Blueberry porridge by chef Lee. Healthy eating full of nutrients.

hello and thank you welcome for tuning in whether you are tuned in well you're on startup to you today's lesson as you can see below me go to make blue B porridge okay all right so I've got blueberries I've got a blue bowl even more a blue shirt and a pair of blue jeans and we're going to go rather blue okay hunch oxygen-rich said one says well I'm carrots onions celery out fennel our garlic out ginger so long as eating a healthy balanced diet I'm sure they're all superfoods okay you need a bit of look in your life to live a good life as well as good diet so I'll down to look to I'm probably not too much bacon your day okay so I've got 50 grams of oats okay 180 mils of water I've got 150 grams the blue booze okay all the way later and there is recipe dead simple doesn't take long on the car so you pop it in cinema as well it's entirely up to you okay just move them up tray my oats blueberries I'm going to neon alright haven't got you know a big flame I'm just going to go out to the mall now okay I've got a spatula okay reminding default because well our little twist on this is rather than do some caramelized bananas on top which is optional and the only sugar on this dish will be on that caramelized banana okay welcome to a nice sauce cinnamon boilin what's going to happen here those blueberries are going to pop and release that beautiful color okay you can do it with raspberries as well and when elder flower elder bows in season I go out picking them up Larry's wife shoe and put them down on a boil up as a Jew so strain it off and have a beautiful elderberry juice okay and then I put that into my porridge same thing so we replace the walls with the juice all right okay if you had pineapple juice you can do the same so in the Philippines or Egypt or Australia wherever you are watching you could do we were different for as long as God juice just replace our water to juice and that'd be fun it's okay I'll show you quite a few different things to do with porridge slow slow of releasing energy it's cheap okay we got a packet here from booze or to show you 70 P all right salt in it as well slowly different things you can do all right so let's move to the ball now just gently okay all right little bit of water on the way just sort of loosen a bit okay again you don't want like really thick porridge huh let me take five or six minutes so okay while serving that nice blue ball so I do some caramelized bananas on the top all right you've in the gym working out and you want something healthy this is a really good idea okay so get up Ireland all right while that's coming to the boil I sure have to count why the bones okay cooking away I'm just going to cut that in half okay probably right now with that late you can turn down a little bit just keeps doing it thank alright just get you higher net don't walk away and go and do some OOP touch more water just keep out in check in all right and the Philippines you can put some mango innocent tonight they've got beautiful mangoes over there I've been there many times and I've cooked this over there follow and they love pirates you look like Miss sending the Box to them as well all right so Caroline's behind it just call them two little pieces like that all right come yourself some icing sugar balls going to do just just a little bit over there okay I'm not banana yeah see you then thank you still enough porridge all right see now the bloob is just starting to release all right starting to soft we start calling them and I'm just a bit more water okay say key I in it my son loves this a cookie for him koala just don't sugar in there only sugar now is from the blue biz and you got a really beautiful taste okay all right so I'm gone so I've got meself my blowtorch okay you're alive watch I'll do it for the camera we got a flame get those the stir started to release that Colin out quickly this time Isis banana ouch try again welcome to caramelize beautiful Cornell no banana splashmore Walter okay Scouty mortis doing it yeah look out now those believers are starting to release that color you see mine okay keep going keep pushing me switch him down as well as you're doing it all right some colors all the banana again lights are driven the top there's no new blowtorch as well so now the beautiful golden color was gonna sit on the top of the para girar in finish just keep stirring now take it on a bit of pulling down and the ball aquel because I know if I'm in T with s [Applause] too much barley we just got you just cut a notch okay look at us taking that corn now isn't it just popping oh now what a few more bloop is in and get a bit more College depends on anyone really bored what I'm doing now is we turn the heat down see now it's taking on that course it's very beautiful you wouldn't think our city fathers like this work leave it okay it's like this octo don't leave you here okay toggle you don't get distracted by a Jeremy trial oh he has more gonna something like that just stay with it okay let's get bluer all the time right kettles on bonanza done nearly there hats a little taste it's important to taste as well you know but if you want as an optional thing have to capful Ribena in there okay look at that color beautiful that's optional okay it's not a lot of sugar don't get a good stir I looked it up calling out see that color come in beautiful don't beautiful yeah and that's ready now pop in all the boo-boos you can set a few blue goes on the top as well alright that's gonna probably see about two people okay all right just all right it's good color what believe is you're putting them all color again you can use raspberries gooseberries you know black currants just get me from there ho-jon it's done yeah that's done okay just keep popping on through this before max to put them look it up not gonna color right now turn off the heat a little taste cattle just coming to the boil beautiful okay Boal yourself a nice mint tea at the same time report it now I'm from a Middle East okay Middle Eastern yeah nice mint – okay let's do that lyric porridge okay in that bowl and that blue ball yeah look at that look at the color that the cause blue breeze and that is all you need that is you know okay not too much that's gonna say it for the day okay alright lift that up I've gotta call that absolutely beautiful okay just put that down you can't eat it like that you pull up it sit in mind as well turn it to you I'm just gonna sit couple oils caramelize Diana's on top and just look at that beautiful mature philippi porridge with caramelized bananas healthy breakfast very little fat perhaps too delicious okay I'll just put on my plate the recipe with the camera move over the place okay just move it away that we've got let me pose your Karma's bananas lovely lovely cup of mint tea okay for really healthy breakfast okay and thank you for watching tune in and I'll enjoy doing into the video soon okay beautiful thank you very much

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