Betsy’s Best, Food Science and Nutrition Sensory Research & Development Project

The project we’ve been working on this
semester is an immersive learning project where we partnered with a
corporate partner, Besty’s Best Butters and basically, we used our major
of dietetics to research a disease state and then incorporate that with her
product, and then create a recipe which helps the disease state that we
researched. We were able to get funded by Ball State and our course in order to go
to the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo, so Betsy being a registered
dietician and also an entrepreneur was there with her nut butters. I wasn’t
exactly sure what we would be doing at FNCE but once we got there, she kind of walked
us through the steps, like you know you’re gonna be giving samples out and
ask him know what do they think about it? Can they taste the different flavors? It was
an absolute blast. Seeing the different consumers like really react to the favors was really awesome. The most enjoyable part for me was learning the process of research and
development, utilizing our lab notebooks with Dr. P. She gave really good feedback
about the next steps teams should take while still allowing us a free reign and
creativity in order to get to those steps. Being able to create something
that was actually my own and it’s on her website, like people actually can use my
recipe that we made, so it was definitely satisfying. Once we got going and we met with Betsy and we kind of got on track researching
our disease state, I had a great experience throwing ideas at each other
and just going for it. I think that was probably the the best part of the
experience was that true group camaraderie. Working together as a team,
it was definitely easier having a team, like I can bounce my ideas off of
them and they can give me ideas especially because we were making our
own recipes; so I was like should I add a teaspoon of ginger, should I add a teaspoon of cayenne, so it was definitely a growing process for me with communication and just working with
other people definitely helped me grow. It was good. Giving back to the university and
the college that I gained so much from and it’s inspiring the students to
really pursue the profession of nutrition and dietetics. It’s great
collaborating with them creating excitement, showing them that there’s so
many other avenues as a registered dietician out there. A lot of dietetics
majors right now don’t have this type of thing they can say that I worked on an
R&D project with a corporate partner using our dietetic skills of our
knowledge of nutrition to develop a product.

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