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The movement of breath The simple action of life that moment that we never think about but it is always there Fuelling us with the simple energy of existence As you step on the mat today I I want you to pause Welcome the energy the prana into your being And as you exhale Remind yourself to never forget that beautiful energy that continues to lie within you breathe within a moment of stillness That is the intention of today’s yoga practice So if you’re ready to get started Grab your mat and join me All right friends, we’re gonna get started today seated at the back of your mat Go ahead and bring your knees together Bring the arms behind your back and interlace the fingers as you extend the elbows look up towards the sky Taking a deep breath in here opening the chest opening the heart Inhale And then as you exhale You’re going to release the chest to your knees as you come down into your child’s pose reaching both arms up towards the sky Really feeling that stretch through the shoulders Deep breath in inhale and a long exhale out Great job. Let’s come back up to seated one more time opening the chest looking up towards the sky Opening up your heart releasing the fingers go ahead and reach the arms up to the sky and Then as you exhale release the hands to the mat as you roll through into all fours position tuck your toes underneath And then go ahead and lift yourself up into your downward facing dog now feel free to stay here with your knees bent or if you start to feel those hamstrings letting go Extend those legs as far as you can Taking a moment here to really focus on Welcoming oxygen into our bodies with each exhalation allowing the heels to release a little bit closer towards the floor Staying here with your breath bring your feet together on your next exhalation gonna round through each of it above your spine coming into plank and then Slowly bring yourself back into your downward dog So recreating the movement of a wave as you come forward into plank and release it back for two exhale come forward Inhale release it back into your downward dog one more time exhale come forward and Release it back into your downward facing dog From here round forward into your plank now taking a chaturanga push-ups as you reach one foot off the floor back to your plank there foot back to plank one more time lift the foot come down and push your way up starting to warm up the body and plank now chaturanga dandasana to the floor Hale opening into your upward facing dog opening the chest and the heart and As you exhale you want to push your way up and release into your downward facing dog Great job. Take another deep breath in now as you exhale You’re going to take your right hand and reach to the outside of your left knee or your calf Muscle or all the way to the ankle if possible Once you’ve got a grip start to slightly twist your body looking up towards the sky Really feeling this release through the hamstring here Welcoming a gentle spinal twist deep breath in Beautiful job exhale oh and again deep breath in fill those lungs with oxygen and Exhale releasing the hand and going right into the other side So now your left hand reaches for the outside of your right knee cap or all the way down to the ankle Once you can hold on to that leg begin to look up towards the sky into that twist Making sure that your hips are staying square. So we’re just twisting from the belly button here Your other hand is staying grounded on the mat feeling supported Grounded inhale Rachad now as you exhale Let’s release the hand back over to your downward facing dog Awesome now round through into your plank. Let’s take another flow chaturanga to the floor inhale upward facing dog Open it out and exhale downward facing dog. Awesome job Let’s take another inhale on your exhalation hop forward towards the top of your mat with your both feet Inhale and then exhale taking your standing forward fold Folding from the hips allowing your head to rest here. Let everything be loose in the upper body. Just Taking a deep breath in here And as you exhale begin to roll yourself up nice and slow one vertebra at a time to your standing position Inhale reaching both arms up to the sky Exhale hands to heart and again inhale reaching the arms up to the sky fill those lungs with oxygen exhale samasthiti beautiful Reaching both arms now up to the skies. You release into your chair posture sitting nice and low your feet and your knees are together Pulling the navel into the spine hold it you’re reaching both arms up Getting as low as you can with those hips and then releasing yourself down inhale halfway up exhale from here You’re gonna step your right foot all the way back into your lunge position Arms are reaching up to the sky high lunge square off the hips square off the shoulders Let’s take another inhale. Now as you release the arms, you’re gonna reach like you’re trying to grab something in front of you and Exhale let go with the arms reaching forward getting the body involved with this movement moving the upper body in a fluid motion just like water and again reach it forward and As you exhale open the arms Reach it forward up to the sky high lunge Give yourself an opportunity to connect with your breath with your body Feeling strong and grounded as you hold this position Bring the palms of your hands together. Now. Your right elbow is going to reach over to that left knee spinal twist twisted lunge Stay here keeping your gaze down if that’s easier for you to keep your balance Pressing one hand into the other so really having lots of power in Connection through the hands if you’d like to take it one step further you can extend the arms And hold it here Releasing one hand all the way down to the mat if that’s within your practice If not, just stay there with your palms together Focusing on bringing the gaze slowly up towards the sky Finding that breath that’s stillness in this posture simply focusing on the inhalation and the exhalation Beautiful release the gaze back down onto your mat Palms together and then from here simply drop the back knee to the floor low lunge We’re going to release the right hand to the floor and that left arm is gonna reach towards the back But now see we can grab your toes and then slowly begin to pull that heel towards your glute So this is a wonderful way to release any tension out of that quadricep Breathing deeply here and with each exhalation adding a little bit of pressure Finding that position what works for you wherever that may be and Staying there and breathing through it feeling the incredible benefits coming into your body through this posture Deep breath in exhale Out Just stay with the breath as you begin to feel the muscle letting go add a little bit more pressure Rachad another inhale Exhale release the foot and then slowly the left arm reaches up to the sky Look up towards the sky and then slowly lift Your body left arm comes to the back of your leg as the right arm reaches up to the sky So staying in this gentle twist at high lunge Binding that breath Focusing on this simple movement the inhalation and exhalation within you Wonderful both arms reaching up to the sky now holding that high lunge As you exhale release the hands to the floor stepping back into plank or chaturanga push-ups for four and three Push it up last one for a chav chaturanga dandasana to the floor Opening into your upward facing dog open up the chest Exhale downward facing dog beautiful job. Take another inhale on your exhalation, we’re gonna bend the knees hop forward between your two hands and coming up halfway exhale forward fold Right, bring that forehead down to the knees and then slowly begin to roll yourself up to standing Inhale reaching the arms up exhale hands in prayer and Let’s do that again finding that Center through your body as you reach the arms up to the sky filling the lungs with oxygen Exhale bring that energy down to your heart Just taking another breath and then reaching the arms up into your earth cat asana chair posture arms up hips down Heels together knees together see how low you can go with the hips deep breath in Beautiful exhale slowly you’re going to release the hands to the floor extend the legs inhale halfway Exhale this time your other foot steps back your left foot and then once you’re ready We’re reaching both arms up to the sky into your high lunge Taking a moment here to find your Center Binding your focus squaring off the hips and the shoulders continuing to reach the arms up to the sky Well done now, let’s release the arms on your inhale. You’re gonna reach forward Exhale open the chest release the arms. Let’s reach forward for two and open moving with the body here and open see how far you can get that chest to your knee and Then opening the heart center up to the sky and again reach it forward breathe it out here Let’s hold this high lunge now inhale Reaching tall with those arms and then bringing the palms of your hands together Taking your left elbow towards the right knee Right elbow is pointing up to the sky as you take your twist at high lunge Again, feel free to keep your gaze down to help you with your balance If your offer the challenge begin to look up towards the sky Twisting from the bellybutton and your hips are exactly where they were before in that high lunge posture if You like to take it up to the next level extend both arms The bottom hand is grounded on the floor as the other arm reaches up to the sky Stacking the shoulders Visualizing both of your arms creating one beautiful straight line here deep breath in into your notes Exhale let it all go let go of all that no longer serves you let that energy go just breathe stay in the moment Let’s bring the gaze down to the floor hands together Drop that back knee to the mat And then release the hand next to your front foot as you reach the top arm all the way to the back Grabbing that ankle and now with each exhalation working towards getting that heel as close to the glute as possible Depending on how tight your quadricep is There will be a moment where you just need to pause and hold Whether that is with the heel almost touching the glute or far away from your body you are Exactly where you need to be remember that just breathe deeply and with each exhalation Allow your body to surrender and to let go into this posture With time and with patience, you will be able to go a little bit deeper and deeper Just keep breathing inhale Exhale Right now let’s let go of the foot reach that top arm up to the sky lift your body by lifting the back knee off the floor and Then slowly windmill those arms up into that gentle twisted high lunge So that right arm is reaching towards the back of your leg as the left arm reaches up to the sky Hold here for another moment for another breath Giving yourself that opportunity to connect deeper into the body inhale and Now exhale reaching both arms up to the sky Inhale exhale Let’s release the arms step back into that plank position and give me chaturanga push-ups and one and Two get nice and low to the floor now chaturanga. Dandasana inhale opening into that upward facing dog drop those shoulders away from the ears and Exhale releasing into that downward facing dog Taking a moment to connect with your breath one more time inhale exhale Hop forward and land on to your butt Awesome now releasing the feet and the arms in front of you holding the bow posture engaging our core now Again coming back to that breath constantly focusing on the inhalation and the exhalation Allowing the mind to stay present throughout your practice Reminding yourself that you are here present hold it here inhale Drop those shoulders away from the ears elongate the neck or almost done keep breathing keep holding And then releasing crossing now left foot over your right knee Arms up and then from your right elbow over to that left knee into our seated spinal twist Making sure that the other arm is right next to your body. So the wrist of your hand is touching your lower back Breathing deeply as you twist from the belly button Feel free to close your eyes here and just bring that awareness inward Inhale and Exhale and Again deep breath being inhale Exhale that’s a release Center and all we’re gonna do is just switch legs You’re gonna release and uncross and cross the other leg over Sitting up nice and straight left arm reaches up left elbow to the right knee Right arm reaches up and then slide that arms. So it’s right next to your lower back Twisting from the belly button as you look over that right shoulder Keeping your eyes closed if you like just breathing deeply As you continue to gently push yourself a little bit deeper into that twist This is a wonderful posture to keep your back and your spine super healthy, so just breathe through it Finding that position that’s comfortable for you and staying there for a moment Wonderful now bring your gaze forward Releasing the arm and then from here just on crossing the legs bring the feet flat onto the mat for reaching the arms forward inhale and As you exhale begin to release one vertebra at a time as you come down into our final posture shavasana corpse pose At this time welcoming complete relaxation into your body Palms of your hands are facing up to the sky. The feet are gently open your Eyes are closed. Your body is completely relaxed on the floor As you breathe in and out send intention to completely surrender your body to event Making a decision to let go at this time Let go of your body Let go of your mind Letting go of any worries Anything that may have caused you any stress With each exhalation as you allow your body to melt away Let that energy melt away with it Staying present with only your breath as you inhale and exhale Relaxing your face relaxing your shoulders Your arms Your upper body your lower body Your feet your hands Surrender let go Feel the energy your prana running through your body Feeling this wonderful positive energy that you brought into yourself for this practice Healing you from the inside out Inhale, let it go as you exhale Now let’s begin to bring awareness back to the body Getting to move your fingers and your toes and then reaching both arms up to the skies. Give yourself a big stretch here Bending the knees rolling over to one side And then coming up to your seated position on your mat with your feet crossed in front of you By just releasing the arms down. Let’s take a moment to just breathe connecting with that breath one last time Inhale, let’s reach both arms up to the sky Moms together and exhale bring the hands down to the heart and one more time Big breath in bringing all that positive energy up over top of you Holding that energy between your two hands and then bring that energy down to your third-eye and then down to your heart Thank you so much for joining us in beautiful Hawaii. I Send you love and light and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day namaste Thanks so much for watching If you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more Yoga videos like this and of course follow us on social media like Instagram and Facebook Thanks again. We’ll see you soon


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