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hey everybody this is Monica Brea volibear reports calm and I'm here to tell you today about a new line of products that I've tried out for my company called bioterror herbs these aren't dietary supplements but it is a drug-free herbal product line it's made in the USA it has non-gmo verified product it's also dairy free and gluten free and it's vegan friendly so for all of you who are worried about things like that you've got a product right here that's been verified so the products that I've tried out were I got four different ones we got one for sleep we got one for snoring and we've got a detox and we've also got energy so I'll tell you a little bit about my experience with these products and maybe that will help you make decision on whether or not you'd like to try them so the energy one they say that you need to try them for seven days taking them consecutively for you know best results so I have been taken out for about two weeks and I've noticed a little bit of a boost of energy I'm not gonna say it's been amazing like I'm running around the house doing all kinds of crazy things but I'm not so sluggish in the afternoon which is great because that's usually when things get kind of crazy around here with the girls coming home from school and getting dinner together and getting some last-minute work done so it does seem to be helping me a little bit to the detox this one is just to kind of keep their system going they do have a two day detox program where you take four capsules after a meal once per day for two days and that is to basically clear you out and when that was going into detail I've tried that one and it worked so the site one I gave it a try and this is I don't know if I was really tired that day or if it really works but it helped me I feel fall asleep really quickly which then leads us to snore which is the one that my husband tried I fell asleep so fast I didn't even notice the snoring so I can't tell you if this really helped or not because either of us were awake to test it out but that's okay we'll try this one again later but each of the products is $14.99 at your local Walmart store or at and they're easy easy easy to find so that's all that they look like they're just little capsules with all the herbs crushed up inside and for most of them it's 2 capsules per serving so you'll get 30 doses I guess basically because you get 60 capsules for 14.99 it is cost friendly and for what we've tried we'll definitely keep keep it going why not it seems like it's doing a little something if not a whole lot so we are going to keep trying them now they do have other products available they also have mental focus and vision and stress digestion and immunity now I didn't get to try any of those but I did see that they were available in Walmart calm so for $14.99 you can try these out too from bioterror herbs at your local Walmart store if you try I would love to hear what you think about them leave me a comment here on youtube or head over to mommy brain reports calm and you'll find the post there also where you can leave a comment and let everyone else know what you think that's it for now for any other really cool reviews and DIYs even check out mommy brain reports calm and we'll see you next time bye you

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