three chicken the all right that is I have my days here predator business here lot of people ask me about diet to ask me how much percent has died how much percent is training well training is 100 percent of course but diet is the other hundred percent there's no 20 percent of 50 percent 150 percent theater it's not the steroids that make a champion but it's the heart train the dedication the diet and the sacrifice and the genetics that that person has would make that champion it's only gonna bring attention when your laptop a lot of the knowledge I learned from dieting with me reading books and try to get as many books as I can on dieting he's only gonna break it's 24 hours a day non-stop you take it wherever you go we're always we're always doing something to understand everything some purpose when I start – you do I feel in you call me take everything and he's Sulli


  1. I din't care who is taking what crazzy props to all these freakin guys they are awesome and much props for making this video I was hooked on this video 8 years ago n still watching it till this day! Man this is more than a sport its a life style it changes everything

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  15. who cares if they are taking steroid?? just look how they train and how they eat !!!

  16. Woah … I don't need a pre workout man.. Just this video before my sets and BAM.. Salute and thanks for the motivation. You definitely are among the top motivational channels on youtube.

  17. the guy at 2:20 anyone ? who's he ?

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  19. На 2:07 Влад Яма качается.

  20. Bulimia and obsession the their own bodies, sorry but I see a lot of sacrifice and dedication in these guys, but I don't get the point. Why ruining your health with drugs, too much food and proteins and crazy weights only to be big, only for appearance. What is the point?
    I love sport, I am actually a pretty good runner and beside that I climb, I am an average alpinist and I sail as well. I think sport is fun, is improve your body and your character, be in good shape and good health, become good at doing something. But sorry, this is not sport, these guys renounce to the good in life (good food, social life, girls, friends) and to their health, only to have big muscles. I know most of you are going to disagree with me, but I just wanted to bring you my point of view. Thank you guys!

  21. Songs called "Gemini-Blue".Please check my channel out thank you

  22. ease up guys… Trening is in slovak language – Training and Zhasni is from Slovakia

  23. I first watched this video when I was 12 now I'm 17 and my competition is two weeks away. I love this

  24. I am addicted and I fatal problems. If I wouldnt go to gym I am sweaty, shaking, nervous,breathing heavily…. Is that normal? I have dream and I have to stick to it

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  26. Its addiction nonetheless.. Imagine praise on heroin addiction with cool house music. Chills runs thru body

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  29. I would like to add that I can see why bodybuilders can become addicted to the sport.

     With regards to my mini workouts in between my major ones:

    I could do push ups all day long but it is not going to give me what a balanced five minute workout every second day with a 20 pound dumbbell will.

    My weight is a bit lower and my running times are a bit better BUT I think that I am "addicted" to my dumbbell.

  30. Such a great video !!!

  31. I hate when they said that s all in training and diet, "steroids don t make champion" can someone write here did ever natural guy won mr Olympia ? If only training matter and diet why they use huge amounts of chemicals, liars…

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    Check out my chanel for some Kai Greene motivation! 
    Peace ou!

  47. Yo yo… Great film. My dad used to be a fatty. He improved his body from 293 lbs of pure fat into 205lbs of natural muscle. Everybody was stunned. I just signed up myself as I have to greatly enhance my whole body. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

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  49. The song is called Gemini – blue

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