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If you think you’re outclassed, you are. You’ve got to think high to rise. You’ve got to be sure of yourself before… You can ever win the prize. Life’s battles does’t always go… To the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins… Is the man who thinks he can! You want the title? You want the title or not? Then you have work for it… Nothing is easy!


  1. Great video

  2. AWESOME vid bro…. MAGNIFICO

  3. Nice video

  4. Not bad it goood

  5. Like if you knew every single name of a bodybuilder or fitness model in video!

  6. Lorenzo coraz bardziej popularny w takich filmikach

  7. this was a great video, you should have called it " we shave our bodies " :p 
    thanks a lot for putting me in !

  8. More videos !

  9. Спасибо за мотивацию!!! Nice video!

  10. MOAR videos… need more inspiration!!!

  11. Great job!A bit short but niceeee!

  12. Who was the girl?

  13. The best of the video is the angry birds watch.

  14. LORENZOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  15. jeff pls go

  16. that woman was pretty

  17. Thank you for adding me to this video! 

  18. Amazing vid man..good job

  19. For those wondering, the black haired girl is 18 year old Lone Norås, a Norwegian bikini fitness competitor. 
    18 year old IFBB bikini fitness athlete Lone Norås

    She has a new vid in the works, scheduled to be launched in March apprently,

  20. For everyone asking: The brunette girl's name is Lone Norås. She is a 19 year old IFBB bikini fitness athlete from Norway. You're welcome:)

  21. All stolen clips from other videos….

  22. I think I can!!!! I think I can!!! Choo! Choo!!! Woo!!!!! WooO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. zajebista robota, w sumie jak zawsze :]

  24. Started watching this vid on my couch and finished it at the gym.

  25. Nice video mate! 2:14 = leg day 🙂

  26. Cool.

  27. Please change the thumbnail dont have Jeff Seid 🙂

  28.  Lone Noras <3

  29. Who´s the girl at 2:10  with black hair? 

    awesome video btw man !

  30. <– Fitness Videos

  31. Finnish dude, Kotipohja has earned his place, 00:59.

  32. the video is shit

  33. Dobre! 🙂

  34. The look the girl gives at 1:07 smokin hot! 

  35. no Jeff Seid was found

  36. Awesome videos man, super inspirational. Keep up the great work!

  37. That's so so right nothing is easy you allways have to work hard for it. That's my motivation!

  38. I can have a SUPER SAYAJIN physique!

  39. 0:45.. HELL YEA.. VEGETA TO BE EXACT.. guess they wanna look like

  40. Damn brolga looking ass muthafukas I got muscles like goku

  41. I mean broly

  42. Nigga yall ain't never gonna see me lookin like that

  43. people watch theasi sitting down  and thease mothos  just try to look motivation

  44. Insane super sayan phisique video!Eat clen and tren hard guys..;P

  45. with hard work and dedication you can look like this too!   wait, no you cant,  you just need to shoot steroids in your ass and go to the gym 3 times a week….

  46. You Earn Your Body!
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  47. what this song ..?

  48. all bodybuilders like ass fucking each other in the shower room …yup

  49. can anyone tell me from which vid is the 1:50 shot ??

  50. is that even healthy ?

  51. haha… best quote ever 0:44 !

  52. BroScience brought me here (:

  53. Steriods or not.. That take alot of training and dedication to look like they do. Props.

  54. omg who is that girl?!

  55. WallEast  and walking lungs rule. If your not puking your not training hard enough.
    TilingInfo Master Tile Setter loves  weighs, eating and setting tile!

  56. yes

    No Pain No Gain.. ! 

  58. what's the name of the girl wearing pink?

  59. Czyżby do Oleja przemawiała babcia? 😉

  60. Phill Heat Use Steroid!

  61. Nice motivation video. Train like a champion TODAY!

  62. good motivation, thank you.

  63. every video I have found from you has always been very inspirational and passionely motivating. thanks a lot man looking forward to viewing more new videos. but I always rewatch the old ones to remind my self what I stand for. great work.

  64. I'm 58 and recently lost 50#, I powerlifted back in the 80's, trained with Dennis Wright and Doug Furnas. They went on to greatness and I became domesticated. I am motivated by your videos and in my own realm I'll try to build what I can. At my age I have a few chronic injuries to deal with like sore elbows and knees, so I'm limited as to how heavy I can lift. Thanks for the motivation!

  65. Lol at Jeff Seid 225 deadlift attempt

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  68. i was once told if u want something u never had before u have to be woodling to do something did before

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  70. Awesome!


  72. Nice dude, You Earn Your Body!

  73. só os monstros

  74. If you guys are the creator of the video that has Kai Greene doing the sound bite with the Resident Evil style music going on in the background or 28 days later I think it was the Resident Evil 2 actually was resin evil there's explaining to a kid he would never be a weightlifter and that particular video was nails so if you are the people that put it out and took it down can you put it back up one more time thank you a subscriber

  75. Who's the really sexy woman @2:09?


  77. all see here is not natty!!

  78. i know you still earn your body though! you lift pretty heavy:D

  79. i really like working out but the eating part bothers me. Not because i dont want to eat. Because i dont know what to eat everyday and when.

  80. Boss

  81. what's the name of song !!!

  82. Dope Video

  83. this video must have made gods

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