Bodybuilding Exercises – Ultimate Abs – part1

hey guys everybody's been riding in they want to see an AB routine I've put together something that works really well for me progressively you can work into it start with lower right this is going to be the most difficult part – hanging hanging leg raises then we're going to proceed over to a bench I'm going to show you some crunches some modified crunches and then I'm going to show you some these hips off the bench so the very first part of this it's going to be a tricep meaning you're going to go from one to the other without resting so you're going to do the number of repetitions that you can complete here up to fifteen stop go to the bench do your modified crunches then go right into the v6 so this is the very first part of the exercise hanging leg raises it's a great core exercise you have the stimulant you have this ice Laker your body before you go up hanging leg raises lots of fun

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