BIKINI SERIES ☀ Total Body Mermaid Workout

hi everyone its karena Katrina from tone adop calm and this is your mermaid workout the first routine of your 2015 bikini series alright let's take those pins to the mat and the first move we're doing is the seashell so grab your kettlebell and raise it overhead cross your fins and keeping your kettlebell steady we'll tilt to the side opening up the side body and also a little stretch here in the IT band abs are tight and engaged now for the mermaid workout you'll need a kettlebell if you don't have a kettlebell that's fine we can just use our set of weights and then of course your toner dup yoga mat and some coconut water and your fin and your friend put a pic within your mermaid friend so you haven't signed up for the bikini series yet it's not too late you can sign up right here and it's a free challenge to get summer ready and we're doing workouts every week daily challenges daily workouts daily motivation prizes giveaways and beauty tutorials to get beach ready alright just two more here and then we'll switch sides cross your fins the other way and tilt this routine is great because even with the smallest tweaks you'll feel it in all those areas that you want to tone up for summer even crossing our legs right now is really targeting the sides of your thighs the size of our waistline and stretching that IT band before we get going you four more four three two and one the next wave is coral reef Perthes so I want you to take your kettlebell right overhead again and we're going to do a curtsy lunge behind us come up and do an outer thigh toner this is one of our favorite moves to really tone the sides of the thighs target your glute keep your abs engaged there's a lot of balance involved nice slow and controlled really bring that leg up great job and two more last one all right other side one green alright switch arms begin of that kettlebell this is really toning those triceps and the shoulder I want you to do is bring it right above your shoulder above your head and one foot is facing out and the other one is facing forward what you're going to do is just slow the other arm down your leg keeping that kettlebell straight up in the air and then come up great and this one you can also do with a dumbbell we're really really targeting the entire waistline here few more here and three last one all right let's switch sides and if you notice our bikini tops that were wearing to our new Beach Bay bikinis and you can get them at beach babe calm this one so I decided have the pineapple is a really fun design on the back love cats color-blocking but we design exclusively with us and we're so excited to see you wearing few more three last one great right now let's work that mermaid hourglass figure so with your kettlebell cross your spins over keep your knees really soft as you hinge forward at the hips and then come up squeezing your glutes slowly and two more here last one fin swap Annagh perfect now we're moving into the seahorse where the snakes move the seahorse grab your dumbbells for one first you're going to come into a tree pose so bring that foot up onto your thigh make sure it's above your knee or just below your knee but not on your knee find your balance here usually it helps if you find something ahead of you that you just focus in on extend those weights overhead and tricep extensions keep your abs tight and engaged if you fall out of it it's okay just get right back in squeeze your triceps when I first started tree pose too I would actually just do this and then in jump a little bit and then slowly work up to having it on my inner thigh and five four three two one just slowly bring it down let's switch sides all right finding that balance and tricep extensions this mermaid over here is very focused staring at that straight sponsor hanging great job just a few more three two and one alright now this move is a little more advanced but we love it and you'll also feel a lot in your outer thigh way to come down into a plank and you're going to pretend that you're on the rock so if this move is called mermaid on the rocks you put both fins down and you perform a row squeezing your back your abs are in great it's a great one for your waistline to feel that you three two and one all right other side and five four three and one all right there are weights down for this one next is the enchanted bridge so we'll come into our backs cross our legs over each other just set the ankle there or I'm sorry our fins coming to a bridge so squeeze up and lower squeeze up and lower so you'll feel this even here inner thigh inner thighs is so good at this move everyone always asks – how do i target the inner thighs one of the best see it's these subtle movements that really get all those areas you want to tone for that beach babe bikini you'll also love the beach babe DVD and we're going to be doing the DVD all throughout the bikini series and the workouts are so intense and amazing and really get you the results that you're looking for for the beach – you want to cross over yeah hey no switch switch your fins three two last one hold it screaming mermaid yeah and then come to him alright next we're doing the pearl crunch so bring those spin straight up in the air cross it over reach your arms up and small little crunches hey make sure your lower back stays pressed into the ground small little motions all right and two more and then we're going to cross our fins the other way all right and cross all right so this is one of our favorite moves the moves that you've all been waiting for the mermaid it's really target that waistline and the ABS come down at your forearm you're going to cross your fins again make your handi your head and bring those legs up the trick is to be a little bit on your butt cheek here keeping those abs tight don't ignore what noise do mermaids me that's the seahorse what noise do mermaids make let us know 15-second Instagram hashtag giu mermaid wouldn't wear me say five four three two last one alright what's next next we're going into the rainbow so we'll come into a side plank arm extended overhead form that big rainbow there and then lower and extend five or more for last one all right now we're gonna do the mermaid on the other side all right let's go we are loving all of your check-in so far for the bikini series right for three alright ready for those green but let's bring it up and last one all right our last move we are making waves together so come into a plank position lower your hips to the ground heart open and then push the booty to the sky the back and then roll your back and wave forward and you can we wave that body get it for me all right and one last wave keep it here you and one last downward dog and we love following this routine with one of Karina's Beach yoga or you can do the stretching routine from your beach babe DVD ha awesome job and when you do this workout make sure you have shag bikini series and tiu mermaid if you haven't signed up for the bikini series yet sign up right here and we will see you soon you


  1. Awesome workout on a Sunday Morning!! Rejuvinated and Inspired!!

  2. This is still one of my favorite workouts! It’s just so amazing!
    I’m obsessed with Kats leggings, anyone know where they are from?

  3. This kicked my butt!!!! I had to modify my mermaid but I pushed to the end! Thanks ladies for another killer workout! 💪🏽💪🏽

  4. 3 years later, still one of the best tiu workouts out there!

  5. Always love that one! I feel amazing and ready to start the day!

  6. "Crossing the fins," is an awesome idea! It really makes a difference! Love you two and your workouts!

  7. So, I just found this. My thighs are out of control, so I am looking for some exercise. I tried the Mermaid Workout. I can't do the rainbow for very long just yet, but I did everything else. So excited!

  8. this is probably one of my favorite workout routines of the last month. Love it.
    Kisses from Italy xoxo

  9. Loved it! Thank you

  10. lol

  11. To anyone who works a desk job or with lower back or sacroiliac issues, I highly recommend this workout! It's going to work your core, IT band and gluteus medius and minimus which are all extremely important if you are feeling tight in those areas and if your feel pain while sitting.

  12. Well, Shazam!!! That whupped the butt of this 50-year-old!! Liked a lot!!

  13. I'm a mermaid!!!!

  14. I loooove this workout. Thank you so much girls, you are amazing. 💕

  15. i do this workout every morning
    i love it!

  16. Getting ready for 2017 bikini series! IG @therunningyogi_

  17. great work out! thanks a lot 🙂

  18. love the shimmer tattoos!

  19. dr tooley brought me here!

  20. This was fun to do. Had to modify due to wrist and shoulder concerns. Nevertheless, I was good. I cannot wait to see the results after 8 weeks. Also, I noticed that there are no rest days, well, I do not workout on Sunday. Therefore, I will probably double up when I can.

  21. music nameeee please?😊 😘

  22. I think a mermaid sounds like a whale alittle

  23. This was very cute I always wanted to workout not only a ballerina but a mermaid as well thanks for filming this

  24. my wrists always hurts. Why ? I' m doing all correct hands undershoulders …

  25. My favorite was definitely the mermaid move I felt it in my core without straining anything else! I also wore some light ankle weights so that might've been why I felt it in my inner thighs which I need to work on the most!

  26. I really love how different your workouts are from most workout videos. I love the challenge while keeping it low impact. I'm expecting my 2nd child and these videos are so ideal (I modify some of the core work). Thanks for your creativity!

  27. I just love your friendship . I wish I had a wrkout friend' smeone like u 2 to help push me in person. I was over weight at one point n then a few yrs ago I realised I wasnt getting any younger 'my cofidence wasnt any better n my age wasnt getting any younger. I realised what I wanted to do to change.Now even thou i hve no wrkout buddy i am however that friend who motivates others' shares pins and post to help others struggling. I cant wait to share these videos with my Fit Mom crew on pinterest. Thanks for all the advice…

  28. AHA! I just did this with my husband! Awesome workout! Thanks girls!! ♥♥

  29. is this what we do for booty call?

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  31. Just discovered you girls from cosmo magazine and I'm in love with these workouts!!!

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