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oh hey it's me blippi and this is Sheila hey Sheila she's a farm dog whoa and look at what I have this is my lunch I have a tasty apple whoo some strawberries bananas a sandwich with tomatoes on it oh and even farm fresh eggs Wow have you ever wondered how this food gets to your plate I have to so today we are at laughing goat flour farming in enumclaw Washington this is gonna be so much fun whoo Sheila look at these plants whoa these are strawberries and blueberries have you ever had a strawberry or blueberry yeah yeah so tasty whoo and look at these hmm pretty interesting looking huh this plant yeah this is another fruit or a vegetable yeah this one's a vegetable and this vegetable is called garlic I love garlic it makes my food taste so good so garlic is actually a bulb right down there but it's not ready to be harvested yet but up here you can harvest the tops and it's also tasty I'll show you how to do that so I'm gonna take these really sharp scissors so I'm gonna be very careful and I'm gonna snip it right there this is what it looks like whoa one great thing about this farm is that all the food and the flowers are organically grown this is gonna be so tasty all right I think that's good enough let's count them all right we have one two and three Wow three pieces of garlic top YUM whoo these are called snap peas mmm and they're so yummy hmm I think you and I should plant some snap peas okay so to plant some plants some plants you need a shovel where you dig a hole in a better soil just like this and put a seed right in the hole fill up the hole put some water on it and then after a lot of Sun in some more water and a lot of love it'll grow into a tasty plant all right but the curse snap peas all you have to do is put one of these plants in a box right on top of the soil and push it down right about there perfect then you take another one and push it down let's do a few more together all right this is really fun work Adam C let's count them one two three four all right 4 minus 1 is 3 oh all right let's put the rest of these down inside the soil there we go okay so we have a bunch right in a line right here so let's move the rest of that those let's take the water and let's give them some more oh wow alright then in a while these are gonna grow in really big plants and then they'll grow these on them and then you can eat them like this wait a second I think there's some big ones over there come on all right so the snap piece that we just planted in seed form after two months are gonna grow to look like this look see the plant has notes and then those notes grow the snap peas off of them look you have a lot of snap peas off this one plant have you ever tried a snap pea maybe you should they're really good okay all right time for some more food come check this out mmm these are strawberry bushes you look down here these are strawberries really red strawberries let's pull it off YUM wow that was tasty oh I love strawberry bushes and here's some blueberries but they're not quite ripe yet see these yeah they'll be blue when they're nice and ripe and then you can eat them whoa now we're in the chicken coop hey chickens look these are some tasty treats for the chickens they love to eat these tasty treats so then they'll a lots of eggs I love eggs this of course all right here you go chickens here you go Oh YUM they love these tasty treats just like how I love fruits and vegetables these chickens love this stuff I don't know what it is though no all right all right there you go from there you can spread the rest around there you go and now I'll pick one up so I can pet it oh I have a chicken and they love to be pet on their head see hey chicken I'm gonna see the chicken oh so cute their neck oh so relaxed so cute hey chicken chicken up hey chicken chicken see oh it's okay it's okay girl see the chickens live in this coop and they love to eat food just like me and you so then they can lay their eggs so then you and I can eat them they're so nice all right here you go bye bye have a good day time to pet another chicken first we gotta catch one so now in this room this is where the chickens lay their eggs oh I see them down there yeah they're laying eggs and if you look right here there's a couple eggs ready for us to grab look right down there 1a two eggs YUM hey Biggs another fun thing about this farm is they have farm pets too just like these goats Wow and there's some pigs back here all right hey down all right so let's give them some treats all right let's see sorry here's let's see okay let's set some of this stuff down I'm gonna set that down all right who wants some banana whoa yo all right would you like some banana oh there you go ooh you know a banana peel part that you and I don't like they love it check it out you want it um ooh would you like some banana YUM enjoy would you like some banana okay there you go okay hey this one hasn't got any hey would you like a treat hey hey would you like a treat good down you go hey Pig hey Pig there you go oh alright there you go alright well there's some peel 40 up take down put down all right here you go you two can share but the sharing is really good oh here's some more treats over here look animal crackers all right here want some crackers here you go here see it's an animal but it's a cracker here you go eight down put down you see what I'm doing I'm using this brush to give them nice back scratch there you go Hey ooh does that feel good yeah have you ever gotten a back massage or a back scratch yeah this probably feels just like that right Pig the skid hey would you like to get brushed yeah there you go go yeah does that feel good it's kind of like a bath but without water and it doesn't clean you it just feels really good I like taking baths and showers nice and clean rubbing a brush on my skin okay here you go let's get you right there come check out this pigs hair whoa it's really coarse and really thick wow it's really thick hey Pig there you oh yeah does that feel good I bet there you go yeah see I'm brushing this pig this pig is really big whoa can I give you a hug [Applause] does that feel good yeah it feels real good you like your horns brush huh yeah here you go you're a nice guy whoa and do you see his eyes look look at his eyes yeah do you see the black pupil yeah that black part is called the pupil and it's sideways so then from there the goat can see all around itself Wow ha ha there you go buddy all right have a good day bye whoa what's in here wow this is a growing room growing rooms are kind of like greenhouses they keep a little bit more heat inside than outside right Sheila all right let's go explore oh look at what it is it's a green hose whoa oh hey look at what's on the end of the hose oh so watering is picking what does it do Wow fish sprays water let's water the plants there you go there you go yeah plants love to drink water just like you and I do all right wow this is so much fun growing plants because I love to eat food afterwards speaking of food look way down there oh look it's a plum tomato whoa it looks so tasty shall we eat it Oh YUM YUM whoa another fun thing to do laughing go flower farm is to make up okay come on whoa look at here some more plants all right so these plants you don't eat these plants you make a beautiful beautiful bouquet with all right here we go let's take our snips all right where to go how about right there all right okay that's real pretty so how you make a bouquet as you start with the base flower like this well actually you start with a face plant and then you add the beautiful colorful flowers but this plant right here yeah it's fuzzy and it kind of looks like the color white oh yeah normally plants are the color green well sometimes really depends on the plant but this one is pretty white looking all right let's cut some more shall we there we go alright and some more whoa look at all of them they're so beautiful all right what else do we need we got a nice base we need some color [Applause] look at these colorful flowers yeah they're the color yellow these will look beautiful in the bouquet all right whoa so interesting looking okay let's put that right there all right one will do all righty let's find some more flowers Oh another growing room and more flowers perfect just what we're after all right look at this one huh all right let's pull it up whoo it's kinda late yeah it also has a little bit of green and a little bit of yellow yeah and it makes that color alright let's put it right there perfect take out our scissors gotta be careful okay whoa that was the color white right there whoa look at this one yeah this color is the color pink Wow so beautiful ah it smells so fresh and one more over here whoa whoa look at that color oh it's a really deep deep dark purple oh that will look beautiful in the bouquet let's put it right there all right let's go find some more flowers there's some more beautiful flowers for a bouquet alright let's take our scissors very careful this one looks perfect actually this one looks perfect see the color it's the color light pink alright it felt my snippers back there alright ah so beautiful alright put it right there whoa look at it now and it smells even more beautiful okay whoo some more flowers all right this one looks ready and this one is dark pink Wow all right let's take the scissors give it a snip give it a smell mmm so fresh all right here we go put it right there wow that's a big flower oh it's so colorful oh I see some more over there more beautiful flowers for our bouquet all right let's cut some flowers together all right whoo see this flower this flower is the color light blue Wow beautiful all right let's put it in here all right perfect all right let's cut some more here we go all right look we have some more to place in here uh uh about one right there about one right here then we have two more one do let's put one right there perfect and let's put the last one right next to this big one hmm all right there we go perfect so beautiful oh look more blue flowers all right let me snip some of these huh these are the color blue as well but remember the last flowers they were light blue but these flowers are dark blue let's put them in the bouquet right here we go about one right there about one over here one let's see right there looks beautiful and one right thing what a beautiful bouquet let's go get some more flowers whoo some more flowers whoo interesting see this flower it's not fully blossomed yet huh yeah oh there's different stages of blossoming flowers look down here see if this one hasn't even opened yet it's still a baby whoo you see this it's trying to peek out it's like but then it opens a little bit up a little bit more and then goes to a little bit more yeah and then it was even more Wow and then after that goes in speaking of that there's some down here let's go oh look at these Wow that's come on oh this is a new color do you see it yeah this color is the color red alright let's add it to the bouquet let's put this one right in the very very center whoa look at that it is so beautiful I know what I'm gonna do with these flowers I'm gonna surprise my mom if you cut flowers you can do the same well this is the end of this video but if you want to watch more of my videos all you have to do is search for my name will you spell my name with me be Li PPI whoopee good job alright bye bye love you mom hey grown ups if your child loves my videos you can head to blippi calm for some super duper duper cool things

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