BetterHealth – Expert health tips for staying healthy during winter

now on the show we have some tips on staying healthy this winter Keith Reed I'm a public health physician with the district health board here so my principal role is around managing the effects of communicable diseases in the community so trying to protect people from communicable diseases and trying to ensure that people who have communicable diseases are looked after in a way which means that they don't share them with the rest of the population the key illnesses that we're going to have this winter sort of cold type illnesses influenza and gastroenteritis and the best thing people can do is really is to keep their bugs to themselves so how do they do that first of all if you're unwell or ill in any way you need to stay away from work or school so you don't share your bugs with your schoolmates or you what makes the second thing you need to remember to do is to wash your hands that's particularly the case for for gastroenteritis where you need to wash your hands every time after you've been to the toilet should always be washing your hands before you're preparing food and before you're eating when you're washing your hands what you're actually doing is actually miss dislodging the germs from Europe from your hands using soap and water to get the gems off the surface of the skin and then washed away down the sink so you do need to wash your hands for a full 20 seconds and you need to make sure that you wash all your hands not just your fingertips make sure you wash your palms it around your thumb and the back of your hands especially as an area which is often forgotten about but 20 seconds is about singing happy birthday to me twice you might get some odd lukes if you sing it out loud so you can sing it in your head but kids might find that quite enjoyable to sing out loud and make it into a bit of a game it's important that you dry your hands if you don't dry your hands and what can happen is any germs which remain on your hands you can then transfer them onto door handles and other hard surfaces where they can live to to infect other people so as to make sure that you dry your hands thoroughly both sides and if you're using paper towel make sure that goes in the bin it's important that hard surfaces are wiped down regular regularly user spray or or a diluted bleach solution to kill any any bugs which may have landed there make sure you keep them clean and keep him free of dirt the thing that's going to help you get through the winter is by looking after yourself being aware of your body are keeping warm eating properly exercising well if you've got chronic health conditions making sure that you keep in touch with your doctor or your primary care staff your general practice and don't forget to enjoy the winter it's a time where you can get outside you can enjoy the fresh air you can enjoy the great countryside that we have in this part of the world and enjoy it with your family as well some great advice there about staying healthy this winter

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