Blasting INAPPROPRIATE Songs in the Gym PRANK Reaction

what's up family is your guy rich and welcome back to the channel it'll become an exit today what another one from love lives served man we have blasting inappropriate songs in the gym so we're gonna be checking out today make sure you guys like share comment and subscribe if you are new also make sure you guys go and follow us on social media links to all of our social media accounts will be in the description box below but without further ado let's go let's have a good laugh man I'm sure it's gonna be hilarious like this chick can't even hold it in with the code you can see this dude's expression on his face change immediately first it was funny he was like well what the fuck check out my bad notes take a lot taking about taking about take a lot but not even trying to hide it though like they just they just grabbing a phone and just playing it ain't even like they have gamo bitch put the dick Loong – 6 mountain come town suck his dick now eat his butt buzz back out lick ass back down yes I eat shoes like wait is he really playing that's it oh I forgot my I left my headphones in my place all I just have I brought my speaker this is Wow bro is wow he's going to town Oh beats off cuz it she's not even saying busted to brush she'll a fucking song is this we said I wrote it till I took her shit no fuck oh hold of time nobody freak bitch you don't want me thinking nobody oh yeah music is it okay if I keep playing it I'm just I got a few more sets today Thanks he's helping a basal medical wing is open coming all down everyone I kid that cuz he paused it as soon as he started planning he left again yo oh man hey listen ma'am hope y'all had a good ass laugh at all I hope y'all had hope that brighten your day a little bit yeah I'm saying that's why I like checking out videos like this man you know get a good laugh and get a good smiling you know some good juju flowing you know so I hope that brighten your day a little bit hope you got a good laugh out of that I know I sure as hell did because the help was fucking hilarious bro these songs from there like are you making them just a so cuz different choices Wow does fuck like shit like what what the fuck I wish a bitch would take a shit on me no actually I don't stop it rich what are you talking about wish the bitch would take a shit on me hell no no but that's the wild ass shit though for real taking this shit what fuck make sure y'all like share comment subscribe if y'all do miss out to love live serve another funny ass video man if you I got some more funny videos don't be afraid to send them my way yeah I'm saying anyway I see y'all in the next video man


  1. All Those songs sounded like tekashi 69

  2. I love your channel bro fr. I love it when you talk about the community and people not understanding things. Like in the dax reaction when you spoke about not understanding gangs and shit like that. I like it when you do things like that bro. Keep up the grind mad respect πŸ‘ŠπŸΏπŸ‘ŠπŸΏ

  3. I like these reactions.

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