BIOFIT – What is in our natural fitness course for fitness coaches & personal trainers?

The Biofi method is designed to deliver strong,
lean & agile bodies ready for whatever life throws at them. We focus on four key areas, firstly the mobility
and joint health required for a wide movement vocabulary. Then the skill and body awareness to move
with grace and ease. The strength to manipulate your own bodyweight
as well as an external load. And finally the stamina to repeat a move again
and again if required. How do we do it? We combine bodyweight movements
such as crawls, jumps, rolls and get-ups. Then we have fundamental basics such as a
press, pull, squat, deadlift and twist. And finally movements with practical, real
world applications whether it be running, swimming, tennis, self-defence or basketball
even! Our equipment needs are limited to something
to pull on (rope rings or a TRX), a sandbag or heavy kettlebell and light or medium-weight
medicine ball. Do not expect a series of Biofit workouts
here (that’s for our next course!) we’re going through our movements piece by piece, in an
informative, peer-to -peer style. So who is that aimed at? Amateurs with an
interest in natural fitness / movement as well as professionals working in the industry
to go deeper into this space, adding new moves to their vocabulary. That’s it, so we hope you enjoy the course
(do sign up for it!) and let’s get you moving…

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