BODY BUILDER gets *Adjusted* for the FIRST TIME!!!

hi everybody dr. Joseph Cipriano here I just want to let you know what the next giveaway what we're doing is gonna be another two hundred dollar giveaway this time in order to win that $200 what we we need a little help from you so we're coming up with our new merchandise store and we need an idea a very creative idea for a t-shirt to be put out there so when trying to win this money for the next giveaway I need you obviously to be subscribed to the channel to like the video but then also comment on what creative idea or slogan should be for the next t-shirt or for the actually the first t-shirt for the dr. Joseph Cipriano channel so looking forward to hearing these creative ideas have a good one and obviously the most creative idea for the t-shirt will win okay hi everybody I'm dr. Joseph Cipriano and today we have our fish in here now primarily what's going on is everything is all left sided over the aside the hip joint actually I'm gonna have to explain you know exactly when it happened it's about you tell everything exactly I was deadlifting about a year ago and I just felt something just slip like I felt like a disc in my back on those just something slipped and it got extremely tight I couldn't bend over for about a week and I kind of just stretched and brought myself back to health you know wait again but it's an everyday chronic pain like some time I wake up in the morning until the time I go to bed well and you're telling me about what every hour and a half you without every hour and a half I'll probably wake up and have to move around and get up make my girlfriend week I'll sleep on the couch for a little while I can go get in the bed and get back up go get on the couch it's just back and forth okay then I thought we had it bad if they're ten month old let's go ahead and I want to get the big sign just gonna see where you're at I'm have to stay level what have you been forward at the waist paint on the side it's high right here I got a little bit my hamstrings but okay now if that pain doesn't stay there is there pain right now no pain now I'm gonna have you stand back like this come back any issues with that okay which I pop my hips maybe fifteen minutes ago recently to pop right before I came in years but now it's really tight before that when I do that it's like I can loose it up again I can actually move I don't get tight I squeezed and I can feel both of my hips so it's almost just like it sounds like like I just did it right right in here but exercise this will pop okay sometimes it's only she could hear from I'll be over here but she be here across the rivers well now I never did that before never did that before and I kind of just when it had I was squeezing just trying to do anything to kind of the pain from my side of nervous so tired when I first had an injury know that I was trying to do anything I could just to get something relief so I was just kind of mess with it so I'm squeezing my glutes and one day I have to squeeze then it just popped and that's my first neuters gotcha and now you do that every day or every day multiple times and then about every 10 minutes I can just go like that and just crack my back I did it for walk yeah but yeah it's like every 15 minutes I just get stiff gotcha okay I won't have you come down this maintains of that and the other side and examines right now okay any stiffness or not neither this little bit all right then if you rotate and you rotate obviously a lot of range of motion says that no pain which is a good thing but it's still it's always been that wrong spot right there okay I'm gonna have you lay face time for me so for ado we're going to scan the entire body we're gonna go from the cervical spine go all the way down to the feet we're gonna check the symmetry from the right side compared to the left actually if you get a chiropractic care before good I've never been to a chiropractor what anything in particular that you've done for this mm-hmm no okay so just like stretching and any they probably over-the-counter medication they have me a happy person okay just some ibuprofen for that so let's go ahead we're going to palpate the spine we're going from that cervical spine make your way down let me know if anything is tender to the touch I've got heart okay so now we're to the thoracic spine and we're making our way down here okay now we're getting that to the lumbar spine anything tender when I push them no good okay and now we're coming into that SI joints any pain over the right side when I push him any pain directly over the sacrum no any pain on the left side yeah good let's come down here take a look at the leg line so I'm gonna bring our feet together pulling short on this right side now we're gonna scan up the body one thing I'm looking at a little bit raised hip on this side there besides that ain't very muscular but it's still looking pretty normal and maybe coming up a little bit on this right side road we'll go through in a second check that obvious pit every morning right here you do every morning there's something I have to move I'll move around more and they'll pop loose right here okay there's something okay so yeah I haven't seen that right now muscles are very built on both sides but let's go ahead and we're going to use the microworld we're going to relax the back first before we go I have to make any adjustments before those two seconds in when our dad to tear up one more now it's on full blast how's that feel it's good all right let's go have room to start with the adjustment so we're starting at that cervical thoracic junction here and drop down to a t3 on that left side teach you on the right here take my head off okay take a deep breath in exhale out good one more time deep breath in and out all right I want you to sit up on the table straddle example one leg on either side keep your the table for me we rotate yeah we're as far as you can over the shoulder this show yep yeah all right on that side they fight again in stomach for me I'm sorry no good okay come down here take a look at that leg one already even with that canned a lot better as you guys can see there so we're gonna stabilize on the sacrum raise that right leg up as high as you can any pain tenderness tightness with that no good relax outside do offset for me how does that say compared to the right just a little bit more tightness and kind of a short of pain enjoy okay cross this foot over that foot good we're going to do that drop technique cross over there okay relax everyone let's check that leg link down again you can it home pretty even turn on your side just bitch me good lady yep like that I'm gonna take this out bring it down like that putting this top knee there we go perfect turn that in gonna play on the other side for me yeah I found that ended up good relax and bring the sound out okay from here we're gonna do a poll you'll feel some unease and that ankle under the knees going up to the hips just relax you feel that go about them to stand up arms off by its side put your hands up and over mine yep I'm gonna lean you back towards me squeeze your elbows together yep there we go thought that release there yeah yeah alright take a seat right here facing that way okay so now we're gonna do an anterior or supine thoracic adjustment so give you happy give yourself a big hug take a deep breath you know now we're gonna do that lie strap all right just relax have your hands rest on your stomach lie back yeah yeah this is that manual decompression you'll feel this one all the way down Oh relax breathe so I know in your case for one thing you're always lifting like always having something heavy up top everything is always impressing and you know so you're always getting compressing in on your body how'd that feel getting it was great decompression like that now granted trust me I remember the first time I got it done though oh yeah you're laying them you're like well yeah it takes a lot out of you and then as you keep laying there time goes by you start relaxing your body's starting to relax things are starting to ease up now this was the first time ever getting adjusted first time ever having a wide strap adjustment stand up now in the beginning I know we went through a mess man we went through the ranges of motion things like that how do you feel overall right now how's the body feeling a lot better upper still going a little something right here okay but I don't know if that's just from early you know it's just gonna come over here kind of go away yep you'll see correct maybe a couple more adjustments okay and over back I know you weren't having pain before which is always a good thing but I definitely feel blue like I run more way more chance of going running right now than I was you know ten minutes is good feel a lot more free up here especially right in here take care something for years I think we pull it out awesome good yeah yeah so actually today take it easy don't let that let that low back and everything about everything with lapse tomorrow you can get back on to normal routine but increase your water today mm-hmm half besides that definitely check in with me you've got a wall make sure you have the number you can text me on the cell phone it's a business so let me know how this is going because this is a different type of injury you know granted I know everything you know if it was more slip disc but just how your body just like how you almost like you just squeeze and you feel everything confront you yeah us together so there's just it's all of us trapped down here like you said compressed down here yeah we might loosen it pops it loose yeah so I know what that decompression we're just we're opening everything up itself I just wanted to see exactly how that's you know when we decompress that's fine how it's gonna affect that area that's what I just you know like let that be for a little bit and check on what the next couple days absolutely how things are all for yeah that's good yes sir perfect absolutely definitely worth the five hour jobs good good yeah if anyone's looking to schedule an appointment you know go right to the website dr. Joseph Cipriano comm long to get you in here


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