Big Bird and Michelle Obama: Healthy Eating Can Be Easy!

hi we're here in the White House kitchen looking for a healthy snack to you gee I bet you can get just anything you want in this kitchen but you know what I like to reach for mmm healthy colorful snacks like juicy fruits and crunchy vegetables those look good and if you're really on the go some also come in their own hearing cases like this orange see it has a hard peel oh yeah hand pluck so does this banana eating healthy is easy and it's fun and delicious too


  1. let's eat some flags

  2. Michelle Obama said all this shit for a damn flag(American flag)

  3. Sesame Street = Communists

  4. To you fat people, stop disliking the videos! 

  5. Bird turd is white. Know your colors. Racist shot face.

  6. Look it's big bird and the BUG TURD!!!

  7. Oh whats a matter lil girl butt hurt cuz the American people didnt buy your bullshit?

  8. We love to see Mrs. Obama encouraging healthy eating. We encourage you to check out our community's effort, at Potter Loves Water dot com. Part of eating healthy is making sure your children have healthy drink choices, too! Read the book on our website and take the pledge.

  9. Oh Wow Michell its Big Bird. I think that Nitti Family is Cursing and Swearing up a storm.

  10. Of course vegetables and fruits are delicious but, can we do it cheaper and less poisoned by the polluted environment?

  11. They both have fat butts. How did that happen???

  12. Yes, and it is purposefully addictive. Today's junk food has more sugar, fat and salt because that activates our 'old' brain to want more and more. Corporations have food scientists who search for ways to make their products addictive.

  13. if only people would realize not to be fucking stupid. its called "junk food" not "healthy food" lol

  14. Fuck Mitt Romney! And im gonna have a big mac!

  15. I think the only person who doesn't like Big Bird is Mitt Romney…

  16. Was that the best banana they could find?

  17. If only people would realize that healthier eating isn't difficult. Just start with not buying less chips, etc. and more fruit. As you eat less junk, the fruits and veggies taste better and better!

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