Blueprint Health Studio Offers Personalized Training for All Levels of Physical Fitness

hello welcome to the Destin business forum brought to you by the Destin area chamber of commerce i'm your host Amy Perry and our guest today is mat Staver you are the owner and operator of blue print health studio correct yes alright for those few people that don't know what blueprint is tell us blueprint what we do is we do personalized programs so personalized wellness programs whether you're an adult with injuries a child family wants to come in together we do sport-specific training and we also do corporate wellness programs will go into various companies we actually work with sacred heart and we do the wellness program for them we run the athletic training program for Walton high school so we have athletic trainers added all the sporting events and everything else when you say sports specific if if somebody is baseball player and they just need a little help with something you're gonna get that extra edge looking to kind of I mean mainly it's kids who are looking to get scholarships we're looking to kind of elevate we work with a lot of local volleyball girls baseball football just kind of tweaking and kind of taking them to the next level getting them ready for you know recruiters I saw some of your equipment and it's amazing it really is I know that you trained a little girl who was really into gymnastics sky yes she's actually doing very well yeah well I'm actually thinking about another one that has moved out of the area but you trained her before she so far she moved yeah um okay I interrupted you all right you do corporate corporate program corporate wellness programs so what we'll do is we'll go in and we basically put a program together to I mean it's on the back end it's for insurance costs but it's also just building happy healthy workplace environments so basically in the healthcare field they're taking care of everybody else basically it's just a program to take care of them to build them to help them to you know from training to nutrition tips we have classes on site they're able to come to the studio or we just implement entire programs and we work them in the system tell me where you're located right now right now we're located in right now we're located on the public shopping center paradiski shopping center right across from the destin commons and we're right there everybody knows where the Cat Clinic is right around this right there next to the cat clinic all right and are you opening any other we are we actually have our 30 a location that will be open in january we're building that out right now and that's right there and like the Gulf View Heights shopping center right there by goat feathers and we are actually looking in niceville the middle of next year Wow so matt is it just you yes but we have I have trainers under us so we have about eight trainers that will either go out and work or come to the studios and we just kind of rotate everything around so it's not a studio where people come in it and it's open from like eight to eight it's very specialized do you have the thing with individualized an appointment now we work with everybody I mean we I mean I have two little girls so if people can't make it we completely understand we'll work with them a lot of our physicians or just people who are busy will always bring the kids with them and they'll just hang out swing on the TRX is that's what I loved when I was working out there I could bring my daughter and you actually gave her some some exercises to do but you know it's just nice to be able to have your you know exactly exactly and get your your workout in all right I know that you have are doing this race it's called for yes for 444 miles for four charities and it's going to be a Topsail state park on februari seventh and so what we're looking to do right now is we're going to have a 4-mile run and a 1 mile fun run they actually have like a one-mile course and we're going to go into top so we're going to kind of revamp it because they have like push up stations dip bars just fun little things and we're just going to have a good time with the mile run and then hopefully we're working with chance right now on doing like a wine tasting run we think it just like a little mile I mean like reliance off yeah with different little whine stops maybe maybe that should be a walk it is yeah it's it's a one-mile it's nobody's going to be running they're going to be stopped talking but for your 444 it's a run and run formal well no we're actually looking at incorporating that into it just because we really want to raise money for these charities and we want to kind of touch everything and this community is amazingly generous and so the things you know went wine women and shoes and everything else I mean it's just amazing so we're just looking at kind of put in that little last piece into it but regardless we're still going to have the run so okay okay I got you and if people want to walk they can de absolutely all right quiz what are the four charities that you're raising Sacred Heart Foundation Emerald Coast Autism Society the emerge foundation through them children in crisis and then shelter house all right oh really good really good charities and we talked about your new location why did your did your client base grow towards a 38 it is we actually have been blessed to where I have clients that will come to me from Panama City in Pensacola so they just kind of converge whenever they're in town or they try to get moving so we're looking at the 30 a because I trained so many of the families out there already so it's a little closer for them it is a lot closer for them all right hard question what made you want to get into this line of work I kind of fell into it so I played football in college and me and my wife ended up having a child young and it was just time to get moving so a guy in the gym approached me when they asked me if I wanted to get into it and said yes so had my dad was in it my whole life talk cardio kickboxing classes when I was 12 so it just kind of ended up being what we fell into and that's what I went to school for so it was health service administration and sports training it all worked out so it's a natural fit yeah all right second hardest question or maybe this is the hardest question of the interview holidays are coming up I bet you a lot of people show up january 1st 2nd somewhere around the new year with a new resolution I'm going to get in shape this year lose that five pounds or whatever but is there something that they can do during the holidays because we're in that season at that time do during the holidays to to give themselves a better chance of success when they do show up portion control and just trying to get moving whether it be walking outside going on a little longer walks trying to do some body weight stuff push-ups lunges just to keep continually moving just don't get too sedentary during those couple weeks so especially if you've been doing things before because it'll just make it that much harder to get into it but still enjoy it I mean it's the holidays you have to have fun you have to have a good time it's just controlling the portions more than anything gotcha controlling the portions so you can't have a little bit of sweets no just control that's why they control so just like a piece of the pie instead of the whole pie over the next two days and you're not talking specifically to me right no that's all you met all right I think I've covered everything I want to cover have I missed anything no that's perfect all right well you're gonna come back right yes all right thanks thank you we'll be back me

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