Bodybuilding Biggest Myths & Mistakes – Correct Training


  1. blah blah blah useless info

  2. another guy on roids telling people do whatever u feel like to get results gg

  3. Good video.

  4. Hey you don't even know what the fuck are you talking about.. Because you don't even know how to speak English -.-

  5. Insightful.

  6. Dorian Yates proved to us all that 'correct training' gets the best results… nuff said!

  7. Truth

  8. אלון למה אתה לא עושה סרטונים בעברית אחי ?

  9. you use "you know" too much haha 😀 totally agree with what you said it's about how you feel not the form

  10. I agree with you in the "feel part".

  11. Alon you are 100% right about this brah

  12. Haha you know….you know… know…you know..

  13. Zyzz never competed. LOL

  14. Tnx

  15. digging the new hair cut bro, aesthetic as fuck cuz

  16. Why would he use steroids? He doesn't take part in any fitness competition. He works out for himself and not for anyone else.
    Go check his website: alongabbay. com

  17. So true.

  18. How he dont believe in correct form, but talks about not cheating

  19. Damn he's stupid

  20. I guess trening hard helps

  21. Good Sir !

  22. Very true brother, specially the part where u say that there's a lot experts out there lol. Words of experience

  23. he can't say S –'

  24. Ask him about the same username he has on anabolic forums.

  25. Oh mann, der Unterarm bei 4:50 ist total krank 😀

  26. Oglum

  27. All you little fucks crying about him sayin he believes proper form isnt important hes right lets say when your doing bicep curls n bend ur jnees ur stil working ur biceps hes just trying to help stop crying

  28. Bullseye , great video

  29. No homo or anything Alon but this haircut suits you.

  30. Come on bruh, you got it all wrong. Proper form is obviously done for a reson, to isolate the muscle…if your going to do roids and not do proper form then you're cheating your body of its full potential. Think about that bruh.

  31. Great imformation on this video without having to confuse us with a bunch of bullshit that other channels and fitness ppl do …. ALON GABBAY THIS WHY WE NEED MORE VIDEOS IN ENGLISH …. Thanks

  32. Thank you for the video, appreciate it 🙂

  33. I can't believe am gonna say this, but this is some deep shit!

  34. you kinda sound like Jose padilla a.k.a techmaster8

  35. English, thankyou, good video man, lots of good info

  36. STFU. just STFU.

  37. Any good reference to read on macros?

  38. How can you say proper form is not important? I don't know about you Alon, but if for example I want to train Biceps, then I'll train biceps, and only biceps.. That can be achieved through proper form..

  39. Good opinions. U just got another subscriber

  40. awesome man!

  41. What u mean is that on small muscle groups like isolating bicep you can cheat,maybe on the last few reps,not that form doesn't matter lol,I think you chose wrong words,you could of said 'its not crucial'

  42. hey alon could you please post a video about your carb cycling regimen ?!

  43. Low carb really works

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