Bochner’s Body Therapy: Fitness Kickboxing Classes – 6 Week Fitness Challenge

– Hi, guys. Marc here from Bochner’s Body Therapy, our Fitness Kickboxing classes. Now let’s talk about our six week Fitness Kickboxing
Challenge we’re gonna have. We just finished one
up and it was awesome. I’m always excited to
see the transformations that happen in our students. Now, a couple things with this challenge. I design each lesson plan
using my physical therapy and my martial arts background. So these are unique lesson plans. Now, the other thing is that this is for all fitness levels. Now, there’s a certain
way we teach in class, so if you’re beginning exercises the classes are great
or if you’re currently in a fitness regimen, this is a great addition to that as well. Now, there’s two requirements for this kickboxing challenge. Number one, I want you to be ready to make a positive change. And this is important,
because when you are ready mentally to make the change, then things happen. The second is if you’re able to commit to at least twice a week. So, with anything, if
we’re coming twice a week, three times, four times a week, the more you come to our classes, the bigger the transformation
you’re gonna get. Now, I do wanna cover this: The atmosphere when you come in, it’s very supportive and that’s by design. I wanna make sure that
you feel comfortable when you come in these walls. We also teach Jiu-Jitsu self-defense here, and even in that class I want you to feel comfortable. This is the time for you to have fun, to make your transformations, and to meet positive people. Now, if you have any questions about our challenge, feel free to either message us on Facebook, or you can just text me personally at 401-954-3260. Now, if you’re watching this hopefully the early bird special is still going on,
where you can save money on our challenge. Now, I want to help
everybody but I can only help those who make a decision and act upon it. So if you’re ready to do this challenge, click below, join us in
our fitness challenge, and I look forward to
meeting you and then seeing all those transformations
over these six weeks.

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