Body Image – Priscila Hernandez x Mental Health Foundation

be aware it's all in your head the feeling of dysfunctioning as you stand in front of the mirror your reflection sending a shiver all the way down to your neck leaving a lump in your throat this image leaves you exposed to all your insecurities from your head to your toes is there an image that you don't like anymore it's becoming a chore no amount of diet clothes or exercise can provide you with a feeling of being home frustrated you shame and blame yourself for losing control don't let it weigh you down when your body image takes a toll on your mental health when the way you see yourself interferes with your quality of life you must rise when your body holds you down like an anchor pulled you to the depths of depression and the heights of anxiety you must spread when your center of gravity works against you when how you look starts to feel like it affects what you can achieve in life you have the strength to survive ignore images and social media of ideal body types fits passion and negative hype that lead to temporary like as it lowers your self-esteem you are either queen or king by full not free verification don't lose your identification as your shoulders go forward and you've bound your back considering all the ways the world makes you feel like you laughs don't let those images to find who you are you've made it this far half pride stick your chest out be proud you have a thick spine stay upright stabilize yourself this body navigates your consciousness from A to B emancipate yourself don't let your image interfere with your physicality movement is life you're more than a reflection you are enough in every form and effort your body does not define your presence hold this for you is in the eye of the beholder you hold the power to your existence look in the mirror with acceptance and resistance to everything this representation makes you feel this is real you are energy powerful emotion you are human full of life and emotion not just an image of a body you


  1. Can this poem be played over internet based community radio. Are there any copyright restrictions. I’d like to use this piece to wrap up mental awareness week tomorrow.

  2. Absolutely inspirational, I say to people never let your mental health destroy you, you've just earned a sub…

  3. How do I get involved

  4. Wow, this is truly an inspirational video! Well done Priscila, you are impactful👍

  5. 'STRONGER' (a short documentary) An inspirational woman, who overcame a severe eating disorder and mental health condition. A truly remarkable woman and fighter, who defied all odds and is now living a happy and fulfilled life. Check it out here –

  6. Amazing! Such a beautiful piece by such a beautiful soul

  7. Excellent! A powerful and artistic way of touching upon struggles many face when it comes to body image – even when body image is not debilitating but does make a person question themselves and confidence! Amazing and creative way to touch many people!

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