Biotin Hair Growth – Can Biotin Help Hair Grow Faster?? || My Experience + HeathVit Biotino Review


  1. I did a biotin course for 60 days. The dose was 5000 MCG. 1 tablet per day. I was suffering from tremendous hairloss due to keratin treatment. And for me it worked. But one thing I should mention that along with biotin I was using no heat on my hair. Not even hair dryer on cold settings. A lot of green on my diet and most importantly I was using a herbal hair oil (the recipe was shared by Prachi on one of her previous video. It contains curry leaves and methi) as a pre-poo twice a week. The result was lovely. But you need to have patience. It's not a Rocket science.

  2. I m suffring from lots of hair fall should i take it or not ???😞😞

  3. Is it cause acne??? Coz I got it very next day

  4. Plz make a vedio on olay 28 days challenge

  5. biotin helps to glow the skin

  6. Skinny people can't take biotein???????

  7. Please do a review of collagen 1,2 and 3 and is it really effective??😊😊

  8. What is the best time of the day to have biotin??

  9. Radhika apte ..clone

  10. Tell me any full body skin whitening serums

  11. Hey prachi! Can you do a video on best glutathione injections and the process

  12. Now these tablet also increase its price

  13. Hey prachi, in some videos of other bloggers , i saw that normal human needs 200-300 mg biotion , takinh 10000mg will have any side effects ? Please clear

  14. Please review power gummies for hair and can we eat during pregnancy ….

  15. You should try your 10000mcg biotin in the liquid form. Your body will absorb it better

  16. Please share your weight loss experience di❀️

  17. I want to speak you, please insta me mam… navyankumari

  18. Hi dear… im from kerala… i like you so much.. you are so beautiful.. especially when you smile.. 😊 keep smiling.. good luck

  19. Gain weight supplement plz

  20. Hi api I'm from Pakistan.. Mere balo ki length thk hai lkin bht zda thin hain tou kya krna chye?

  21. Hi di. Please make a video on small things that can be done to improve our hair growth and which oil is the best to reduce hair fall.

  22. M having 10000 mcg from natrol pl can u tell how much water needed. And m 5.6 height as m in diet now only trying to reduce my weight s 68.500

  23. Helpful video…

  24. Helpful video 😊😊

  25. Prachi, i live in Bangalore, could you please suggest me any doctor for this?

  26. Ma'am plz plz can u do vedio on curly girl method cgm

  27. Hi mam, I too have biotin def.. How many months take this tables..?

  28. Di i was planning to consume biotin as im saving hair fall …but I didnot consult a doctor …I will soonly. ..thanks for the video. ..also pls keep sharing what ur wearing and ur lipstick in the description box .😍😍😍😍😍😍

  29. Is this sponsored video?

  30. Sis can anyone use it,or it is restricted..

  31. Does it help in controlling premature hair greying??

  32. Hey di can u do a review on a new serum which is snail truecica which a korean product which show skin cell regenration and are also for acne pores please do a review on it

  33. Can you plz tell me keto diet pill are effective or not plz

  34. I need this biotin urgently. Can you please suggest what kind of doctor I should visit for this?

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  36. This was so helpful πŸ™‚ Thanks.

  37. Thank you so much sweetheart 😘
    It cleared all the doubtsβ™₯️

  38. Hello sister, i follow you from more days. i like your Every video. i am girl but my problem is secret so i change my name. My problem is not related to this topic. I am in trouble, my Own mother has a boyfriend from 5 months. And she got pregnant. Now what can i do? I want your suggestion.

  39. Does this reduce hair fall n makes hair stronger?

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