes when I heard that.  Keep up the interesting vids, Lui!

  12. Dont agree. Does Iron Mike is a guru? Or Ali(if he were ok) ? There a huge difference between a good athlete and a good trainer. It's very often good athletes dont become trainers. I kinda think because they are very gifted and only learned how to work hard, but they dont study how their bodies work.

  13. biochemistry is the bodybuilding essential lol

  14. from this lebanese baby please guy

  15. @1:03"the most granitey mofo". Lui, you have a masterful way with words. I salute you wherever you are. 

  16. Why they are not training others ? It's kind of dumb to ask that. There are ALL rich as FUCK ! Why would they spend any time to train others when they can promote their sups or manage their side buisness ? All those Multi MR.Olympias are rich. As for "Alchemy", they all use same shit,  all train hard and diet. Genetics always comes out on top.

  17. The best guru commentator in the game : Lui Marco !!!

  18. Honestly, I think you are a hundred percent correct… The amount of work you have to do is so minuscule compared to natty training; on top of that, it makes you feel like you can just lift all day. It turns you into an anabolic machine.

  19. sorry but dorian was the hardest ???? i think ronnie coleman was… even phil heath is harder check the back,legs,glutes etc….

  20. Denise James is not big ramy's trainer nor is he a guru if you watch 'Generation Iron' his trainer is Sibil Peeters aka 'grandma' . There is a big difference between a nutritionist ,a biokineticist, a trainer and a contest or posing coach… 
    e.g Chad Nicholls was Ronnies nutritionist  for the Olympia… 

  21. hany is actually steve´s trainer

  22. You forgot charles glass,salute on a dayleeeee from Kansas.

  23. Lui there is no such thing as high lats, high lats people are people who don't know how to train lats properly. 🙁

  24. in the older days a good trainer meant a trainer that can whip you into shape with exercise and diet, now juice.

  25. "Lebaneseee Baby Pleaseeee"

  26. Steve Kuclo 9th place at Mr. Olympia 2014. Both Kuclo and Phil have the same trainer. He said so in the press conference.

  27. I just imagine Lui speaking day to day… "I salute you".

  28. And what about the early Mr. Olympias, do they also have their trainers? Since when became common to have a team behind those bodybuilders. Would be interesting to know about it. Especially because all claim to be an expert, don't get me wrong I love bodybuilding but the matter of chemistry have a huge rol in terms of condition and size. Maybe would be interesting to know if there was a Mr. Olympia without a team of his back.

  29. Is it me or do they all seem short? Is it the muscle mass that makes that illusion?

  30. My say is if you haventwalked the mile you should shut the fuck up.

  31. Steve is trained by Haney Rambod

  32. Does Bstin (who has admitted to never being able to become an ifbb pro due to inferior genetics) want to become the next guru?

  33. Samir won 2 mr. Olympias not 1

  34. creaTINE glucosaMINE hahaa luii the best

  35. hany does train steve 

  36. Isn't robbie Coleman helping out Shawn rodents?

  37. Lui – look up what these Gurus did to a guy called Seth Feroce 

  38. It's all about the drugs

  39. "Flex Wheeler With legs"? Whats that suppose to mean?. Flex had awesome legs, one of the best. In British GP 99 maybe the best ever when it comes to proportions, size and shape. His calves and hams even dwarfs serious, just look…

  40. Phil has better forearms than Dorian.

  41. @5:50 I could not stop laughing.  lui marco is The best bodybuilding commentator, brilliant phrases.

  42. a wizard who knows how to make a posion to make you bigg !! you don't drink it , you inject it … so we can call them wizards 🙂

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