Better Joint Movement with Ayurvedic Joint Balm

so I loved using Banyan’s joint balm on
my knee when I was healing after surgery and this product is wonderful
first of all just smelling it look at the smell of it and it’s very warming so
when I massage it in so I would kind of like if this was my knee work into kind
of all the tight spaces on my knee and I was just sitting there really in a lot
of pain after surgery and kind of would imagine just dissolving all the
tightness and I could really feel how the the herbs in this just penetrate
deep into the tissues and I would just feel so much more free and able to
stretch and move my knee after I put this on these herbs are known for like
their deep penetrating effects the castor oil the boswellia the guggulu is known to scrape the channels and boswellia actually kind of
like softens and dissolves adhesions and then castor oil is very penetrating so
some oils are more soothing and some like penetrate through all the layers of
the tissue so this one actually helps all do all of those another thing that
I’ve actually given Joint balm to clients with tremendous stiffness and not able
like one of my oh sweet little client who’s a grandma and she loves
knitting and she couldn’t knit and she was just so upset and so she started
doing this as she could knit again just I gifted her a bottle of this and she
was just like oh my god after one day I can move my hands again next week I was
knitting again and I was just beaming because like you get your life back
like our joints are so vitally important to our health to our
mobility our creativity our connection with others being able to cook for our
families and to be able to do that with ease and this helps

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