big Romi's just literally walked offstage from being crowned second place in mr. olympia second in a world rummy probably amazing champion think you've got fans all over the world you may be the most popular bodybuilder here tonight understand up there next to Phil Heath the moment of truth must have been very exciting to be just you two left well look how you moved up this year every year every year you've moved up the growly stepped up his game which he's been doing every year he's very dangerous a lot of people are saying that you're the man that's gonna stop Phil heat from getting that eights and out and vixen of cells because it's mr. London is changing the body for a lousy difference or Korean or running Foreman when I thinking about him and ask myself I can do that I said yet yes yes nobody's stay number one always in life and I working for that mr. O'Neill's migraine am I dreaming yeah the mr. homage I will do my best to to be mr. Hamid we worked we did fall down for a long time and the hope this year to bring that Thunder took place yeah you know I do my best to be mr. long beards and I think this year I will do that


  1. Bigbody but not shredded……..

  2. es una bestia del esteroides

  3. لو بتحب النبي دوس لايك علي تعليكي😍

  4. Philt hit big Mitch u great

  5. Big ramy mr lompeiya campion

  6. I love this guy..even if he weighs 300 lbs, has no gut issue, got decent midsection… A humble guy too… Hope he will do better in 2019 Mr.Olympia

  7. 2018 winner actually

  8. No matter how big u are if your from the Middle East your not winning MR O it’s rigged lol

  9. Ok el mejor

  10. Por que en estos videos de culturistas no se vee que entrenen abdomen??

  11. Yeah Big Ramy you’re the next Mr Olympia 2019 ✊✊✊ LI/NJ

  12. The bigger ramy It is the best in the world 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  13. هل تريد درس إباحي

  14. If you are looking for me

  15. I love you

  16. لو تأتي عندي فالجزائر اعملك برنامج تدريب ممتاز راسلني فالخاص يا بيغ رامي وانا ارد عليك

  17. لازمك تنشيف

  18. لماذا في سنه 2017 حصل على مركز الثاني وفي سنه 2018 خرج هل من يعرف لماذا خرج

  19. أسطورة مستر أولمبيا القادم إنشاء الله

  20. Ramy for 19 !!!!! Is over due. This fkn dude is out this world

  21. oh my gosh, how big he is

  22. Need more definition big bro 🤙🏽

  23. And may dream Arnold classic

  24. Keep focus…….

  25. Thanks TO STEROIDS

  26. This guy is a BEAST!

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