Bird Dog Core Exercise: 3 Variations

>>Mark:Hi, if you are new to
BuiltLean, I’m Mark Perry the creator of BuiltLean and today I’m gonna show you how to do a bird dog. And I’m not only gonna show you how to do
a basic bird dog, I’m gonna show you some other variations which become more advanced. So wether you are a beginner, or a little
bit more advanced, you can get a lot of watching this
video. And, the bird dog is a classic core exercise that not only improves your abs and lower
back strength, but also improves your stabilization. I really think even if you are a beginner
or advanced, you should incorporate it into your program. And so, let me start out by showing you
the basic bird dog exercise, so how it works, is you
are gonna start out, with your hands right below the plane
of your shoulders. And you are gonna put your knees right below
your hips so you are essentially forming a box with
90º angles. And so, you’re gonna start out by putting
your right hand and your left leg out, and you are
extending them simultaneously. You’re gonna repeat
alternating between one side and another. A couple of
things to really keep in mind, you don’t want to put your hand too far
down or up as you are doing this exercise you also don’t want to wobble from
side to side which is what requires that core stabilization. Those are just a couple tips, okay so
we’ve talked a little bit about the basic bird dog exercise, but there are also some
other variations you can try. And so, one variation is, you’re going to take your elbow, you are gonna crunch
and touch your opposite knee. And you’re gonna do this on the same side
for as many as 10 wraps and then switch to the other side. You can even do a more advanced variation
which is you’re actually gonna touch your knee to your nose. This certainly isn’t easy, and so, you can
give it a try and see how it goes. Another bird dog exercise variation is
using a stability ball. And this of course makes it harder, because
instead of being planted on the ground you are now on a stability ball Couple of things to keep in mind, keep your
hips on top of the ball. As opposed to your stomach. A final variation
which is the hardest, is doing a bird dog, essentially without your
knees. And so you are gonna be in a push up position and you’re gonna do, put your right arm,
and extend your right arm and your left leg, and repeat with the other
side, trying to make sure that you don’t fall
to one side or the other by keeping as straight as possible. So that’s really it, those are some variations
of of the bird dog, again I think it’s a classic exercise and if you are a beginner you should
really make a staple in your exercise program. If you are more advanced, you should certainly
do it here and there. If you have any questions for me please let
me know as always I have more information about it at on this exact video
and on the blog, so thank you very much for watching, and I’ll
see you next week.


  1. these are great. Thanks for sharing all the variations.

  2. @Safiya0759 Happy you liked the video and thanks for the comment!

  3. Very high quality and good exercise but in future videos (of exercises) could you describe what muscles you should be contracting in the exercise and other points to do with correct form and incorrect form?

  4. @CdotDixon I think telling the specific muscles would be cumbersome since there are alot of muscles that do one specific body motion, for example a standard bird dog, i would describe it as flexing your shoulder while extending your elbow, rather than contracting your deltoid and traps, while contracting your triceps (which are just some of the many muscles involved in that motion alone) …my .02

  5. @SSquadAU Yes but I would like the fundamental movement and the key points of what you're actually working out to be explained a little. For example, maintaining a hollow body position while squeezing the glutes could be a good starting tip for this exercise.

  6. @CdotDixon I gotcha, maybe the article he has on his website has more info?

  7. @SSquadAU @CdotDixon๏ปฟ – Definitely agree i could have given better cues. One of the big challenges with doing videos is that I can only include limited information in order to keep the video under 2-3 minutes. I always add a link to a more comprehensive article on the BuiltLean website, which is๏ปฟ within the description box underneath the video. Thanks both of you for your input.

  8. Nice video. Thanks.

  9. nice… more variation could be keeping the stabilizing hand towards the center, which would require balancing muscles to work more harder ๐Ÿ™‚

    could ya tell me what all ya wearing …like shoes, lower, tshirt, inners :)…i mean the brand and model ..thanks

  10. Nice, thanks for the additional tip!

  11. Don't think I answered your question. I was wearing lululemon pants and nike frees, probably uniqlo v-neck tshirt.

  12. nice…glad ya replied…but ya still haven't replied completely ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. Im short .Does these exercises make you grow taller ?

  14. during how much time should i do these ? or how much reps should i do ?

  15. @N3xD4v – You can do this exercise either for time or for reps. For example, do the exercise for 30 seconds and repeat it 2-3 times on each side. Alternatively, perform 8-10 reps on each side.

  16. thanks for the reply

  17. great video, well done

  18. Okay how do I know if I'm doing them right? I feel like I'm not getting enough burn in my ab area

  19. Good job

  20. If the other side of your lower back is weak. Do you recommend doing the unilateral bird dog? Which movements is working which side?

  21. It looks like you are losing your lumber/low back control. i.e tilting the pelvis forward or in technical terms increasing your lordosis

  22. I don't see the point of bending the spine in the 2nd variation

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