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ladies and gentlemen the first man to build 21 inch biceps drug-free you're not making this particular video because I got a lot of complaints not complaints really but a lot of we have many complaints well a lot of the fellows that listen to keep my videos and they wonder they tell me how is this guy that guy this guy that guy this guy you know and I have to tell you as it possible I'm not nothing anybody builders in particular I'm nothing their agendas she I don't care who it is I don't under is not reduce it to making bodybuilding a lifetime adventure where you will be will you the crew not necessarily that you say improve because Beijing is wearing our dresses but you wear out slowly because you're training and taking care yourself not in beauty you abuse yourself at the moment there's so many guys out there and it pains me really doing the curls or the presses and then that's it that's part of it the whole compass is the thing watching your body taking care of your body making sure you don't cream maturity age and wear yourself out with drugs that's my agenda as my agenda because it agenda the longevity not one guy listening to me right now I have an idea I mean I'm over the guys but you see what happened through his bodybuilding but it wasn't something that I say Oh later so yeah I think I'll try it I have a history of bodybuilding I know how it feels when you bring your ten eleven twelve fourteen fifty the difference in the site I know when you're in a certain age that unlimited feeling you have that hunger to know each other what is right well you know it's not necessarily what is right because of other things have been right but the point is my friends make up your mind what you're training for I call it the bodybuilding agenda some of these fellows don't have the slightest idea what they don't never next legs and they and when people get on YouTube and they see this they don't know you young buddy really you don't know these guys out there that are talking stuff that makes me cringe body goes to destroying themselves in front of you makes me cringe you know I haven't brought up with all of the guys that took the drugs and they're all gone and why they're gone bodybuilding schools that you're supposed to bid you that's what it's all about but it's all according to what you want you can build your party now that most you guys I don't know most whoever look at my videos don't realize it's a first guy developed 21 inch arms without steroids and you know what seeing my friends look at my muscle tissue tissue you can see there's no big things and registered things like that it cuz natural when you see all those veins and greatest of things it's not natural but I mean what I mean is not natural it's not induced by natural causes as induced by drugs at a distortion so bodybuilding has an again whenever you see these guys tell you do this I do and that that what is to gender what have to accomplish if they done anything other than telling you what they've done and I have seen guys the goal to tell you how to build a muscle what do you not have to themselves so the point is what I mean when I say the bodybuilding agenda yes you can want to diagnosis yourself when you see a guy telling you I did this and how to do this and that Charlotte what do you think where did you get this a permission from how much experience you had in this business how much you know about this business all of the great guys in bodybuilding I know you know we didn't shake hands every day but I know we talked and so forth Shawn I know what happened it breaks my heart a lot of times you guys see me talk about how heartbroken I am when I see some of the guys that was so young and vigorous and ran to go it's all over for them now because they destroyed their bodies and you look good on the outside but you tearing yourself up on the inside and I mean I don't know of any my bodybuilding friends it's my age right now they grew up with me ya-hah not a one and what are they gone from bodybuilding what a downer that is in order to think that bodybuilding isn't isn't a thing that makes I mean I get these guys and they tell you how many drugs they're taking I don't mean steroids but outside drugs because of what they're doing with the steroids so what I call my friends it's the bodybuilding agenda whenever you see these guys tell you what they do and how they do this and I'll do that let's try to check them out what is your background how did you come to your collusions and you know more than me Antron and I feel sad I get up what do you think about this guy what do you I'm not into diagnosing these fellows that is what I'm made for I'm dying I talk about what they say not who they are and when I see they don't know what they're talking about oh and I see what they say it's detrimental to you my friends call you guys my friends that's what I have left now you know the body builders I mean you know a lot of guys to get my anything watch the grass grow but I'm still into it and it works and what I'm really into now more than anything else it's the science of nutrition and I'll that's being master eyes but we'll get to that another time but for now my friends to be continued wait a minute before you cleared away I want you to subscribe like call it hell you dislike if you want to at least do something before you got here


  1. Why would you take steroids, especially if you're not a viable candidate for a paid title? Low self-esteem is the only reason I can think of, which makes it an advertisement of your personal issues. If I had low self-worth I'd rather have a chance at hiding it. Hahaha

  2. Its nice to see someone looking out for us and has our care as his best interest. Rather than money n selfishness. Your legacy will live on forever through us bodybuilders

  3. Hy Leory you are doing great job mate, one problem i would say teenage and rest of the bodybuilders facing today is advice given ot uploaded by a person who even doesn't know the anything about workout but he knows how to upload a video having wrong infromation, putting prople on wrong track.
    Well thanks for putting us on right track please keep uploading.

  4. Hy Leory you are doing great job mate, one problem i would say teenage and rest of the bodybuilders facing today is advice given ot uploaded by a person who even doesn't know the anything about workout but he knows how to upload a video having wrong infromation, putting prople on wrong track.
    Well thanks for putting us on right track please keep uploading.

  5. I love you Mr. Colbert, keep on making videos, we need the truth!

  6. Always enjoy your vids. Since starting the total body workouts you recommend my love for working out has returned and I feel great. 

  7. I agree with this man he's looking for health in the long run not for the moment

  8. Veins though? I mean…I've had alot of veins even when i was a kid…My father was veiny..I've never taken a drug in my life…So..i don't know about that one boss

  9. Thanks Leroy love hearing you speak.

  10. I agree with you totally Leroy. What are they trying to sell / push, nothing makes me angrier than fly by night companies selling protein power and the picture on the cover is a guy juiced to the gills. Pushing it towards Teenagers don't know better.
    Then the Teen thinks what is wrong with me.. I am not growing like the guy on the cover. I MUST be doing something wrong. The people juicing swearing up and down… no I have never, just eat right that's all, it is not me YOU are doing something wrong. 
    The confusion started in the 60's, in the 70's one example is Nautilus but we know now with the "“Colorado Experiment” the Riod's were the major change not the machines. 
    People started hitting Nautilus like crazy and then wondering… why is that not working for me, and some people like Brooks Kubik will tell you that the Nautilus pullover caused some serious shoulder damage, that caused him to have to give up Collegiate wrestling because of it.

  11. Leroy, can you PLEASE do a video about George Snyder who promoted many contests and owned a gym on the East Coast… he always mentioned he liked you!

  12. Wise words. This channel, subscribed!!

  13. The title is misleading

  14. I would consider ct a power lifter not a bodybuilder. I think he used to be a great motivator but lately his shit is over the top and foolish.

  15. Yessss, no CT bs video with some kiddy freakin firey weights. Straight BULLS**T. Leroys vids are best.

  16. God bless you Mr. Colbert

  17. glad to see no dumbbells are on fire in this video

  18. I subd this channel tonight cause of Leroys videos .Especially like this one it comes from his heart and you can tell .

  19. They really don't know.. one body builder i recognised looking very warn out witch i love i Ronnie C.. its sad to see him looking how he does has anybody else noticed… great vid this guy Leroy is real.. keep bringing the vids please

  20. MrYorkieLover Fitness, Please remove CT Fletcher videos.

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