Body Building & Survivalism

bodybuilding I can think of a few characters on YouTube who might been interested in that topic what do I think though let's find out bodybuilding is in theory something good you are improving your body becoming stronger more and accustomed to wear and tear and so forth but I think about it really if you have the time to lift weight that much wouldn't you think that there's something else missing in your life doesn't it mean that you are doing something wrong if you have for example a family like adult European man should have you wouldn't have time product so in itself already there I think bodybuilding is a bit it's not that good you are cultivating your own body and expand life you are cultivating yourself focusing on your own self extremely ego centric and as I see it that in itself it's not good then we go to the next negative thing about bodybuilding namely environmentalism really because when you weigh 100-plus kilograms and you're all muscles you eat a lot don't you and the food we eat today is produced using oil its transported often from the other side of the world and that's not very under more environmentally friendly the third thing is that in a survivalist situation which is of course not something we have to relate to today or something we might relate to in the future and as you know Europeans we are able to think ahead we should be anyway and if you are that beefy you need a lot of food and when food becomes scarce you won't be able to uphold that much body and there is a positive aspect about this too though it is because if you have a lot of muscles you can afford to lose muscles if you have very little muscles you really can't afford to lose a lot before you become completely useless so there's also a good thing in relation to survivalism that must be said and then you have a fourth point if you are a bodybuilder you tend to have very little body fat and that is not good because it's the vitamins and a lot of good stuff that we need during winter here in Europe and it's stored of fact and this is the reason why Europeans have somebody and the ideal of most bodybuilders is not European they want to look basically like Africans they don't want to have more memories sabbatic Europeans are not supposed to look like Africans because we're not our environment when it comes to physical training from women if you go to top athletes about 70% of them don't even have their period because they are living extremely unnatural lives and the female body it's not supposed to do not and also in ledge to body fat women need more facts than Matt and they have more body fat than man and and it's if they go below a certain percentage which interestingly it's way above you recommended percentage are many of these bodybuilder vegan bodybuilder and YouTube channels massage if they go below that percentage they start to have serious infertility problems which of course is because that's not natural and I supposed to be that skinny and note that the damage these extremely fit women do to their bodies in relation to fertility and childbirth their main purpose in life life is permanent they do permanent damage if they train too much permanent damage to the robot also in relation to a shit hits the fan scenario or a civil war and so forth being a bodybuilder you know it's good if you're in a bar and somebody is bad-mouthing you and you can just knock him down like that or two average guys jumps on you and you can just throw them like that because you're much stronger and much heavier and a lot of people think that is you can be small and good fight or two sure you can but the chance that the big guys can win is overwhelming in a fist fight or a West lovely Teressa and so yeah if you're big and have a lot of muscles you are more likely to win the fight that's okay but that's not situation we are faced you are not going to bar fight people who are invading Europe or you you're not going to face people with fists as their weapon and in our day and age there are a lot of firearms and the bigger you are the easier you are to hit with firearms and modern firearms do a lot of damage a and I'm four bullets 556 NATO where the bullet will not just hit you and make you stop bleeding it will completely crush your tissue and bones and everything so yeah being hit in itself is a disaster so you really shouldn't want to be an easy target and also if you are big and strong it doesn't really help a lot when those who are up against I'm sorry are armed with some sort of bottom be it a baseball bat even that but certainly you know a spare or a an axe or something you really don't have that much of an advantage anyway rather all the time and energy you spent on becoming that strong it's not worth it because maybe you have a little bit of an advantage still but that's not worth it worth it at all if you spent that time raising a family instead you know that would have been much much better and now to the practicality of being a body builder I think that all European men should be fit they should be trained in fighting they should be trained in he-man at least and they should be able to shoot a rifle and however all of these things must be done you know in an economic sense you if you have to spend several hours every single day to build muscles is it worth it if you have to spend so much of your resources your financial resources on this is it really worth it I think not obviously disagree with me that's fine okay but as I see it the best thing you can do to stay fit is to get up early in the morning and have a run that's the major and thing that's going to keep you alive a good stamina get up a bit earlier and run if you are in terrible condition be satisfied with running that 500 meters before you collapse completely and if you do it every day you will become much more endurance and when you run short distances you have a lot of lot less wear and tear on your knees and feet and so forth and I run every day I run about three kilometers three point three and I have no problems with the injuries for so I run every day and in effect it's six days a week but still now that's very effective in terms of keeping me and joint the last thing you should do to stay fit is to force yourself to train once or twice every day and whenever you have a spare moment you can take some push-ups and do some pull-ups and I do when I take my kids to playground they have these so-called playground installations and I do pull up there or if I did that today before I take push-ups merciful so you can do that without having to spend a lot of time go to the gym crew training there and going back and forth and if you do it any time do it when you have the time so and I think you should do that that's a good thing push-ups pull-ups and I don't know the English names of all these things but all sorts of different than exercises that you can do using your own body as the weight if you have the time for it instead of going to the gym to lift weights you should go to the firing range and practice your shooting that's the first thing you should do the second thing if you still have more time you should train some sort of martial art and he might as good as any other because in Hema you use primitive weapons and they will be in the life-threatening situations you will be faced with that type of combat not how to hand combat if you rely on hand-to-hand combat you will be finished off like that by people who don't they will like you know either shoot you or just put an axe through your head or something if you have no children to go to the playground with or if you have no God nor anything you can find on one of these rods that you put between the doors clastic properly or else you will end up in jail arming videos and you can do pull-ups in your own house you you everybody has a flaw so everybody can do do them push-ups out dips that's what it's called dips and so forth you can do that between two chests and these are the things that you everybody can do if you are European and you have the time to go to the gym everyday and you're doing something wrong because you shouldn't have the time for that there are so many other things that are more important and you should be watching survival Russia every day of course and you should them plant trees and the work to ensure that you have and berry bushes and vegetables and so forth to ensure that you have food items growing mer by and if you don't have a private property you can always do it on public property but because in most countries that is not illegal at the end I can say that if you should have the scenario where people in the city are so in such a distressful situation that they will try to leave for the countryside the vast majority of them will not be physically fit to do so I think the first thing you need to have ready and in terms of survival tools is of course your brain needs to be clear no drugs no alcohol nothing like that and and then secondly the rest of your body you need to be fit it should be able to to to walk to run to climb to carry stuff to sleep outside to tolerate cold and so forth so yeah that was all really I don't have much more to say in this context thanks for watching bye bye


  1. Actually I am a bodybuilder and I agree that in a survivalist point of view, you are better off doing something more well-rounded and less focused on muscle mass for that purpose.

    Also, when i was coscripted to army, I had been bodybuilding for a couple of years. I went into the army and not only did the heavier guys get tired more quickly (not only overweight men, but also wrestlers and weightlifters), they also got injured alot. That's what happened to me too. There is so much running and walking required as a light-infantry man that all the extra mass causes lots of wear and tear quickly. Eventually I was discharged with a stress-fracture of my shinbone. I also lost close to 7 kg of muscle mass in 6 months.

    The ones that prevailed in the army were of average muscular build and had a good endurance background. (you still needed strength to carry all your gear, the lanky guys got injured lots as well.)

    So for a survivalist, running a couple of times a week and doing occasional push-ups and pull-ups is more beneficial than body-building.

  2. Did you recommend survival russia?

  3. lol mr varg, you are an interesting person and made some nice music in your day, but in this case you have no idea what you're talking about. the only thing that's semi accurate is low body fat messing with your libido, Don't know about permanent infertility though

  4. "Bodybuilders want to look like africans, being ripped and looking good is not european" the most retarded sentence i have ever heard.

  5. With physical work the body becomes strong and gains endurance but seldom gets the negative side effect of making oversized muscles.

  6. A few push ups, sit ups, dips, pull ups and you're good to go.

  7. Strength/athletic training > bodybuilding.

  8. Have women watch the kids while you lift weights. The Vikings went on raids an the women watched over the kids and farms. Odin was not home all the time either he was always out seeking wisdom. Original strongmen did not have super flat abs though. They say if you don't lift after 30 every year you lose a lb of muscle and it drops your testosterone.

  9. I think in a survival situation, or a lot of situations for that matter, endurance coupled with skill is far more favorable over just sheer strength alone. me and my friends like to ride mountain bikes. one of my friends is almost a head taller than me, so of course he has longer legs than I do, thus the muscles on his legs are longer, therefore he has more potential to put out more strength than I do. even though he may have more brute strength, he doesn't have as much stamina as I do, so he may get ahead of me, especially going downhill because he weighs more than me, but I eventually I catch up and pass him especially on hill climbs. it's not because I'm stronger, it's because I can keep chugging along at a steady pace, and I know my gears well enough to make the best use of what strength I do have when it comes to climbing. he things he needs to get stronger, but I tell him it's not about that.

  10. People confuse strength training with bodybuilding. So long as one doesn't over do it, lifting weights can protect your bones and tendons. Not to mention make you physically more capable.

  11. Very few MMA champions have huge muscles. Functional muscle isn’t as impressive looking as people imagine.

  12. It depends what you do in the gym and why.
    If you do bodybuilding, literally, then most, if not all of your points are 100% accurate.
    If you do powerlifting or strongman training because you like the rush, or you're obsessed with power/strength, then some, a few, of your points don't apply as much as for bodybuilding, as powerlifting and strongman training are more functional. Bodybuilding is just about looking in a certain way. No functionality.
    Now I come to my point.
    If you train in the gym to improve power/endurance to complement some type of functional fighting style (no karate wish-wash, but boxing/kickboxing/mma), then in my opinion, that's what makes most sense. If you dedicate one/two hours per day to some type of training, at least have it be something that is functional in your daily life.
    The reason why I started going to the gym and kickboxing when I was a kid was the fact that I wanted to be able to defend my family and other, weaker beings, in certain situations.
    "But if I have a gun, your training amounts to nothing"
    Sure. I agree. But most people don't have a gun, and those who do, don't randomly abuse strangers in plain sight.
    To end this rant, functional power/endurance training + some kind of fighting skills work by improving your overall hormonal balance, and fighting makes you calmer, more collected, generally, as you relieve your frustrations in the fighting gym, by fighting others/hitting the bag, and it also makes you able have a greater chance at defending others.
    Bottom line, if you train, have it be for a reason that makes sense long term.

  13. Depending on female vegans, iwatched a video from the youtuber "no bullshit" who made a summary about those hippie vegan chicks leaving veganism after exactly 5 years, because they didnt get their period and were freaked out.

    I started bodybuilding after my soccer "career", i was always very small and weak where ofc lifting wheigts came into play. I also worked as a roofer. I cant really tell which one of these activities hurt me more, but doing some "workout routines" wasnt as painfull as lifting stones at work etc. My knees are damaged, wrists also, back always in pain. Im still doing some bodywheight workouts which help me a lot and i take it easy at work. All i can say is listen to your body, you are not invincible.

  14. Very good observations especially when you say bodybuilders want to look like Africans. I have noticed that most bodybuilders will also be into rap music and it's not a coincidence. Subconsciously they are trying to big aggressive intimidating and black.

  15. What do you think about tobacco?

  16. Thank you for your English. This makes your video and message for us in North America a lot of other places Accessible. From North Canada

  17. Not true at all my friends brother was a body builder I mean ripped I'm half his weight but I have been in alot of fights we fought more than one time every time I tore his ass up there slow as hell yes they may be stronger but that's nothing it's all about experience

  18. This is enlightening!

  19. It's really funny to watch someone who have failed miserably in his life, killed own bandmate, wasted majority of young age in prison talk about a prestigious sport that has produced great legends. Hilarious

  20. Tbh varg the Golden One has probably redpilled many women cause they fancy him cause his body. It's a good thing

  21. You could also go to the stabbing range and practice your stabbing of unarmed people. Or you could go to the kindling range and practice your fire game.

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