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okay good welcome to the fire to help okay tonight we're going to talk about bladder and bowel control but we're not really okay because you got to look at it you can't really isolate functions of how the body works and that's one of the reasons that we're having a problem in the medical world is because they do isolate it it doesn't work that way and you got a figure everybody has it now is that the ultimate example of a man yes Clint Eastwood oh I love the guy well when we look at this we got to look at the anatomy and physiology of this everything's connected you can't separate it now the nervous system controls and coordinates every function of the body does that mean it coordinates the kidneys that dump flew it into the bladder yes or yes it does and then when you look at this there's two muscles inside of there in fact you don't have pain sensors inside of the bladder you might say no I'm telling you my bladders hurt before no that's pressure sensors okay now the nerves that come out of the base of the sacrum here actually control the bladder function now when we look at this there's two different human beings on the planet now we actually have an x-ray machine that has male female and other I haven't seen the other yet but this when we look at male we got to look at or we're going to look at both but look at how the system is laid out I mean you got a figure you got a bladder up here and this bladder goes through an organ called the prostate now the prostate is actually right in front of the rectum so every time a stool a healthy stool goes by that prostate it massages it now 80% of all American men over 50 are going to have a prostate problem this is because our diet and we're being poisoned however if you look at this the only group of men on the planet that don't have a prostate issue our Buddhist monks and the reason is is they're vegetarian but they also do prostate massage where you actually massage it so healthy bowel function healthy prostate function is essential for healthy bladder function okay does that make sense and then when we look at this the bladder and women if you see that it's right in front of the uterus so this this is why when this uterus expands like during pregnancy how many women have been pregnant in here okay oh I gotta go you go in there an ounce comes out gosh I felt so much fuller than that okay do you know that's because you can put pressure on the bladder here but also it's prone to more infections too plus if particularly in women if this if this uterus expands to hold a kid it's going to put more pressure on the pelvic area so we want to start looking at mechanical structures in that now the pelvis this is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen it supports the entire body this means all your organs are sitting inside of this virtual cup now on the floor of this is the pelvic muscles the girdle muscles okay now this is super important in fact Russell can I borrow your you as a demonstration come on up here stand right here so you can be filmed okay now I'm going to demonstrate his muscles so now if a muscle is stretched out is it stronger weak don't answer okay good now right now his muscle is stretched so these fibers inside of here they're in there actin myosin filaments they're very very far there's not much of them attached okay it's going to try and bend your arm he can't do it and I'm holding them with very little pressure okay now what I'm going to do I'm going to shorten that muscle okay so now the muscle there's more fibers attached he now bend it okay he can actually pull me over so that means thank you very good job okay thank you Russell you did a good job okay so what he's demonstrating is that if more of those fibers are connected that it's muscle stronger this is important because when you look at the muscles on the bottom of this if they're stretched out because the pelvic floor is bad or there have been multiple pregnancies those muscles are going to be weak so when you cough or sneeze or laugh a little bit of urine can leak out so now we have to look at the stability of the pelvis and the strength of the muscles does it does that make sense so far okay now this is a poisoning of America of human beings the fraud and deception association is actually approving food that's poisonous to our body and in fact we're living in a calorie rich nutrition poor environment so what happens is when you take in this calorie rich food that you can't break down you're going to store it that's how human beings are so now remember that pelvic girdles in here so do you think that there's more pressure on that area absolutely and plus two when you sit you sit on the bones of that pelvic floor in fact you know how you say I hurt my butt bone you actually sit on this bone here called the ischial tube now if you sit on that bone and there's a lot of pressure what happens is those butt bones actually separate or they open up that pelvis so this means the more weight that you have coming down the more weight you have coming down is going to separate that pelvis more does that does that make more sense also if you're sitting more it's going to have more weight so everything goes into that pelvis and how much pressure is on it so so this is huge then you look at the structures around it sitting is one of the worst things to do but now we want to strengthen the pelvis does that make sense so now let's say you have a job where you are sitting the best ball or the best seat that you can have you know how you see go to Staples or office max you see these like $5,000 ergonomic chairs that have perfect back support and they're worthless well actually not they're worth $5,000 okay but they're not effective for biomechanics see what happens you have no genetic defense against sitting what sitting does is it actually pinches the nerves in the low back that supply that pelvic area this is why the nerves that actually supply the bladder and pelvis come out of the base of the spine so sitting pinches those nerves you don't feel it because the sensory nerves are in the back and when you sit the sensory nerves you don't feel it's the nerves that supply the organs that are compressed so they came up with the idea of a ball chair and it's one of the cheapest chairs around it cost around 70 or 80 dollars but what happens is remember sitting on those bones the sit bones this you're always constantly moving just a little bit not much but you're moving your pelvis just slightly if you're sitting on that ball and that allows you to sit with less damage not discomfort damage sitting is actually damaging your spine nervous system and the pelvic girdle so that's what's deadly now when we look at this we also have to look at so we got a mechanical problem of sitting pinching the nerves we've got a mechanical problem of that pelvis opening up we got a mechanical problem of the muscles that are stretched out okay so we have multiple mechanical problems we now got a look at what's filling the bladder okay and there's the kidney filters the filters are amazing but you can't look at the kidney filters we got to look at the blood that the kidneys are filtering okay kids so can you start to see this so when you go to the neurologist he's going to send it to the hematologist the blood expert and then he's going to send you to the endocrinologist because there's going to be a problem with the blood so our system is set segmented into all of these specialist groups when the body doesn't work that way you can't talk about the health of the bladder without talking about the health of the kidneys you can't talk about the health of the kidneys without talking about the health of the blood you can't talk about the health of the blood until you talk about digestion okay so everything's all tied in now in normal red blood cells they should be separate and there's a live blood cell analysis and if the blood cells are separate they work right now you figure this kidney it's the size of your fist it filters every ethic leader of your blood every twenty minutes so it does it 24 hours seven days a week so in order to do that there's very very small arteries in there that are only one cell thick so they have to filter those blood now has anyone heard about the deadliest poison in America it's by the CDC it's called acetaminophen you might know it has tylenol you've heard of Tylenol okay well that along with other drugs and the other drugs are called non steroidal anti-inflammatories they inhibit prostaglandin production where they clump blood vessels together now this is crazy because there's no way in the world that these chemicals should be on the market and marketed to human beings because by inhibiting prostaglandins it clumps blood vessels together now if it clumps blood vessels together and these blood vessels have to go through a kidney do you think it might damage the kidneys yes or yes yeah all you got to do is read the label it says may cause kidney damage what's it doing on the market if it damages the organs it shouldn't be in there and so here's one the nonsteroidal antiinflammatory and those out of the Journal of the American Medical Association now it's interesting because it says that these drugs damage cartilage now why is advil motrin tylenol ibuprofen why are those drugs prescribed for joint pain hi take this drug but it's going to destroy your joints you'll feel better though so when we look at this because we got to go back to the health of the blood now you've got an artery that comes down that artery gives up oxygen and nutrients and then 90% of it flows back into the vein and then flows up so 10% of the blood fluid that flows down and this is blood that's constantly flowing is the limb fluid now the lymph is vital this is like the sewer system of the body has anyone ever heard of lymph nodes okay lymph nodes they used to take them out in keep certain cases of cancer now they found out oh my gosh can anyone do a good Homer doll okay they go in there they find out oh my gosh these things they actually kill cancer cells so you have to leave the lymph nodes and now so they've done they've corrected about a 40-year mistake they're starting to leave lymph nodes in and one of the first people is dr. Lorraine day when they wanted to take her well in lymphnodes out because they were swollen up the size of the walnuts she said no they're swollen because they're working I'm fighting a disease and they're helping me so when you look at this the health of the blood is going to go into the health of the lymph system and the health of the the lymph fluid and this all goes back is that lymph fluid eventually filters and through the blood and then back to the kidneys now the functional unit of the kidney is called the nephron and this is the most brilliant thing you've ever seen in fact it's a collection of a whole bunch of little tiny small blood vessels and there are thousands and thousands of these remember your kidney is this big it has multiple little tiny tiny units in there that are microscopic they're only one cell thick you cannot see it with a naked eye now these nephrons they actually have fluid flows out then fluid flows back so guess what happens to most diuretics it causes more fluid to flow out less and flow back so this is why diuretics dehydrate you a lot of drugs that get in there can damage that nephron now what happens is this nephron is so small diuretics non-steroidal anti-inflammatories poisonous food they can damage that now if you damage the nephron it in flames and then that's called nephritis they're easily plugged now and this is why also have you ever heard of diabetics have high kidney damage rates or kidney problems you ever heard that before that's because their Bloods thick and in fact the way the used to diagnose diabetes is the doctor would taste the blood and it would say mmm that's sweet then some doctors got grossed out by that then they would actually have dogs taste it and if the dog said you know hey master this is really sweet that's how you would diagnose blood sugar problems I don't know if the dog really said that but you know he probably said yeah this is good blood this is bad blood okay but when you go into this you start looking at this the blood sugar now when we talk about diabetes next month you're going to find out that that the ignorance so you type to you diabetes is 95% of all diabetics and what they do is they give you a drug to force your blood sugar down low and they do work but Foreman glucophage so 95% of all diabetics take a drug and they lower it the problem is insulin levels remain high insulin along with glucose damage the kidneys so here these people they're taking this drug and they're checking their thing and they're thinking wow it looks like I'm okay the insulin levels remain high so this is why any type-2 diabetic that's taken the drugs is going to die early until they correct the problem and we're going to talk about how to correct diabetes next month now this is another thing because anything that damages the kidneys is going to damage the bladder function okay does that make sense so now back row I want you to read the bottom line no I know I'm bad that skirl okay yeah break out the opera-glasses okay so I put this this is the list of medications that are inappropriate for seniors does that make them okay for kids no does that make them okay for regular people no okay I'm actually over 50 so I qualify for AARP I'm a senior baby okay so you don't need that stuff what I want you to do is start looking at this the reason we're having bladder problems is because we have poisonous blood we have poisonous blood the reason we have poisonous blood is because of food choices or medication that's it that's it and this is the litter PO Pro pill or antacids see this causes a lack of iron being absorbed lactic calcium being absorbed this is why hearts don't work right so you get cardiac palpitations the blood actually gets poisonous this one here is demonstrating how blood pressure medications it turns out slowing the heart down slows oxygen of that tire system that's why I also put on here which number is important some people would ask what is a good blood pressure number I don't know what activity are you doing what's your diet been like what are your arteries are they clean or clogged well my doctor doesn't ask me those questions well your doctor's NiTi at them okay he's not going into this stuff he has to understand that blood pressures vary throughout the day they're going to be affected if you have clogged arteries by gosh that blood pressure has to go up if your arteries are clean the blood pressure is going to go down okay now what I want you to do does anyone want you want high blood pressure low blood pressure which would you like you want high blood pressure good you want low blood pressure okay good go to sleep okay you want high blood pressure okay good you want better mental function okay so you got to start to see you don't want higher low it depends on it if you want low blood pressure do me a favor sit up nice and straight take a deep breath in blow it out another one deep breath in blow it out so you just hyperventilated what you did is you lowered your level of carbon dioxide heal the sensor in your neck that actually sense that lower level of carbon dioxide and it slowed the heart down just deep breathe and slow the heart down lower blood pressure you want to raise it hold your breath for a little while in that interesting so now it's foolish to chemically regulate the blood pressure I mean this even says if you chemically regulate it you may die an early death from heart disease cancer diabetes and again that damages the kidneys daily aspirin daily aspirin and again this is completely unscientific advice and if I have one more nurse that says well it's a difference of opinion you know I'm raised in a school where where we practice medicine okay okay I practice science what's the leading cause of kidney disease aspirin what's the fourth deadliest drug in America aspirin what drug has shown no benefit for cardiovascular things with a test prescribe it aspirin what has no science behind it aspirin okay what increases risk of stroke injury i bleeding aspirin and you're telling me you prescribe aspirin geez you know go out and sacrifice a calf that'll be more scientific okay so can you see this I'm tired of lemmings jumping off sheeple do not inhabit our planet you do not go along with with this stuff I mean this is poisonous food nobody should be eating this that's going to thicken up blood and then we got silly act disease see your body and this negatively affects the kidneys it negatively affects the bladder it negatively affects how your body's working so why are people all of a sudden allergic to wheat barley everything else you don't want to know why wheat barley and all the glutens out there have changed since 1996 these genetically modified proteins have been on there and all allergies is a body's abnormal recognition of protein so this is causing a massive rise in CELAC disease when you look at this if you want to look at the the fun stuff look at MEDLINE okay for solutions for celiac disease and they say there's no treatment for it surgery and steroids you look at the natural websites they always say oh yeah can be treated and cured within about 30 days okay if you have an infected arm you can treat that arm by cutting it off okay does that work yeah of course it works I mean you know it doesn't make any sense let's work within the natural parameters of the body if you take poisonous food you're in you're going to inflame your intestinal tract that's going to poison the blood okay does that make sense so if you are do have bladder problems you got to eliminate the proteins that may be causing the poisoning of the blood that may be causing the kidney damage that may be causing the the bladder can just kind of see a tying in now so this means you've got to go on a gluten-free casein-free diet a hundred and eighty liters of wat blood a day these kidneys are amazing so if to have healthy kidney function you've got to have healthy blood it's incredible I'm you've got a figure it's the filter it's the blood filter instance we're exposing our body to poisonous food it's going to negatively affect it so what's the number one thing that you can do to have hell the bladder and kidney function can I borrow this here watch this can I be sure this is vegetable juice she went to a machine that put vegetables in one end and gave a soluble fiber this is antioxidants this is bioflavonoids this is soluble fiber this will actually lower blood pressure and clean arteries Wow she's smart thank you great hello that was my dad but if I don't think of it because all of these fibers in this this is nature's pharmacy there's over 10,000 bioactive enzymes and Tomatoes we know blueberries lower cholesterol but they lower it because there's multiple phytonutrients in there these phytonutrients actually have developed antifungal and anti-inflammatory our that means you have a hyperactive bladder okay so now it should be zero to one time of night if you're getting up every couple of nights it means you have an ineffective bladder function and I'm going to show you how to correct that and when you go there should be about one to two cups of urine so this means to between 8 and 16 ounces a urine if you're going and there's just a little trickle that's not that's not enough okay now what we want to do is understand what an overactive bladder so if you're going multiple times a night if you have to go multiple times even even once an hour that's not effective so now let's look at how to desensitize the bladder because remember your bladder only has is sends a message up to the brain when it's supposed to be full and this is one of the reasons that enuresis or bedwetting is so effectively treated with chiropractic because now here in bedwetting you've got a bladder when it starts to get full starts to get full starts to get full this is always sending signals up to the brain to say hey look my bladders getting full get ready to void my batters getting really full get ready to void oneno it holy you know we don't have a chance to wait pull over to the side of the road dad find a bush okay okay raise your hand if you've been there yeah okay okay so what happens in kids is they don't know they don't know they don't know because there's a thing called threshold firing of the nervous system and if those nerves are pinched that nerve has to be firing rapidly in order for the brain to sense it so they think they don't feel that they don't feel that they don't feel it odet okay so what we've got to do now is what we do in treating bedwetting is adjustment pelvic system and then the brain can communicate to it what you might also want to do is to desensitize it and this is huge now remember in a male the bladder right next to the prostate right so if that bladder continually develops pressure is it going to put pressure on the structures around it yes or yes yeah it has to so if a guy continually holds the bladder like let's say a truck driver let's say you know you're a teacher let's say that something you're going to end up with more prostate problems because that's going to increase the pressure of all the structures around it but now let's say you're when you're avoiding your voiding it too fast okay and when you void there's not and there's not a lot of fluid so you want to reset the sensor you want to hit the reset button okay and this is how you reset the button you you realize every time you urinate you're urinating say more frequent than you should when you urinate you're only urinating out less than half a cup okay a very small amount so you want to reset the the signals in there so when it's really really full you've got to do the Kegel okay now the Kegel is totally different it's not the Funky Chicken okay it's not it's not that it's not the chicken dance for Oktoberfest but but you've got to look at this incontinence because this is huge you've got to look at this first hypersensitivity it means you're during urination there should be about a six to eight second flow so this means one thousand one one thousand two one thousand three one thousand four one thousand five one thousand six that's a normal flow if it's two seconds that's too much you know kids teachers truckers welker what week pelvic floor and drug-induced those are the main causes this is ridiculous okay I actually saw a surgical option surgical option so what they do is now the nervous system controls every function of the body or every function of the body right yeah okay good so what do you think okay I don't know how much you have to drink or smoke to come up with this idea but instead of sending the patient over to a chiropractor to get the pelvic floor checked let's just put an electronic advise inside of the spine to override the natural signals of the bladder yeah I mean okay so this is the last one that's the sacral stimulator and that's that's just mind-boggling when we start looking at this the things that can affect it obviously calf caffeine is a diuretic alcohol again it's interesting that's sweating your body detox is through four different things respiration perspiration poop and peep okay so if your body is toxic you're going to want to produce more urine so more urine could be a sign of excess toxicity why do we talk about poison blood because if you're urinating a lot your body is trying to eliminate a lot of toxins does that make sense yes or yes high blood pressure drugs breathing how do we lower blood pressure that lowered blood pressure but also you got to figure your kidneys if pressure is too high your kidneys are actually going to get rid of more fluid so if your pressure is high because you're not breathing enough you're going to start filling up that bladder and you're going to be voiding it more does that make sense oh my gosh this is great it's tied into blood health food health nutrition digestion Wow isn't that cool I know you got to walk by a mirror and smile now this is the Kegel okay you put your left foot in you put no no okay that's the hokey-pokey no the Kegel is totally different okay now this is hard to do but you can do it just sitting down where you are I'm going to do it standing okay Amit no I'm going to tell you right now how to do it okay so what you do and you can practice this on the toilet when you're urinating stop the flow in midstream so now we are set and stop the flow okay imagine oh so what you're doing when you're stopping the flow you're exactly and that's just what you should be doing I'm going to demonstrate what you should be sitting okay ready 1 2 3 1 2 3 need to see that I move okay I'm doing the cable right ok do the Kegel ok so what you do is your body should tighten up just a little bit because what's happening is remember that pelvic girdle that that floor when you tighten it up you're squeezing the sit bones and together ok is that cool or what now this is also how you reset good job yeah how you reset the bladder when it's full you want to do the Kegel now at first you're going to want to leak out a little urine because if that bladder is full and you do the Kegel you're increasing pressure on the bladder okay so be conservative when you're doing this but what's neat is remember there's no pain sensors in the bladder there's only pressure sensors this is like the reset button on that and you'll see it I'm so excited for you because like if you urinate every hour you want to increase the pressure there and then you'll find out hey I don't have the urge anymore that's cool but also look for salt look for minerals because if your mineral deficient particularly if you're urinating a lot you're going to be urinating out a lot of minerals so you want to increase salt in your food sea salt healthy salt Celtic sea salt Himalayan sea salt because what that will do that will increase the salt in your blood and in your body and it will also help you retain in water and you'll produce less urine okay does that make sense so if you've had bladder frequency reset the bladder increase salt okay and get your nervous system checked because everything reverts back to the nervous system it really does once the nervous system is checked you've had a good healthy diet you've cleaned your blood and your increased salt and then you've you've increased your volume then you've got normal healthy function now now a lot of people have been exposed to poisoning or antibiotics they're poisonous molds and they're going to have multiple kidney infant or bladder infections now why would you have multiple bladder infections let's go back again poisonous food that leaks into the bloodstream the bloodstream is actually poisonous this goes to the kidneys that weakens the kidneys that goes to the bladder that goes to the bladder that leads to infections so what's solution by dumb and Dumberer we give a poisonous mold that you take into the bloodstream that you take into the kidneys it's like it's like come on guys you can't be serious it's like how do you treat antibiotic resistant bugs you give them more antibiotics seriously I know it's it's like you know the three stooges took over the medical world high dose vitamin C is fantastic so you multiple bacterial infections or multiple courses of antibiotics high dose vitamin C is fantastic Linus Pauling would do 10 to 20,000 units a day now what's interesting about this is vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin so if you take too much you're just going to urinate it out that's it that's it you're just going to urinate it out and so that is actually very good for bladders because you're increasing the oxygen in there also d-mannose now d-mannose is a type of sugar that's fantastic for bladder infections there's healthy healthy sugars out there high-fructose corn syrup is not that's a poisonous sugar grape seed extract and olive leaf extract garlic and onions coconut oil antimicrobial there's so many things that you can do that are actual antimicrobials now you know this I don't think I put that on the sheet no I got everything else so also so antimicrobials if you've had multiple bladder issues you're going to have multiple bladder functions and what that can do multiple bladder infections can actually scar the ureters and urethras so this means that the fluid coming into the bladder and the fluid coming out to the bladder the tubes that hold the fluid can be damaged and if they're damaged and inflamed you're going to have an inconsistent bladder function does that make sense so inconsistent bladder function we have to make sure that it's clean you might say well I don't have an infection if you did and you took an antibiotic for it you got a problem so this inundate in your body with soluble fibers great move miss okay and antimicrobials will actually help clean the ureters and clean the urethra and get healthy function does that make sense good this gal here I would ever name was Debbie thirteen medications so where her kidney is working really hard yeah thirteen drugs okay there's no science that says that you you you should use two drugs but she was taking handfuls of thirteen drugs now I told her I said separate the drugs by at least an hour okay why because that would lessen the toxic effect does that make sense I said drink a full glass of water in between she said doc I can't there's not enough hours in the day you know I got to take him in the morning take him an evening handfuls of it office worker she was about 50 pounds overweight she had a poor diet you know she was stopped by I got the bagel on the way to work okay she had the sandwiches or went out with the girls for lunch she didn't really exercise a lot I mean so so what was her kidney is like what was her blood system like you know what's her nerves like you know obviously what's what's amazing is within 90 days okay not only did she lose 40 pounds okay but she actually went down no medications and she all of a sudden regained her bladder function that does that make sense does that sound neat yeah it's almost like like respecting the way the body is this is for healthy bladder function it's also just for healthy function you need to get your nervous system checked first exercise and this is one of the best ways to stabilize that pelvis see if you're walking you're moving the lymph if you're walking you're moving that pelvic floor just a little bit if you're if you're breathing heavy you're also strengthening the muscles of that pelvic floor that will help get more control so it is walking essential for healthy bladder function yes yes absolutely proper nutrition this means absolutely 100% organic 80% raw and healthy nutrition and if you do have a bladder issue you've got to up the supplements of the vitamin C the water-soluble the anti microbials just to heal the ureters and urethras sufficient rest if you aren't sleeping at night your body is going to become toxic because at night time that's when your body builds cells if your body's toxic the kidneys got to work hard if the kidney has got to work hard the kidneys get damaged and then that negatively affects the bladder isn't it cool can you start seeing it can you start seeing the pattern how how one system is connected to the other system God humans are cool and the prayer and meditation that's why I said God humans are cool we they're built by God we got it we got to pray and meditate every day to help with cell growth it really does work now this is the summer time so so we do have coupons up there but to get checked is vital okay you've got to get your nervous system checked and then that's that's a memesters I got a thank you so much for making it tonight because to take time out of your day to learn because the TV will tell you this stuff right no eventually it will eventually Oprah's going to see this eventually we're going to get on the big networks okay because this is revolutionary information it's going to be tough because most because I'm not a big fan of narcotics and pharmaceutical products because they do damage but with your help we're going to make a difference


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