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welcome to Rick's corner I finally found a set that is exactly what I want a ring post Corner and I came up with this and I'm thrilled to death to finally have a place where I want to talk from it's great I hope you guys like it well many of you written in and even asked me about the diet of the 70s what did we eat the train what was it you took as far as protein what about your carbs how often did you eat how many meals a day what about bedtime they usually went to bed well I'm going to tell you all of that but I wanted to also say that it was an all-you-can-eat place you don't find that today the economy doesn't warrant that but a few funny things next to the muscle beach gym there was a smorgasbord it said big sign all-you-can-eat $3.95 something that effect well of course bodybuilders would run in there right away because look you can fill up and you get all the food you want and never go away hungry so they took their gym bags with them lined him in foil loaded them up with chicken breast and left the place one guy came out one day and he came to me says you know what I just ended that smorgasbord I ate 32 meatballs 32 meatballs houki 32 meatballs my god I mean you can't assimilate that much protein in one sitting anyway but he was so proud of it he went back the next night did it over and over again well for several years the bodybuilders ate there then one day the manager came at me said no more you guys are out of here I can't afford to feed you it's costing me more than I'm making changes sign from all-you-can-eat to the best you could eat raise the prices and that was the end of that so they went in search of another place up the hill in Westchester there was another one a sweety smorgasbord all-you-can-eat they closed that one down too so the privilege that we had to go to those places and eat was taken away and then we had to go pay for food like at Norm's and on steak night or fish night it was all the fish you could eat in all the state you could eat of course they served it very slow so you wouldn't sit there for hours upon hours until you ate a certain quantity and then they'd run you out of there as well but the diet was pretty simple I mean even on alumni we'd go to zoo Keys deli in the morning we'd have a cheese omelet with cottage cheese and that was used to breakfast if I ate at home I had little machine called a presto burger and I'm still trying to find them I don't think they make them anymore big enough to grill one patty on both sides for about a minute you plug it in this Electric so I had the hamburger patty and I had my scrambled eggs and I didn't have any cuz you had a little bit of juice and some protein and then off to the gym that was pretty much the breakfast diet back then eggs and in hamburger patties then lunch was usually chicken breast like we do today or tuna sometimes had egg salad with it and I always seem to have cottage cheese with because cottage cheese was a good source of protein and a good source of calcium and that was pretty much what I would eat for lunch or Arnold many of us it would be cheese omelets or chicken usually chicken or tuna and eggs and then some cottage cheese supplements weren't really big back then there weren't a big number of them real blair's protein which I've mentioned before it was good it's pretty costly but it was good and it was more of the high fat diet high protein diet low carb because fat is used for energy it's not stored as fat as so many people think that are just average everyday people and they say oh you're eating the egg yolks you're eating fat it's going to get high cholesterol but that wasn't the case because fat really is used to burn instant energy where carbohydrates are stored in the body and they're stored as fat so you have protein you have fat and you have carbohydrates if you have all three in abundance you're going to get fat so you have to drop out one of them and what we dropped out with the carbs now after lunch in the afternoon was usually a good time for a protein drink or a big tuna salad that was pretty much standard if you had fruit at all which is a carbohydrate you ate it alone because fruit and protein create gases and you don't digest properly but even at that of still carbohydrates you didn't want to eat it pastas were no rice was no or rice and very little amount potatoes were no no and bread was a no-no so you didn't have any of those things dinner would come around I used a hibachi and I used to make hamburger patties two of them every night BBQ them with cheese on them with the salad and some cottage cheese that was dinner and pretty much that was a standard for almost everybody hamburger patties and cottage cheese maybe some eggs as well or steak or fish or chicken any one of the above fish isn't a real favorite of a lot of people because it's fishy and it doesn't really satisfy you and leave you kind of empty but it is a good number one source of protein as is turkey bedtime well was usually a protein drink but a lot of us would go to zoo Keys deli this is our hangout back at the beach back then and around 11 o'clock at night would have a cheese omelet with cottage cheese that was pretty good source of protein and you'd sleep on it and it wasn't heavy you know you could do that I could do that because I was in my 30s in course metabolism was different I was burning body fat rapidly and I ate quite a bit of food I didn't go overboard I know anybody who really went overboard 3 chicken breasts at dinner was standard if I do 1 and a half now it's a lot I just get really full at my age but that was a pretty decent diet now we did this Monday through Saturday Sunday was the junk day Sunday you could eat anything in the world you want and I know guys that would go out and eat a whole pizza and cakes and cookies and pies and all that kind of stuff and I was guilty of it as well my wife at the time would make me spaghetti meatballs for dinner a big jello mold which I always liked and a whole cheesecake and I would pretty much eat all of it and crawl away from the table on my hands and knees burping it was so uncomfortable you go to the gym on money you're 6 pounds up you're bloated you're full of water but you're back on your diet by Tuesday you've lost it all in your back of shape again like I say at a younger age and metabolism can handle that and so it's not a big deal if I do that today I feel fat for a week and it won't come up near as quick if at all so I don't do that anymore those junk days nowadays might be a couple of cookies on a Sunday and that's about it try to limit the breads now try to limit the pastas and all that kind of stuff rice is okay you know it's a it's it's a form of energy but for two years I tried the fish in in the carb diet and dropped all the fats out for two years solid everyday fish or chicken rice vegetables very little rice the fats were completely gone I didn't have any eight goats or anything that had fat in it and just the carbs in the protein and I got lean and really really hard and of course having the carbs didn't make me moody because the lack of carbs can make you very it was a really good diet and worked really well at 45 is probably my best shape ever from eating like that lean and very very lean but as time rolls on you know you introduce more things your diet again and you want to eat and so that's the way it is but the 70s diet is really basic like I said it was high protein low carb and and higher fats in fact a lot of the guys are mixing cream with their protein because cream had a fat content that would be used as energy so Arnold was no different Draper did the same thing gripper eating a lot of tuna all the guys did the same ken Waller also Kimmel used to live on chicken breasts a lot of chicken breasts used to go over to Colonel Sanders and get them big chickens in the bucket eat them all day long so when you asked what we ate that's pretty much it I don't remember anything outside of that that was really out of the ordinary Saturday night sometimes we did the house of pies and go crazy with pie and ice cream maybe Arnold hydrate grape or a whole bunch of guys we go over there and just really load up on it of course the next thing you feel bloated your eyes all puffy from the sugar but you got to the gym you had a hell of a pump I mean it definitely did the job and you felt really good for those two days and then you're back on your diet again of course you get lean and it works very well so when you question me about what we ate that's pretty much it proteins supplements like I said I got them from real Blair some I got from just a health food store Joe Weider had some at the time I don't know if I took any of those I don't think I did I know the Arnold tried some because they were free and so we took them that way but basically it came from foods not so much the supplements protein drink in the afternoon was pretty much it so that's my answer when you asked me what we ate that's what we ate I'm still eating that way today 35 years later and I don't really deviate from it it's kind of boring in a way but there are nights when I go out and I have the prime rib and the baked potato and the garlic bread and all that and I feel it taste great but afterwards I feel lousy you know that goes and back on the diet the next day so stay tuned to Rick's corner I'll bring you more facts from years ago when things were really cool back in the 70s era I wish you all could have been there with me I'd love to go back in time just for one week and take all of you with me and hang out down to the beach and just have a blast would that be great god we had great time wouldn't we all right stay tuned to Rick's corner next time when I bring you more info thanks again

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