Bicep + Tricep Best Complete Workout! Day-3 (Hindi / Punjabi)

hey thanks for tuning into my Bollywood body map sunny and we are back with Emerson all carved up and he said that he can think right and he actually came up with a very crazy exercise we're gonna add towards the end it took this very long time to come up with the proper name for that exercise it's one of his favorite exercise he adds at the end of his arm workout all the time today is our day three eyes I'm upset bicep and tricep the crazy workout you shared getting a stretching garlic stretching makes you less prone to injuries you Skiba start off with the first exercise Emerson we're gonna do alternate bicep curls we're gonna be three sets of twelve hold you push your chest out drop your shoulders up squeeze and stretch you got to make sure you be opening by subdiver turn ahead if the concentration is both ways it's not just up squeeze that's it you come up squeeze and slowly bring it down up squeeze slowly bring it out awesome three sets quarter repetitions up squeeze so it's not about keeping our body fat you kidnap lighter weight it's about the quality it's about how much you are connecting to the worker it's all of a mind to muscle connection so up squeeze slowly bring it down which is your stretch give me one more big guy squeeze slowly bring it out that's about it that's your first exercise of the day alternate bicep curl yay exercise are bad Camilla graphically you can sit down and do it or you can stand up and do it depending again both exercises both work on the same muscles both same biomechanics principle remains the same you get a focused mind to muscle quality over quantity second exercise of the day close grip bicep curl escalier I want you to have a straight bar not a curl bar seedy bar cue for the night up squeeze bring it down here we go keep it locked all the time I was Kimber the king you know one good thing is up when we were shooting with Emerson he knows what he's doing a lot of the times that say if I were to train you know it's a beginner shadowy shoot with a lot of beginners as well so I have to adjust the form keep moving the elbows around so he knew the trick pull your hair you Aki Algy him up kiddo there's gonna be about six to eight inch gap between your which is your pinky finger so all the tension here you know stays on your bicep by sub K by Twitter observes that the pressure preggers you come up squeeze here you go slowly bring it out to my big boy squeeze slowly bring it down we're doing eight to ten repetitions again it's a low rep range so you can lift a little bit heavier one sec you're doing five sets of eight to ten repetitions belly exercise things about a day this is five sets minimum eight maximum to ten repetitions quality over quantity nice and slow wrap stretches second exercise of the day once that is done we're gonna finish it up with the last exercise for you bicep three sets of twenty low losing hammer curl with a three-second pause on the top come here we go put sure that elbows back and shoulders drop back come up one two three here we go so again I'm up here they came they better give you high rep range because I'm the guy finish kebab boutique size body cut cake low rep range and then back to high rep range apne bicep to the bottom half shirt without the empty by support around like a you know up the brachialis kitchen we have flex your extensions are popping up hammer curls is one of the great exercises it not only hits again up your balls you can eat chicken burger I'm telling you before I'm stupid because I'm gonna get after brachialis muscle you have two bicep to beat mister forum bachata escape what we conquered PA chest out up squeeze one two three lots and lots of tension muscle stays there longer the muscle stays under tension the more beneficial it is for you beam set twenty repetitions keeper shorter break since it's our high rep range thirty second maximum 40 second that's about it now that this will you bicep workout honey we're just demonstrating it for you so we are going fast if you were to do it all you know it's gonna take you about 20 minutes to finish off this turn of the workout and now like we said it's your superset so Emerson we're gonna do three sets of Emerson special ten ten ten Joe excise every I'm Nikki we're gonna do ten to intend we're gonna do ten bicep curls with the dumbbells again it's not an alternate curve this is eight nine and ten right away ten hammer close one so again now you target your bicep differently well happen if I simplify state here under saved yeah-hoo skeeball apne bicycle Lombardi Cooper come here now with this kind of exercise and then you do crossover close now what you're doing you're hitting your biceps from all directions you are hitting the peak you're hitting lengthening the bicep deep outer bicep the inner bicep so ten bicep curls ten hammer curls ten crossover screw crossover recall it Emerson curls ten Emerson gross it's 30 rock – that's a very light weight 30 reps in a set thirty second break total team repetitions almost give you a give and take you're doing about a hundred repetitions of ten ten and then ten thirty second break the inside is given on and this will wrap up your bicep workout so you did three bicep exercises and this is just a drop sets at the end do you know get the maximum pump and the maximum blood into the muscle now we're gonna move on tricep for the tricep I want you to have like the rebars VB multi CD varlyn a I don't want you to use the rope in this exercise I'm napalm set we're doing five sets of 15 repetitions Poinsett when there are repetitions with a one second falls at the bottom come down that's what look at the form slow and steady if you know there's a very famous saying in English you know since I'm shooting with somebody very very wider than me just put it this way slow and steady wins the race it all it's a mind to muscle connection if you're swinging back and forth there is no tension the muscle is not under tension all the time so you're not really benefitting you're benefiting from only half the exercise so Mike's with the stretch you might be the squeeze you want to take the maximum benefit out of the exercise focus squeeze focus stretch elbows don't move squeeze work on the stretch do it again big boy squeeze pause and stretch that's about it five six fifteen repetitions thirty forty maximum forty five-second break between the sets now we're going to move on to exercises a game you're doing skull crushers which is your mother exercise and a campaign with a drop set so what we're doing we're doing five sets ten skull crushers and ragged away from the super set it with ten presses so nice and slow elbows locked again a play hot Dogo it to not creep superconductor bar after booth editorial you bring it down as much as you can don't swing and that's your seven give me three more big boy here we go come down there is your eight nice and slow come down theory that is your nine come down and that will be your tank okay Super Center with ten presses so ten still Christians which is your main exercise of sadness because up in superset can I have it then presses job of the press to me which adds the thickness to your muscle and I'll get you hot and the barbell should come under your chest just below your nipples so you know you are not coming up and straight like a bench press you're a little bit at an angle see he's a little bit at an angle and one more and this is your check that's about it so I'll be opening up here on the tricep tricep pushdown five sets fifteen repetitions one second pause at the bottom then skull crushers you're doing five sets of 10 tends to girl crushes and superset it with ten tricep presses take a longer break because it's 20 repetitions you're working on isolation the muscle you're working on adding the size and the thickness to the muscle as well once that is done we're gonna finish it off with the last exercise of the day we're going to do sorry we're gonna do one set of 100 bench dips it's one set of 100 bench dips do not break the set key part and stay on your heel don't put your foot down the palm stay put down bend your knees a little bit Emerson here we go let's go back and forth 100 repetitions controlled movement so jitan are flo-jo to not betray you might be able to 30-40 clean and then you're gonna start swinging that's okay you can't do one don't break it into two sets of 50 but aim for it how many moving miracle your feet are not on another pencil you know the gravity is pulling you down there is no weight on your quads simple body weight is are you doing 100 repetitions just to finish off the world you know the work of more like a suicide Center drops it to wrap up the whole worker showed a muscle and bicep and tricep kick those went two hours training on bicep and tricep you want to train a train once a week with different angles different variations different volume different reference design that's how you draw your arms that's about it YouTube Cupid miss subscribe kendama – damn I'm Hollywood body follow us on Facebook Instagram and Twitter and make sure to follow Emerson on instagram at ma underscore bra you see popping up at the bottom and also his link is in the description box he like this kind of a video good for you you don't like them hit the dislike button to occasionally disliking the videos good to


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