Bill Gates talking about health problems

million kids a year are dying of malaria happened in kids here are dying of rotavirus that's what grabs me and just makes I think I've got to put energy into this I've got to get other smart people and it's wild that the awareness of that isn't there I mean people will run an article about a plane crashing in India you know and that's terrible i fine you should run the article but a thousand times as many kids died that day of diseases that we should just get rid of as died in that plane crash and yet they never run that article because it's every day in some ways it's too negative it's not news there's no angle on it there's no personality I there's no big visual of a crash site somehow it were allowed to go along thinking that the world at large is like the situation that were in and so you know the big the big stunning thing is is to not only be there but also understand how calm in these situations are and that most people in the world are in developing countries and are not receiving significant number of benefits from the advances in technology of the last fifteen hundred medicines that were invented only 20 have anything to do with the majority of mankind

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  1. He is murdering children with Vaccines, he has been run out of India and should be run out of every country in the world.

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