Blowing Smoke w/ Wind and Wrenches

and your fours what's up YouTube wind and wrenches here we are starting to shoot a new segment called blowing smoke with wind and wrenches it's pretty much just to let you guys get to know us a little bit better we're gonna have different subjects every video we're gonna try to put out one video a week depending on schedules we'll see how it goes no not yet we're still trying to figure all this out yeah so we'll have different subjects every video and this is in addition to the moto vlogs and the how-to videos that we have so once a week oh is what we're shooting for we'll see different subjects we're gonna talk about and tonight's subject for the very first blowin smoke with Wynton wrenches is how we got into writing so Mike how'd you get into writing so my story is pretty mobile as with everyone's they usually gets it right yeah I mean most guys have been running for a while I've been on and off bikes mostly riding bikes since I was six then as soon as I was getting older started riding a little bigger bikes and moving up from there my dad had a old 650 Yamaha Suzuki I forget what it was but that thing was a beast I wasn't scared of it but I'd be respected I didn't take it out the first year I mean it was it was a monster of a bike and they would get it but I rode that around and I think that's when I officially fell in love and knew I couldn't not own a bike considering money and stuff but moving on from their jump a few years when I was 17 ish 18 ish bought my first my first official bike was a barn fine from back home in Indiana cost me a hundred bucks was a old 75 Kawasaki 175 enduro Darrow being street their bike had everything on it it's all still original is this brown mouse Brown as the Seaguar color factory paint they came from the factory but picked up 400 bucks take it back put $10 into it for a new spark plug in fuel line put fuel in it started right up painted that end of this word cosmetic work I've got a painted candy apple green and rode that around for a while and then front of the guy on Craigslist I think it was I wanted to trade his bike for a dirt bike and I had their bike their bike went hit him up whenever I checked out his bike he had a 78 suzuki gs500 wasn't running at the time everything was there I knew I could get a run in because by this time I knew a little bit about bikes that's means pretty much all the videos that I watched on YouTube or videos period or bike videos and how-to videos but I knew I could get it running so we did all the paperwork to the less stuff end up training straight up for a 75 Kawasaki for a 78 Suzuki 550 took it back the guy had the spark plugs in the wrong water so he had it in the firing sequence of like 2 1 for 3 with hey the spark plugs switched around so putting these spark plugs in it clean up the fuel tank put the spark plug wires back in firing sequence start it right up redid that if you haven't seen that bike it's on our Instagram page go check it out what was their name excuse me that was Susie Susie the Suzuki yeah that's okay I just said if you haven't seen her go check out Ernest you're gonna pay it she's beautiful that's that's my baby that bikes maybe worth I mean I put way more money into it then it's worth but uh it's maybe worth like six hundred bucks six seven our bucks but I've had a couple offers on it and the guy offered me like 1,200 bucks and I thought he might only take ten grand and he kind of turned yeah quick but that's that's my baby after that join the Navy get my hair to San Diego and waited four years four whole years so I was able to get another bike which is scarlet after getting scarlet had her for about a year or so ended up getting in touch with a couple guys and Jordan in a club plan on doing a separate video over the club later and go into more detail and stuff about the club to Veterans Club right no I'd say yeah I mean veterans I mean it's a military motorcycle club so all active-duty retired military and were slotted for people who support us so honor honorary members nice but uh yeah that'll be I'll do a whole separate video over that later on about the club stuff and go from there have a have you had many memorable crashes since you've been riding let's see knock on wood what was your first crash on a bike dirt bike street bike what was your first crash that you remember a good one oh really so I had a actually my nephew's had it now I had a I've had many many bikes small bikes mini bikes up to this is the biggest bike I've had so far my nephew's have it now they actually blew the motor up in it it's a 78 Kawasaki ke 178 75 anyways the K 100 a little tiny mini dirt bike that I renamed them I renamed with a sharpie the Harley killer if I can find pictures of it I'll post pictures of it on the Instagram but that's gonna be tough because those pictures are kind of old they're probably it's close to 10 years old now but then I put a custom oil tank comment I took it all nice bottle when NAS even knives used to come in like an actual like look like it nods like the nods energy kind of like an oz bottle it looked like an aqua oh yeah yeah I took the factory old tank off of it and put that nice bottle on there to make it look like a head nice this is this back rajion house it's like I say young but yeah something mess around on it I just rattle kandan black flat black ro Harley killer on it with the sharpie it was so much fun you get my nephews they blew up blue it's like a hundred dollars not even a hundred bucks to rebuild the whole ground up you rebuild the whole bike parts are so cheap for it Oh tangent with a crash part right around my yard one day he's trying to pop wheelies and pastor Willie and the bike came up I went this way and the bike went this way and I just kind of fell off of it that's my only crash I've had so far knock on wood but I don't get any worse of a crash but that is my story of bikes what about you Craig what do you do your bikes your first bike so I can't remember a time that I didn't love motorcycles my dad used to ride motocross and he'd always show me pictures and talk about it so that's that's what sparked my interest and then I think when I was in seventh grade my stepdad came into the picture and he grew up riding motorcycles dirt bike street bikes everything and he actually got me my first bike which was a I don't remember the exact year but it was I want to say late 70s could be wrong but it was the 70s XR 80 little Honda we got it from one of his friends thing barely ran we we fix it up enough to get it to run didn't have a seat I had to roll up a towel and duct tape it to the frame that was my seat you get what works right as well as make it work it was a blue and white beach towel that was my seat yo yeah I do he taught me how to ride in our backyard which it wasn't that big big enough from there I I fell in love with writing I wanted to ride any time I could got a bunch of different dirt bike started racing motocross had a little KX 80 and then I got a KX 80 big will which I felt pretty cool cuz my kid said he was just a little bit taller than all the other ones from there went up to 125 to 50s my very first three bike I bought when I was 18 my did my dad had to co-sign for me but it was a brand new right off the showroom floor ZX 636 ninja 2006 that was my first tree bike that thing was fun I got into a lot of trouble on that bike but I loved it had that for a few years and then when I joined the military since I was gonna be leaving I sold it which was one of the saddest things I remember watching the guy that bought it drive away with it on his trailer and I wanted to cry that thing was my baby that was in 2009 I think yeah so I mean I still had some dirt bikes between then but it wasn't until about two years ago that I came upon my bike right now Anabelle I love her I love her so much yeah she's a she's my gal now you see more pictures her on Instagram yeah our Instagram page has pictures of both the bikes better that's where I'm at right now I'm also I have my eye out for an probably late 70s 78 79 Yamaha XS 650 all I want is the frame in the motor anything else I don't it's it's a project bike I'm gonna Bob it out but yeah that's where I'm at right now any crashes or you have any crashes I had a few so my very first crash was with the XR 80 I was riding laps in my backyard and we had this big tree in the backyard that had this stupid rope swing on it that my sister wanted and I was doing laps and I got a little bit too close to that rope hanging from the tree and I got snagged on the on the handlebar so as soon as I was going to make the turn around the tree and the thing just yanked and kind of like he said the bike went this way I flew off that way that was my very first crash I'll never forget it pretty much ripped the clutch right off it was just hanging by the butt a fucking by the wires so that was the first crash and probably the worst one I had I went down on the the ninja once on my own fault but uh the worst crash I had is when I lived in Phoenix I was riding to school and I was at a stoplight and I guess this dude in this uh f-150 wasn't paying attention and just smashed into the back of me I flew off I hit the car in front of me and dented their trunk with my helmet thank God I was wearing a helmet knocked me out screwed my knee up pretty bad bruised ribs bruised back all that good stuff ended up getting my bike back it wasn't totaled because about this much of the back end of my bike was in the dudes grill so my bike never fell over so the damage was the back end it came out just to under the price of totaling it so got a brand new back end on that bike got it back and had a few more years with it before I sold it but that was probably the worst crash I had it definitely made me a better writer I'm constantly looking out for other drivers now and bikes and bikes bikes you know always looking out to see what these people are gonna do it was safe nonprofit back home plug yes so I mean that's kind of my story and how I got into bikes and riding there it is there's our stories how we how we both got started if you have a similar story you like on the video let us know yeah coming bikes why do you love riding why you love motorcycles let us know show some love also we are doing a giveaway on Instagram our Instagram is wind and wrenches all the information is on our Instagram it's one of those like follow these pages tag a friend I think we're giving away a pretty cool prize to the winner we were actually able to partner with a couple a couple of really cool companies one of them being close Kairos cigars which is what were smoking right now how's that loss Kairos all those titles those kaitos those ki toes what does that mean Mike the fallen the fall is the fallen so what did what he does is he owns the company and he actually got to meet the guy meet the owner and CEO what he does is for every cigar that he sells for every cigar they sells a dollar goes towards the foundation for either Fallen Firefighters which is read if you buy the red ones or fallen law enforcement police officers if you buy the blue ones they're both the same cigar but just depends which charity that you want to give to so likes like you said all the information is down will be down in the description in this page or on this video and in our last video and on the Instagram page where they the giveaway is taking place also the other partner that we have is accent coffee roasters awesome guy he is a veteran of the Marine Corps makes got out of the Marine Corps recent retired gonna Marine Corps and started making coffee amazing coffee love is coffee we all personally tried it and it is probably the best cop I even messaged him and told him that it was the best coffee I've ever had it was so good it's so good but support him I said isn't for me she'll also be down in description in the last video and on Instagram for the giveaways taking place all right informations everywhere yeah so give this video a like subscribe thank you to the 37 are 37 faithful subscribers 37 yeah we're growing slowly its it's slow client but show some love we're also we're also gonna have a few more videos coming out we do the Moto vlog we also do some how to's so if any of you guys like working on your bike is doing your own your own things without taking it to the mechanics or shop and paying an arm and leg everything we do to our bikes any upgrades any changes we film it we're not mechanics we we know a little bit about bikes so we kind of just learn as we go and we make it work we have we already have a few how-to videos on things that we've done to scarlet and Annabelle and yeah check those out we also have a couple more projects coming up for both bikes so be on the lookout for those what else is that it cigars coffee how-to videos blogs like subscribe like like scrap wood down in the corner I think it's this corner it's not that corner it's this corner again the giveaway we're doing the deadline is May 14 May 14 so we're easy steps for something free yeah free stuff come on we're covering the shipping you don't have to pay shipping either it's literally free four easy steps subscribe to us follow us on YouTube follow exit Coffee Roasters and follow those tiny little stars like and comment like comment there's a hole and it's four easy steps and you get something free that's all you gotta do it's all on our Instagram page wind and wrenches on Instagram so please check that out I also put it down here I'll put it down here and the description to it can't get any easier okay freestyle you free stuff hey so thank you for watching thanks for watching like comment subscribe betta like on all the social media stuff Instagram and don't forget keep the shiny side up

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  1. The making of a very good video vlog, Blowing Smoke. How did you get into Cigars?

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