BIGGEST Fitness Myths you need to STOP Believing

One who is looking to lose weight, should
not eat Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts, Walnuts because they are high in fat. Myth. If somebody is looking to lose weight, he/she
should not be eating post 6 PM. Myth. This is just the tip of the iceberg. So, in this video, we will bust 5 fitness
myths which are so popular that we now actually believe them to be true. Hello Friends! Welcome to Fit Tuber. Starting with myth #5 which says that weight
training stunts growth. Teenagers specially in India don’t go for
weight training or they are not allowed to enter the gyms by their parents, thinking
that weight training will stop their height. Well, this is completely untrue. No studies have ever been able to show that
lifting weights inhibits or stunts growth. How tall a person will grow, depends mostly
on genetics. However, if one regularly exercises and maintains
a balanced diet he/she can push his/her till a certain age. For men it is 21 years and for women it is
18 years. But there are no evidences to prove that weight
training will put an impact on your height negatively. Training Chest, Back, Biceps, Triceps and
other muscles of the body are nowhere related to the height of an individual. On the contrary, there are many bodybuilders
who had started working out in their pre teens but are still above 6 feet. The only way by which one can hamper his/her
height is if he/she starts taking steroids. Other than that, there is no problem whatsoever. So, if you are not lifting because you think
that it may stop your height. You should think again. Myth #4 is that eating Eggs and Nuts cause
acne. Since childhood, we have been instructed to
stay away from eggs and nuts. Specially in summers because they cause body
heat, pimples, acne and what not. Well, this is also one major myth which needs
to be busted. Eating nuts do not cause pimples. Pimples are formed when the dirt and oil is
stuck in between the pores of your skin. Well, acne is a major topic in itself and
I will cover this in some other video but you should know one thing that egg whites
and nuts are a very important source of protein and healthy fats respectively. And they should be a part of your diet irrespective
of the weather conditions. Although, it is true that eating too many
eggs or nuts may cause heat in the body but then any food consumed in excess has it’s
own side effects. As far as eggs are concerned, only yolks may
cause body heat. And I have already discussed this in my previous
videos that one should not eat more than two whole eggs a day. As far as egg whites are concerned, one can
eat 10-15 egg whites even in summers. On the other hand, nuts are a great source
of healthy fats. One can consume 2 handfuls of nuts on a daily
basis without any kind of problem. So, I think this is high time we debunk this
myth and stop compromising on a balanced diet because of the weather conditions. Myth #3 is spot reduction. Now, many people ask this question that how
can they reduce fat from their thighs? Or how can they reduce fat only from the arms? Well, fortunately or unfortunately one can
not reduce fat from the specific parts of the body. For most people, fat accumulates like the
layers of the onion. And it goes off in the same way from the whole
body. Although, one can strengthen the muscles of
one part of the body, he/she can not reduce the fat from the specific part. So, if you want to cut off fat from one part
of the body, it is not possible. Myth #2 is that girls should not do weight
training because they will get bulky. Most girls refrain from lifting weight because
they think that it might make their body bulky like that of boys. Well, this is also a very common myth which
needs to be busted as soon as possible. The major reason as to why boys get a muscular
body is because of the hormone called testosterone. The quantity of testosterone present in women
is very less. So, no matter how much weight you lift, you
will never get a muscular body. If you have ever seen a girl who has been
lifting weights and has a muscular bulky body, it can only be because she has been injecting
testosterone in her body. So if a girl will lift weights, it will help
her increase her strength, tone the body, burn more calories and effectively lose body
fat. So, if you are woman looking to cut body fat,
I would suggest you to go for weight training. Don’t worry, you will not get bulky. On the contrary, you will be surprised to
see the results. Myth #1 is that one can not lose weight without
exercising. Now, I have come across many people who think
that they are not able to lose weight because they are very busy and have no time to exercise. If you are also one of them, who is looking
to lose weight but is too busy to exercise then I have a good news for you. The way our body shapes depends 80% on what
and how much we eat and only 20% on how much we exercise. So, if you are looking to lose weight, all
you need to do is maintain a proper diet. Now, when I say diet, I don’t mean that
you should be starving yourself. Instead eat a diet which is well balanced
with Complex carbohydrates, Protein, Healthy fats, Vitamins and Minerals. The basic funda to lose weight is that calories
consumed per day should be less than your maintenance calories. For example: Your maintenance calories come
out to be 2000. So, if you consume 1800 calories on a daily
basis you are bound to lose weight. So friends, these were some of the myths which
I thought were very common and needed to be busted. So, I hope you found this video helpful. Well, if you did, please do give it a THUMBS
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