Big possibilities for human health

I'm absolutely fascinated by viruses they're small and simple yet also complex and elegant and in the electron microscope some of them look like really awesome little monsters actually this is one of the things that's really fascinating about viruses is if there is a host out there there is a virus that can infect it it's easy to understand how virus research is really important from the human health perspective because there are so many diseases that are linked to viral infections and what we learn about one can be applied to the other based on the fact that they have these conserved structures one of the viruses that we're working on is from Brazil it's called Samba virus and it was isolated in the in the Amazon and this is very very complicated and we really have no idea yet what all the proteins are doing in this virus so we're trying to develop electron microscopy techniques to be able to look at something so big because this type of virus is a little bit too big for traditional electron microscopy methods the motivation for the work is a lot of different layers one is pure curiosity for how these little tiny machines can do what they do but most importantly I think giving the next generation of scientists the right tools to answer scientific questions is going to enable them to go on and answer the next biggest questions I'm Cristin parent and I am a Spartan

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