Bodybuilding Food – What Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Eat?


  1. They didn't have Ezekiel back then….

  2. Arnold best bodybilder world

  3. Which meal contains stéroïdes ? 🙂

  4. Dumb guy

  5. Se tem BR vendo isso aque dá like ae kkkkkkk

  6. You make a video of an icon with a piece of shit song like this? Why?!

  7. Stupid vlog

  8. Very badly edited thumbnail

  9. Dianabol

  10. These supplements were not available in that era what a moron are you… Trying to fool a viewer

  11. No way his diet was that limited.. Also noway he consumed that many grams of fat and calories in that manner. He ate a large amounts of chicken and beef.

  12. Sí comía es todo eso como no se va a poner una bestia si yo comiera la mitad de eso sería más bestia porque lo que como arroz y huevo me pone bestia Gracias también ami full entrenamiento y a veces Después de entrenar comer atún carne o Huevo con arroz para seguir creciendo

  13. Sir Arnold not used any protein powder???

  14. Тогда Фарма и Еда были настоящими …..

  15. What a load of bull shit

  16. How do these geeks know what the man ate

  17. Answam

  18. Whenever I hear this song I know it’s going to be a shitty bodybuilding page that uses stupid content everybody knows already or knows is shit.
    Type of shit you would see on the Discover page using a skeleton doing barbell curls with a highlighted region of the biceps saying 3×5 “The Rock beast Workout”

  19. forgot the steriods

  20. BS. The Oak never used protein shakes in his early days. Roids yes, but no protein shakes

  21. it's wrong

  22. arnold is a baby
    …… fuck arnold

  23. why they always use this same Ridiculous music for these Videos?

  24. What a gay ugly corny song

  25. Arnold was photoshopped in the thumbnail that was from pumping iron

  26. I love you KING ❤️(Arnold)

  27. Ezekiel bread did not exist when Arnold was in competition.

  28. He ate… Cocainum.

  29. I was like nope after seeing cottage cheese

  30. Just to clear things up I'll translate meal #3,,,
    Anabolic,test,deca,trembolin, and I believe a scoop translates to 5cc

  31. Bad information

  32. I call bullshit×100000.

  33. *chooses the most overused and cliche YouTube background song ever

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