Big News! FDA Deeming Regulations in Retreat?

my whole life I've been told that smoking is bad smoking will kill you smokers deserve to die I smoked for 40 years 15 years I'll go to my grave smoking I pretty much thought that smoking was the thing in the past part of history I was wrong billion people dying from smoking related diseases 70 percent of current smokers want to quit you trying to fail you trying to fail I was shocked when I found out that many people were using new ways to quit is one of the biggest public health breakthroughs we've ever had is she gonna be okay we'll do this I like three see that it's gonna go to the savior alternative to lighting up on that day I stopped those ways were being banned in more and more countries easy to buy cigarettes the Dubois and a cigarette that makes no sense governments worldwide are the biggest shareholders in the revenue of cigarettes dangers of e-cigarettes and the public health communities lying about those chemical entities no evidence to back that up was a fraud people are gonna die oh we don't know but we don't know the ancient ways and other flavors what's going on seized almost 1,000 shipments right at my house nobody wants to talk about the public needs to know the truth about these products and they need public health people telling the truth about the risks at least 90 folks and West recipients mentality cares that's irresponsible three back a few days destructive change legal action promise don't let the bastards win I'm very quick this is the battle for a billion lives all right everybody how we doing today big news big news for the stuff that we've spent the last couple years focusing on here is we made a billion lives the FDA which is in my home country of the United States has decided to not only change some dates but actually change their tone as well and for all of our team here two billion lives is a very emotional very exciting day obviously it's not the end of some of the pain but this is definitely in our opinion the beginning of the end to a lot of what we saw as being corporate driven corrupt regulations that we're actually gonna be hurting people so one of the main reasons for making the film so lots of celebration I'm actually joined here today by a friend of mine who became a friend here shortly before the movie actually was finished and offered to help get the word out and you know use some of his connections his name is Kurt Lowe black who join us in New Zealand for our world premiere and actually did some of the live-streaming I've got him here live from Illinois joining us I Kurt how are you sir I'm good Aaron how are you I'm doing very good we've had definitely one of those one of those days where you know you kind of believe that in all the pain and heartache was was worth it and yeah we're just kind of having some celebrations here so yeah how about yourself yeah no everything's good I mean obviously as we all know we've suffered a lot of losses here and you know not to not too long ago you know we have the flavor bands going on in San Francisco we have the lawsuit the right to be smoke-free and then if you're lawsuit we had some bad news with that we even had some bad news of the lawsuit regarding vaping on airplanes so it's been it's been a pretty rough year for us so far and having having this piece of information having this bit of news is obviously it's making us cheerful at the very least we know that this isn't over yet by any means but it's nice to have a win that we can put in our back pocket for once yeah for sure so for those of you guys who didn't see some of the news I know we posted the speech the new FDA commissioners speech we posted that on our Facebook page and on Twitter and and other places and you know for Mia it was obviously great news I'm just reading it you could tell that there was a huge change in tone and a huge change in how they referred to these vapor technology products instead of as like harmful like addicting threats to children and all this stuff they referred to them as innovative products and we've been pushing for just that sort of intelligent you know wording and ways to talk about these products because it was scaring smokers away you know instead of them trying vapor technology products instead of smoking they were just saying I'm just gonna keep smoking because this stuff seems kind of dangerous and so the fact that they're referring to him as innovative products I thought was huge and then the fact that they also you know we're talking about they pushed the deadline so the deadline now for when the prohibition would have begun was actually five years from from this August instead of you know instead of about a year or so so yeah I don't know Kurt did you see anything significant when you first heard that what was your thoughts on that yeah definitely so I was I had listened in this morning at nine o'clock central is when the call was going on and there were definitely some positive things that I heard one of the most important things that he was doing is that he was separating combustible and by he I mean Scott goblet he's the Commissioner of the FDA he was separating combustible cigarettes from the n's products from tobacco in general and that's huge that means that they realized that there truly are different levels of products that are out there you know it's not just smoking or not smoking there's they're smoking there's vaping there's there's premium cigars they're you know there's the the swedishness and stuff like that so we now know that okay there he at least realizes that there's different levels in different ways that nicotine can be delivered and that's huge that is what we have been stressing for longest time is that we are about tobacco harm reduction and from what he said and from the just the general attitude in which he was taking the approach that he was taking I think is going to be huge for us I think it's going to start more conversations work to be able to get studies that do prove and more studies obviously there studies out there but more studies that prove that these alternative Nick delivery methods are safer and that's what we have been trying to get across and I think this is a good first step for us to really really open up that conversation again it seems that now they might actually be willing to listen yeah yeah for sure and I get a chance to take part in the stakeholders phone call that happened after all this and it was interesting to see some of the usual characters there you know you had the campaign for tobacco-free kids and even our friend Stan glance who agreed to be in the movie with and I wouldn't schedule a time you know these guys you know forever I've been screaming about how all these are about the children and it's about the children and you know flavors and all this stuff and which I find to be disingenuous for an intelligent human being to say that's something that you know has no record at this point of causing any deaths and has been helping millions of people quit smoking it's just as dangerous is something that you know science is showing you know roughly half the people who smoke are gonna die early from some sort of smoking related illness so we know when people start talking like that and even you know talking about the children and save the children you know I mean that's what Hitler said you know and obviously we know how that went down it makes me nervous anytime people are just constantly saying things about saving the children you know parents are there to save their own children and whenever I start hearing people who are doing fundraising trying to save children usually that means that there's something I mean at least sometimes it means there's something going on you really have to look at that and so in this case you had the FDA saying they wanted to save the children but they were talking about using innovative products and you know I thought that was pretty interesting another you know I was looking at the folks from ABC a actually sent me a synopsis of some of the stuff that they saw I'm just to give you guys some of the facts here that work that were announced the the FDA was announcing a new comprehensive plan and it wasn't just about vapor technology products but they're talking about shifting the the trajectory of tobacco-related disease and death by pursuing lower nicotine levels for cigarettes which I know I think did they try that Kurt did they try that a couple decades ago with cigarettes do you remember that story I honestly I don't recall yeah well I do recall it I guess and I wasn't there for most likely but what they were doing is lowering the the nicotine levels and cigarettes which as you can imagine if nicotine is something that you're looking for lowering that nicotine really only means that you're probably going to be smoking more not less and when you're dying from cigarettes from the smoke and from the you know carbon monoxide and the tar not the nicotine actually smoking more to get the nicotine actually causes more death and more harm and so that I thought was you know one of those things that was kind of put to bed put to rest is kind of a bad idea but unfortunately it looks like they're bringing it back but now in this time frame you know fast forward 2017 we now have alternative products that deliver nicotine in a way that isn't causing tar and carbon monoxide vapor technology products and as well as some of the other things so it's very possible at this point that what could happen is as the cigarettes are delivering less nicotine people are perhaps going to be you know interested in perhaps trying some of these new reduced risk products and so you know like vapor technology where you know they're estimating it's like 95 percent or less you know safer than then vaping so I thought that was intriguing yeah yeah I do actually we have to remember that the FDA and many of these other health organizations that are out there is they are primarily looking at children right so them requiring a reduced amount of nicotine in the cigarette you know if someone it's impossible for them to get hooked which you know what is you know you have to figure out what is that number to where it really doesn't have an impact it doesn't start the addiction you know I could see that you know being their target and that's why they want to do it but we also have to remember that look it's not just the nicotine that is causing people to get addicted to cigarettes there's you know thousands of chemicals in there and you know what happens when you actually smoke them and you burn and you burn the tobacco and everything else is you know that's what I think they seem to be forgetting with that but because of the fact that they're leaving the opening for there to be alternative products that maybe this is their way of satisfying some of those individuals which you know as we've seen from some of the different press releases that have come out today's people are not very satisfied right with what the FDA is doing today but maybe that's his attempt to try and legitimize what he's doing without coming out and saying you know look I I support vaping and I think that this is a good product so you know time will tell really what they're going to do and obviously we are all anxiously waiting there different guidance documents and further you know information that they're gonna publish make available for us because it's gonna be very telling what their true goal is and what exactly he is trying to do yeah real quick on that nicotine we spent about ten minutes of that on the film because I feel like that's probably the most misinformed thing in the public that people actually I think was something like seventy percent of doctors think that nicotine causes cancer which is a rageous okay for a doctor to be thinking that and a lot of people are you know because back in the day when they're campaigning against cigarettes they kept talking about nicotine instead of actually you know the smoking part of it which is the deadly part so nicotine itself we know is not the problem you know it's not the problem you could just chew nicotine gum the rest of your life and most likely other than maybe elevated heart rate or some blood pressure you're really not gonna have any issues you're certainly not getting a lung cancer from that as well as any of the other things are no carcinogens in nicotine so I thought it was fascinating that they kept talking about nicotine but you know honestly and and this was what I was getting a lot of today people were pushing back saying I'm Aaron like this stuff I don't know doesn't sound good they're still talking about nicotine and flavors well folks if you look at the FDA it's a giant organization of bureaucracy of people and obviously they've seen a lot of this stuff going on including the news around the movie as well as all these lawsuits and everything the FDA you know the Heartland hearings where they're doing deeming as well as you know going after deeming and going to sue the FDA there's all these things going obviously they know that there's a problem and so for them to be shifting now a new administration comes in and yeah you can't expect them just uh you know okay we're turning it all off it just doesn't work that way you know and so what I saw today was a transition one that seemed respect full of the people that had been working on it even though I don't know how much respect some of those people deserve but it was respectful and it and it was beginning it's like the Titanic and if you see an iceberg ahead you're not gonna just turn around and go the other way you have to shift and you have to shift early so these guys they pushed it back for more years which is five years from next month to give themselves lots of time for which as we know what the science already has millions of people have already you know done the test on their own selves and found that this is better than smoking we know what the we know what the technology can do and obviously we just need some science here to catch up I'm seeing the signal for that folks also those of you guys who are joining us we are gonna be taking some questions and definitely feel free to comment below if you guys have had some success with these but yeah we are gonna be interacting with you guys we are here this is live and yeah we just want to make sure we get some got a chance to get everybody on and watching before we started talking about some of those questions Kurt anything else you saw today that we should talk about before we get into the questions well just based on the press release from Gottlieb is one of the things that we do need to reiterate is that the fight is not over by any means all that he has really done as of today is they've pushed back the pmta that's all they have done so they've given us you know an additional four years what that that means is that any of the the other deadlines they're still standing so the registration the no selling to minors all you know the the ingredient listing and all of that that is still there so it's important for the business owners out there to make sure that hey this isn't the end this doesn't mean you're off the hook and don't have to do anything that you guys are still working with your trade organizations with your attorneys to make sure that you guys can stay compliant for the deadlines now something else that we do need to focus on is because the health organizations are not happy with the stuff that he is taking by pushing back some of the deadlines is we are going to see a redoubled effort on their part to try and implement flavor bans statewide we're gonna see then redouble their efforts for tobacco 21 taxes so once again this doesn't mean you know you can breathe a sigh of relief it actually means what you need to do is you need to gear up again and make sure that you are working with your trade organization make sure that you're meeting with your representatives and helping shut down any potential bills before they become a problem because like I said earlier today we've all seen in San Francisco we've all seen Oakland and we don't want that to happen to you guys now another important thing then there is flavours they are going to be opening up a comment period regarding flavors again if you remember you know they had flavors initially and then the OMB redline that and said they couldn't have that part there deeming regs by them reopening the flavor conversation we need to make sure that we as an industry we as consumers are proactive and once again reach out to the people who can help you understand what the FDA is looking for when it comes to writing comments because there is going to be a comment period and we need to make sure that we are flooding them with you know positive examples of how flavors have helped you quit smoking or switch from smoking to vaping or you know cut down your smoking because if if Gottlieb is truly willing to listen right now and it appears from you know from his Beach earlier today that there's a good opportunity for us to really have an impact and hopefully you know we can make them understand that look flavors aren't just for kids you know I like Snickers as much as the the you know the eight-year-old so we need to make sure that we are staying proactive here and we're not you know we're not just saying that we have won the war we've won the war here because we certainly have and this is just as just a battle it may have been a big one you know it gives us four more years to continue selling products currently on the market but it is it is far from over that's uh yeah that's definitely something to remember I know a lot of people they are you know historically you know it was very slow to get people to actually get active about this and in fact sometimes I still wonder because now what's happened is you had a few people that were carrying all the activity and trying to get better at you know reaching out to the leaders and changing opinion and then you know just as other people are starting to get more on board than else on some of these you know smackdowns happened you know you know some of the you know I would say corrupt legislation and other rules starting to ban some of the discussion about this and whatnot and people started to fall off they got discouraged and I believe now what we have is it clear we have five years essentially to get the truth out there if there's ever a time to start to wake up you got a little bit of you got to hit the snooze button essentially but now it is time to wake up and actually get going on real quick I just saw one of the one of the comments here I'm actually watching a little bit on you know at YouTube and I see some of the people were worried about us being some sort of propaganda effort and well obviously you can see here we are the movies been out now for a while and although the blu-rays are gonna be coming very soon actually just heard from the factory that they're gonna be shipping next week but yeah we are essentially done making the movie but here we are still fighting still talking about this effort because at the end of the day if it doesn't achieve what we were hoping for you know there's definitely a sense of dissatisfaction so I appreciate all you guys who have stuck with us and can you know see honest journalists when they're trying to be honest and when they're trying to actually help things so yeah for that one other thing too I wanted to just notes I'm looking through these notes here one of the things that you know I was on that call afterwards and people were asking you know a lot of questions one of the things that was interesting is that the FDA does expect manufacturers to continue to market the products that they have and so that's gonna be an important thing you know marketing equals communication you know obviously sometimes marketing can be not helpful or you know in some cases wrong but obviously we have laws about you know illegal or you know false advertising but allowing people to talk about that's gonna be one of the key changes they also said they're gonna be announcing a lot of new ways to interact with the agency and how they're going to be changing a lot of things coming up soon and obviously judging by the tone remember this was just the beginning of seeing oh the boat is gonna turn obviously there's some cautiousness that needs to happen but ultimately what we're seeing is they've said they are going to be changing some things and additional things and so would not be surprising to see some you know additional rules or lack of enforcement on certain things we will see obviously what keeping you guys updated here so make sure to subscribe on our YouTube and Facebook or sign up for the email so that we can keep you guys updated on that looking at some other notes here yeah essentially yeah it's making cigarettes less less appealing and some of these New Age technology efforts looking more appealing accrue we were talking a little bit before the show about the tobacco industry and obviously we can see what this going to do to them at least initially you can see investors and some of the smartest people in the world what were you seeing in the stock market today yeah so what we've seen right now we've seen that five to ten percent drop in some of the big t and some of the big tobacco companies so this is not a good news for them because when you look at what Gottlieb was trying to do and he was focusing so heavily on combustible tobacco combustible cigarettes that's what he was primarily focused on that the bad news right the good news for us at least was that you know that he's going to allow the vaping industry to keep doing what it's been trying to do so yeah investors right now are skeptical and you know for his big tea companies you know cigarettes are still there their source of income and like yeah a lot of them have gotten into electronic cigarettes you know you have mark 10 and some of the other stuff that's out there but you know if investors are worried if health orbs are worried then you know that this is something that is then is in the vaping industry's favor so yeah for sure and you know that's something to see cuz obviously like Philip Morris made a pledge to stop selling combustible cigarettes at some point obviously they haven't set a deadline on that but you can see that you know in some ways the FDA is seeing that companies that are making cigarettes are able to change and that maybe this will start to encourage some of that obviously because with less nicotine or some of those other changes that could be coming down the road people are gonna be definitely less interested in buying cigarettes so that will force the companies to start to shift and they've already begun but obviously now that will probably kick that into high gear and obviously then the the market is seeing that that may not be as profitable and so obviously the stocks are being hit a little bit here but yeah obviously we're now as much worried about stocks as we are alive so I was pretty excited to see you know the news other things too real quick you know obviously I got a chance to testify against the FDA and those those collaborate or not oh my goodness I'm losing my mind here on this but the the hearings that were leading to a lawsuit against the FDA for not it's not collaboration you remember Kurt was like oh my god the process the coordination coordination yeah well because they're saying you know I've see it was kind of this obscure law and a lot of people were very skeptical about I understand that skepticism I was too and I talked to a variety of lawyers and they're also like confused but they said it you know hey it's worth a shot well obviously here EVC a sent me press release today and actually said that the announcement from the fda comes just one day after the village of heartland i'm submitted their letter to them stating that they either begin doing these coordination proceedings or they were gonna have a lawsuit so i don't know if that that was specifically related i think the timing is intriguing i also noticed that some of the wording you know during the press releases and some of the calls afterwards was actually closely following if he got a chance to read that seventy page document that they sent a lot of the wording and stuff that they were that they were discussing today i thought actually lined up kind of with that so i I do I'm intrigued I'm cautiously optimistic about you know the power that that had obviously was thankful to be a part of it and I think that you know when you're looking at the different you know the different ways that we can approach you know it's kind of that all hands on deck type approach and that really you know when you see different you know different tactics in the same war you know you definitely want to discourage people from trying that and I felt like sometimes you see you know Kurt as you you know used to be more involved with the industry and obviously now are you know turning into a conglomerate here of all kinds of different businesses but as you know it's been frustrating to kind of get some of these advocacy organizations to focus on advocacy and stop talking about each other and that's been one of my biggest disappointments during this whole movie time was you know the lack of you know the lack of really just collaboration you know and that yeah that was disappointing but obviously you saw so the lawsuits failed and a bunch of other things well here maybe we had some success with at least one of those tactics and I think that's what a good reminder not to be discouraging to people because the EVC has been doing that and I I'm pretty sure for the most part those people leading that are just volunteering trying to raise funds but obviously you know when you're in a dying industry it's kind of hard to fund things like that so anyway that was kind of my last notes on that let's uh let's get into some of these questions here from you guys she's gonna hit refresh yeah on YouTube let me look at the YouTube comments real quick that I saw one of those things here all right all right lots of nice little things thank you guys for that yeah collaboration is starting to happen someone said I don't know about that I'll believe it when I see it obviously you know there's been a lot of talk you know right to be smoke-free collaborative and all that and I thought that was a good effort but then I still see a lot of things behind the scenes that were not impressive to me on that but yeah now would be the time so yeah I hope so yeah some people some people saying they had their family watch the movie which is awesome thank you guys I know that was one of the things that my heart that I had on my heart while making the movie was a lot of the emails early on that I'd getting from mom saying that they're worried that oh my son is now vaping and I think he's gonna die or all my son started this vape shop and I think he might be crazy you know tell us and I would actually answer their question right away but obviously the movie was designed to help all those folks that you know maybe weren't you know weren't able to convince their moms on their own so yeah that's cool all right Wow so many comments here geesh someone was asking how do they volunteer for official testing and the effect so far well good luck with that they're probably not gonna trust you you volunteer so I guess we have to just wait to see you know maybe they asked but I know that there was something out there where somebody was asking for volunteers but you kind of got to be careful too if you know that an organization kind of has some twisted funding issues or twisted agenda that most likely that means there studies coming out already have the answer or their answer and so they'll just be taking the data that fits that so that kind of sucks boys lots of comments not seen a lot of questions here let's see I'm just looking through someone said they were just suspended from school for three days for vaping and obviously I don't think that children should start vaping but obviously you look at 16 17 year-olds I think Kurt what's the do you know kind of what the average was for when people started smoking do you recall I mean probably 14 or 15 14 15 something like that so you know I've been seeing a lot of these let's make cigarettes illegal for anyone under 21 but they're but they're bringing the you know the vaping into it you know the vapor technology products which I find to be kind of ridiculous because for a 13 14 or 15 year old kid it's already illegal to smoke but they're still doing it you know and obviously it's not as easy to bomb a vape off of somebody it is to take a cigarette so I do believe that they need to reconsider that any time you see someone trying to include vapor technology in their 21 and under ban that they're doing something a little shady or they're being lobbied by people that are doing some shady things so keep that in mind to folks all right yes people say they can't wait for the blu rays to arrive yes we got all kinds of cool videos on their special effects we're going to talk about that another time though I don't want to overlay I don't get to promotional here yeah so I'm gonna just said definitely better not to use anything until you're finished growing nicotine like caffeine you know can cause problems for young people growing minds we definitely don't advocate for people using anything nicotine related you know until obviously they're they're old enough 21 would be a fine age for that but obviously we know that a lot of people are smoking younger than that so they need to have that alternative if they do get addicted so anyway oh yeah bill one of the guys commented here on youtube saying that these guys are not gonna be resting you know the bet the the bad people if you will you know that they are only going to begin to fight because just like the people on the side of the truth and then side health the people that are on the side of making money off of this are saying oh we also only have you know four or five years to really get this get this fight going so yeah yeah it's like alright seeing some more comments here all over the world Hungary Ireland all kinds of people saying hi oh here's a good one Kurt let's talk about this someone just said local government is gonna screw us especially in the blue states to counter Gottlieb who's the FDA Commissioner yeah what what's your thoughts on that obviously there are some popularity issues in some cases with the current government do you believe that there will be an effort to fight vapor technology simply because it was this change was attached to the current administration what's your thoughts on that I think that what we're going to see is we're going to see the different health or nations rally together and once again they're going to try and force local municipalities states to enact tobacco 21 policies because that's been their goal all along right is they don't want people smoking they don't want people vaping they don't want flavors they don't want kids you know even being able to get their hands on it and now that it's going to be a more difficult fight for them at the federal level which they're not giving up by any means they are gonna continue to lobby to try and get the FDA to do what they want them to do but because you know it's a completely different ballgame at the state level you know there's there's less layers that they have to work through so yes we're going to see states and cities and counties you know they are going to go to these guys and they are going to tell them look the FDA is failing you this is why they're failing you this is what you need to do so that's why you know like I said earlier it's imperative for consumers and for business owners in the vape o sphere to make sure that you are working with the local trade organizations if your consumer working with kasaa making sure that you're meeting with your representatives and and talking to them about this you know and if you get there first and you know you're not trying to go against the the Ala or whoever it may be you know there's an opportunity for us to say look the FDA is is starting to roll back now right now it might be a little too soon because sure we've seen the PM ta get pushback but let's see what the FDA releases next let's see what what gotten guidance documents they make available because this is gonna be great for us if they are saying that you know vaping is a healthier alternative or a safer alternative to smoking and this is evidence that you can present to your people your elected officials and say look the FDA is saying this you know we've got studies from all over the world now that are saying this and it's gonna give us an opportunity to really set the standards for the vaping industry within the states and make sure that you know electronic cigarettes and vapor products are available to people who are 18 years old and smoking you know available to that the 53 year old and you know if they like caramel flavor you know we need to make sure that all those things are available so it's so in parrot of that we are still being proactive and we're still meeting with our representatives and talk to them about it because you have to remember that these guys you know they don't know everything that we do that we know they are dealing with a plethora of issues whether it be budget or education you know whatever it may be so you know when they get information on a specific topic you know it's a one-pager right it's it's whatever was fed to them by one of their staffers and that information was fed to them from somewhere else so let's make sure that we're getting our own one-pagers in there and that we are stopping these tobacco 21 ordinances and their tracks that we're making sure that taxes aren't pushed through we're making sure that flavor bans aren't going through and that's gonna be up to all of you guys to make sure that you know we stay ahead of this because like I said earlier you know the war is far from over this is you know we're gonna see a redoubling of effort from these guys we need to make sure that we're doubling tripling quadrupling ours because this you know now we have four years to really mold what the atmosphere is gonna be and what the environments gonna be here yeah um one of the comments here just seeing a Chad and a couple other people referencing this idea that not the idea but the fact that product innovation is still frozen if I chad says it's just frozen longer well that is true as for now and that question was asked actually in that post speech call that I was on and actually what they said was okay so you say innovation is you know important to save lives well what are we supposed to do about all these new products so just no more new products I was that innovation and and actually yeah the FDA actually said that they were now going to be considering new products but that you had to bring it to them they were fairly they were not clear on that but do you you know remember it with this change in tone and in some of the things that are coming out in the new science I would not be surprised if that innovation would be open fairly soon but that you have to start somewhere and today was definitely that start and behind the scenes I'm being told a lot of different things from people that are fairly close to the FDA and other things that there is a lot of discussion going on there that they have not made public today and I won't get into too much of that but obviously could see our level of enthusiasm with today's announcement what does that actually mean so that's a good question someone else is asking why they're under 300 people watching this only I don't know I'm pretty pumped about 300 people watching thank you guys that's only on Facebook YouTube is also going pretty strong but yeah feel free to share the video if you guys would like to see more people watching we love all the comments going on here let me get into some other ones here yes some things from South Africa yep we were really pumped installed ever got to kind of be a part of that avoiding them getting into that and we actually were there just at the right time for that which is pretty fun all right well you guys are so many good comments here oh yeah this flavor bands you know and obviously we saw that San Francisco some flavor bands and other places around the country that is starting to be the thing that flavors we need to ban flavors because flavors a dick children and obviously haha that's probably one of the stupidest things that I've heard obviously adults like flavors and that's also one of the reasons why you would want to switch from smoking to vapor technology would be because the flavors are so good so I don't buy that today the FDA did talk about flavors is something that they were gonna reopen that discussion I think that's fantastic because what they need to do is make some new rules about flavors potentially ones that will be nationwide and that will basically kill all of those local bands they just need to make something about flavors I don't know what it'll be but given their new tone in the fact that they're saying they want to spend years on the science I would not be surprised if that would end up being a positive thing plus they wanted to reopen the discussion meaning you guys out there are gonna be able to comment on that and with new administration I think that those comments actually might be listened to this time so yeah good one let me look here lots of love thank you guys so much for all the love I wish I could get to all the names but alright just keep coming so fast I mean yeah Cancer Research UK is doing great work on this we're gonna see a lot more data coming out on that some people said what's going on with the lawsuit from Heartland I would assume that with today's announcement that that is on hold because essentially what they said is that we are going to back off on everything here for the next five years and figure it out I'm not sure obviously I don't speak for those guys from the town of Heartland but I do live nearby so I might swing over and ask him about that some questions for you occurred some people are requesting a billion life sequel I don't know we'll see on that that really just depends on if we can afford to do it so thank you to everyone who bought the movie and bought the shirts and all that kind of stuff that's really awesome here gentlemen Robert Caruso says can you see Wow come in sir disappearing because there's so many of them but he was asking do we see the yeah basically the local the local place or the statewide politicians being kind of the the next big battle while the FDA shakes out Kurt what's your thoughts and I know you just kind of mentioned that but you speak specifically to that being the next big battle or do you think that the federal battle is is still kind of the main focus right now I think what we're going to see now is as the FDA continues to provide additional guidance to us it's really going to determine what the quote unquote big battle is but states and local municipalities they should never be forgotten because even though maybe they're not one big battle but remember you know if you have an army and you know every time you lose a guy every time someone falls you know it's opened up the opportunity for another person to fall to so you know California was a complete disaster a complete mess and that wasn't wasn't anyone's fault beyond you know California themselves but you know we had a giant event there and you know those look levers kids the organizations in California I thought were pretty lame and didn't even take the aperture even though we had tons of celebrities and politicians there they didn't I don't know but yeah they definitely in some ways man that's one of those things where it's like you guys got to be smarter and you got to work together and you can't sit there guys if you're watching this like I know most of you guys were probably preaching to the choir but you know ultimately we need to get people awake I mean this is a serious thing it's threatening not just people's lives but their businesses and and you know tons of other things so yeah anyway sorry to jump in there but yeah they California California was a mess and we don't want to see that happen everywhere you know I live in Illinois and I'm a board member of the Trade Organization here and we have been fighting for the past you know five years now to make sure that you know vaping is still around tomorrow so you know the big battle it's always a battle there's always gonna be another municipality there's always gonna be another state that's gonna try and do something so it's imperative that you're staying on top of it and we know once again you know and being a dead horse here but it's imperative that you're working with your trade organizations working with kasaa working with you representative to make sure that your state your city your town isn't the next to fall because there's only so many you know cities and states before you know the state laws have all passed and it's based you know it's essentially worse than the FDA regulations so need to need to stay proactive on that we need to keep fighting need to make sure that our representatives are on our side yeah absolutely agree with that so all right cool let me look and see here what other comes otherwise I think I mean there are so many though man I wish I'm gonna come back probably I'm probably go back through and actually answer some of these ones myself here but wow this is so great yeah you know John who was actually in the movie he just come he said the fight is only just starting same in the UK that absolutely is indeed the case and I've been telling people this for a long time you know when our movie came out August you know the North American was August 8th last year and a lot of people said that you're too late and I said no you guys don't understand this but the battle is literally just beginning and here we see now that we've got about a five year battle ahead of us and that it is important to actually support your advocacy organizations is important to actually do the work yourself don't just throw five bucks at somebody and hope that they do the job for you if you believe that this is important for you for your health for your family for your business like wake up and get going on this guy's like this is the time so we do appreciate everyone who's been going out a lot of people have been telling me I see some comments here that people are just tired you know that they're weak and and just from the constant beating and the lack of support guys it's time to change this it is time literally now you have five years and I agree with John the battle is just beginning I am surprised here though in the UK you know people say that but even where you guys think it's good there's still people that have huge money influences that are fighting back and you know trying to make sure in some ways even though they wouldn't say this but you know that smoking continues because smoking is the source of a huge part of our economy when people are sick that they buy health care related things and you know it's not just the cigarette sales the taxes and all that you know that's a big thing so until Texas on cigarettes go away and people don't get sick from them which is never gonna happen yeah we're gonna have to keep keep vigilant because all it takes for bad things to happen is for you know the people that know the truth to sit there and stand idly by watching and that's ultimately what's happened and the vast majority of people that believe in these products are standing there and hoping someone else does the job so that cannot continue guys and thanks to everybody who have kept going uh-oh here's a good question from Wendy this one be good for you Kurt as well do you think they've made these statements to get everyone to relax and then slide in regs while people are in mode no now I don't think this is the case whatsoever and and one of the reason being is just a reaction that some of the other the our adversaries have had is you know this was some sort of effort to get us to to kind of relax and put us into a lull it's it's going to have the opposite effect in fact is look we've been losing and losing and losing and what happens when you have a victory you know you get pumped up you get fired up you're ready to start fighting again you know what's what's next so I don't I don't think that that is the case here and we also need to remember too that if you if you look at what he's saying it's gonna be very hard for them to to back away from that is you know it is public record now it has been heard you know if these agencies these organizations are starting to say one thing and then completely go the opposite direction that's going to get them into a lot of trouble you know it's you can't just flip-flop like that and now don't don't get me wrong you know there's a difference between you know banning vaping because it's to protect the children then then what they're doing now so it's not like they're that you know they're saying they're doing something with the intention of doing something else I think here what we have is we have an FDA Commissioner who understands you know he understands the real world that look we're never going to beat smoking smoking isn't going to go away it is one of the oldest industries in the United States and it has been around since since the United States conception pretty much so you know he's accepted that and what he's trying to do is he's trying to find different ways to save lives because obviously their current approach isn't working we've seen a huge decrease in smoking over the past couple years and it can't be attributed you know to the campaign for tobacco-free kids they may claim responsibility for it but we all know that this that there's something else going on here and I think he's aware of that he's a smart guy he's tuned in to what's going on and I think that this is them trying to actually do their job the right way and they you know they also realize that look if if we ban something and these smoking numbers go up that's hard evidence that they will not be able to fight they you know if smoking has been in a constant decline you know since basically 1964 and we get an uptick in 2018 or 2019 that's a huge problem for the FDA because of you know what they did so they don't want to do that and I think he's just being realistic at this point and sure it may be hard for you know vaping products to go through the pmta or whatever process they have down the road but you know I'm a firm believer in that as long as there are products available to the smokers that can assist them in quitting smoking I don't care if it's mine you know I don't care where it came from I don't care any you know I don't care right is my business in this business is making sure that people can quit smoking yeah so and I think I'm hoping you know and and I may be wrong but I'm hoping that he has a similar attitude and that you know he wants he wants our industry to survive you know sure there are players and there we don't want to see survived but he's giving us an opportunity to really mature as an industry make sure that the products are manufactured properly that they are marketed in an appropriate manner and you know now is the time for us to really grow up and say that you know we're not gonna be the fly-by-night company anymore I want to be a product that is going to be available all across the United States and I think this is this is a good step for us and he's going to give us the ability to do so if we can prove it to him I think that's what it's really about is I think he wants us to prove to him that we can be a legitimate industry awesome yeah and I do think that's the case I'm not one of the super skeptics I am generally skeptical over these guys but I know that his history and you know is a little bit more focused on you know a variety of businesses and drew a that asks a really great question does this quote sound like it is a plug for Big Pharma and I'm gonna read it here this is a quote apparently probably from the speech additionally the agency plans to examine actions to increase access and use of fda-approved medicinal nicotine products and work just updated my comments right as I was reading that basically usually well I don't know what is there so many of these but basically essentially saying that they were going to encourage the use of fda-approved medicinal products and I was so we know who's making those so what's your thoughts on that oh you know it's it's something that when you look back at the whole entire speech is he has been plugging tobacco harm reduction from from the beginning that's what it was about right it's you know reduced the amount of nicotine that are in cigarettes to try and get people you know stop people from using them consistently but at the end of the day you know if the patch works for even if it works for 5% of people we're cool you know that product works great you know let those 5% use it if if the gum works for you know an additional six percent let it work let those people use that if vaping works for you know 50 percent or two percent or five percent if it works make sure that that product is still available because if you have enough products that work eventually a person who true he wants to quit is going to be able to quit and that's what I think he's focused on is he wants people do not start smoking or in the alternative to be able to quit smoking should they want to so I think like he's plugging us just as you know and he's plugging Big Pharma fine let him plug Big Pharma as long as there's still alternative methods beyond just what for pharmaceutical companies are providing right because at the end of the day and I believe this that businesses need to have you know I think a little bit more of a free market I mean I'm not you know a crazy person either way but I think obviously if the best product should all compete and the one that's winning should be a choice I believe in freedom of choice and so yeah if people want to use patches I think that's fantastic and if that works it does work for some people obviously and I think that that you know obviously we were never against that stuff when I'm against it the corruption and stuff that big pharma has brought to this whole discussion so when of course people don't like when he talks about that but at the end of the day this is the FDA you know the majority of the things they do with our pharmaceutical companies the lobbyists all that is going directly from Big Pharma so I don't think I would not expect them to be coming out saying you know eff Big Pharma you know that's just not gonna happen so and it's a good leader he probably shouldn't do that because I would really upset a lot of people and it's unnecessary at the end of the day all we're asking for is the truth let the science come out use the science-based approach to this listen to people and everything today was screaming that we are going to listen we are going to do the science and we're going to give it some time and I think ultimately that's probably the big the big takeaway from today so one other things someone just asked what were the action from all the all the people in the movie that you know we had talked about the head you know big pharma money and other things coming you know American cancer heart all that stuff tobacco-free kids what did you see out there Curt today they were not happy campers you know kind of what we saw across the board is you know they're applauding the FDA's effort to stop smoking and its tracks but then they were more or less condemning the FDA for pushing deadlines back so you know that when you know they're not happy because in their perfect world there would be no cigarettes which you know there would be no vape there would be none of that that's that's their perfect little world right where suddenly no one has cancer unfortunately we all know that's that's not the case and that will never be the case so what they ultimately want to do is they want to make sure that it's their products their methods that that make people quit smoking or or you know cure their cancer whatever maybe so they're needless to say they're not happy if you just go you know one that I actually posted on my Facebook a little bit earlier today was the campaign for tobacco-free kids you could see you know where I believe it was Matt Myers who actually really stood it may have been someone else but you could just tell they were grinding their teeth while they were typing that out so that's why you know I said earlier you know it's important that we be proactive because they are going to double down right now and they are gonna keep fighting so it's it's so important well one of it yeah one of the things that you know I always find fascinating and this will end up being a problem is when stuff like this comes out of course these guys we I believe I campaign for tobacco-free kids was facing some funding issues thank goodness and we were super excited to help out with that funding crisis however we could because the funding was corrupt and one of the things I thought was so fascinating was or is fascinating and it's gonna end up being a problem is the fact that they're gonna be able to use this for fundraising and yeah so wait for it the FDA is corrupted by President Trump and we are going to fight them tooth and nail send us money right now and I think it will be somewhat successful so I think do you know again any time you're trying to save the children everybody's always interested in pitching in a little bit for that so yeah I would wait for wait for that yeah so pretty much I'd say Scott to answer your question the reaction is that they're not happy about it and they're just gonna be a lot of discussion and a lot of propaganda coming out to kind of show why they need more funding and I would expect that this to get real interesting I'm someone else coming in at about how the movie didn't get a lot of attention in certain countries and whatnot and I did and while I guess in some ways that I would agree we only have maybe what's 50 60 thousand people fall on her Facebook page and you know maybe another 30,000 emails and whatnot the people that are we have obviously been working behind the scenes to make sure people are seeing the movie we've traveled to different countries shown to many different members of parliament congressmen senators at different events the right people are seeing it and actually people in the FDA are definitely aware of the movie I made sure of that and you know this is not you know if we're for some reason missing somebody make sure to comment or shoot me an email and we can make sure that these guys are seen I've sent many free copies to politicians and whatnot it's very easy for me to do that so if you have a free or if you have a politician like me to potentially shoot an email to I will do that obviously I can't do a hundred thousand of them so hopefully it's not an incredible amount we do need you guys to help with that I've noticed a lot of people have actually been on our website you can actually gift the the movie to somebody and it's fairly easy just arrives in their email and they can watch it for free so that's certainly an option too as well but yeah we are not sitting by making sure people aren't seeing it of course there's some countries I just heard one of the commenters here was saying that Iran is planning on making it illegal and punishing by life it was death or something I can't find the comment but yeah there's gonna be those countries obviously Iran is also having other things that are going on and but at the end of the day I'm sure that stuff will work its way out as we get the science out and you know as you guys out there you know continue to be good ambassadors for the truth and you know again I continue to urge people to be gentle and kind and intelligent and and as professional as they can be and I know a lot of you guys have been doing that but it's a good reminder it's a good reminder that you know to get the politicians to pay attention sometimes they have to you know you have to you know key that down a little bit sometimes some of the enthusiasm you know just stick with the facts so anyway I'm looking at comments here so many good things but I think we are going to have to wrap this up very soon I'm just make sure I'm gonna scrolling through one more time here lots of good comments and we're gonna go back through make sure for those of you guys you know who are not fond the page make sure to follow our Facebook page you know subscribe to youtube sign up for emails of the billion laughs com we're gonna continue to put things out obviously I'm excited for the collectors edition blu-rays to come out in coming weeks we've got even a lost chapter there with with dr. glance that should be fun for you guys as well as a variety of other things they're all gonna be coming out we've got some more behind the scenes stuff and we're gonna be posting those things you know not posting all of them but we'll be posting with all snippets and things the the campaign to change things is not done just go to the movies out and I think you get so much for your sport Kurt I thank you so much for your support and come into New Zealand with us to launch the movie and obviously helping me some cases find interviews and you know just all that kind of stuff I love it so much and I was excited to have you get you on here I'm sure there's more scientific people but you're one of those guys who's been passionate and intelligent about this argument from I would say day one but I remember YouTube videos of you blowing up batteries to test them and so yeah the good old days indeed but here we are now yeah at the brink of what I feel like is is a new era of science and I'm excited for that I'm excited for you guys to be watching with us today and supporting us and just share this if you can let's get the truth out there make sure you support your advocacy organizations and efforts that are working and also make sure that you you know let your congressmen know and and do those things stay tuned we'll be offering you guys more ideas on how to fight this but we actually have to see how some of this stuff kind of turns out and I'm a optimistic that it's going to turn out good because at the end of the day we are on the side of the truth and that side always wins thank you guys so much have a great weekend and yeah we will see you guys very soon my whole life I've been told that smoking is bad smoking will kill you smokers deserve to die I smoked for 40 years 15 years I'll go to my grave smoking I pretty much thought that smoking was the thing in the past part of history I was wrong billion people dying from smoking related diseases 70 percent of current smokers want to quit you trying to fail you trying to failure I was shocked when I found out that many people were using new ways to quit is one of the biggest public health breakthroughs we've ever had you got it Lucy got me okay we'll do this I'll take three see that it's gonna go to the savior alternative to of lighting up in that day I stopped those ways were being banned in more in more countries easy to buy cigarettes than to buy an a cigarette that makes no sense governments worldwide are the biggest shareholders in the revenue of cigarettes dangers of e-cigarettes and the public health community is lying about those chemicals laziness there's no evidence to back that up wasn't thought people are gonna die oh we don't know but we don't know antifreeze and other flavors what's going on seized almost a thousand shipments right at my house nothing good wants to talk about the public needs to know the truth about these products and they need public health people telling the truth about the risks at least 95 percent less risk management and how much cares that's irresponsible way back a few days destructive change illegal actions promise don't let the bond between I'm very quick this is the battle for a billion lives


  1. I am from the UK and I am over the moon for the US, they have a breather at last so to speak, pardon the pun. Still a long way to go but its a start yey!! I am smoke free for 4 years now and nic free for the last year and a half. I luv my vape xXx

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